Forspoken Devs Open To Anime Adaptation If Game Does Well

"If people want to see Forspoken in some other form of media, that would make us very happy."

2023 is looking like a big year for gaming, with many highly anticipated games lined up for release. Hogwarts Legacy, Starfield, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and Final Fantasy XVI are some of the significant AAA releases happening this year. But, the AAA release that will kick off the year has divided the public: Forspoken.

Since its reveal, the PlayStation console exclusive has garnered a lot of criticism for its dialogue and writing. Fans also didn’t particularly warm up to the Demo of Forspoken, giving it mixed reviews.

But, the excitement for the game is still high and Square Enix has said that if the fan reception to the release is good, an anime adaptation is possible.

Major Takeaways

  • A Forspoken anime is possible if the fan reaction to the game is positive, says the Square Enix team. 
  • It’s just one of the options the publisher is open to exploring if the RPG performs well. 
  • Fan feedback will control the future, according to Square Enix.

HipHopGamer, who is a gaming journalist, broke this news to the masses. While interviewing the Square Enix team working on Forspoken, he asked them if an anime adaptation was possible. The crew’s answer is exciting for the fans of the upcoming game. 

The team said that they are focusing on just releasing the game on January 24th as of now. But, in response to being asked if they have been approached to make an anime adaptation of Forspoken, Square Enix gave an interesting answer. According to them, if players want to see another adaptation of Forspoken, the studio will be happy to make it.

Everything is open to Square Enix after the RPG comes out, including an anime. If there is a calling for it, the team would love to explore a different media adaptation of the title. Hence, the Forspoken universe could expand even more post-release.

For now, all our focus is on getting this game out on January 24th. What happens beyond that is open for us. If people want to see Forspoken in some other form of media, that would make us very happy because that means there is a calling and crowd for this product.”

Continuing the answer, the Square Enix team said that they will wait before taking any steps. The fan reaction will play a big part, and the publisher will judge it before greenlighting anything. So, the crew really just wants to give the players to give a chance to try out Forspoken.

We get a lot of hope from this answer because even though the reaction has been divided, the RPG can still perform well. Square Enix does tell HipHopGamer they want to let things take their natural course. And we will be hoping that this leads to a Forspoken anime.

Its something that we would definietly love to explore and we will just wait for fan reactions and feedback once people have a chance to play the game and let that take its natural course.”

Hence, even though this anime will be contingent on feedback, it seems like Square Enix has thought about it. The company is more than open to exploring this and expanding the Forspoken IP even more. And the way HipHopeGamer builds up the anime, we certainly want to see it happen.

Forspoken partly takes place in New York, and seeing that being part of an anime will be remarkable. The game world of Athia also looks remarkable in the game and will suit anime even more. So, we should hope Square Enix decides to go down this route. 

With a release date of January 24, Forspoken will start PlayStation’s year with partial exclusivity. It comes out on Windows PC alongside the PlayStation 5. Hopefully, the game does well, and we can get an anime adaptation soon. 

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