Final Fantasy 16 Will Remain A PS5 Exclusive For 6 Months

The title may get ported to other platforms after its exclusive deal expires.

Square Enix has sneakily made it apparent that the upcoming Final Fantasy 16 will retain its PlayStation 5 exclusivity for half a year. Sony hid the prominent detail in one of its marketing ads on Twitter. The news came out of the blue, and it confirms that Final Fantasy XVI will not be arriving on other platforms for its first six months.

It is much shorter than some of Sony‘s other timed exclusives we have witnessed in the past. Sony has earned a lot of profits by using this strategy, with games like Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo, and Final Fantasy 16 being among the next timed exclusive title.

Major Takeaway:

  • Sony recently sneaked in an important detail regarding the highly-awaited Final Fantasy 16 in one of its new tweets.
  • Final Fantasy 16 is a PlayStation 5 exclusive for six whole months, meaning it will not arrive on Xbox or any other platforms.
  • It is conceivable that FFXVI will get a PC port after the timed exclusivity deal ends.
  • Square Enix has not officially commented on the detail, but it is still extremely liable and not likely to be a mistake.

As stated by the PlayStation Twitter handle, Final Fantasy 16 is a timed PS5 exclusive. The promotional video cites, “Final Fantasy XVI anticipated Summer 2023. PS5 exclusive for six months.” Moreover, the little subtitle barely stays on the screen for a second or two as the ad continues with its flashy vibes.

The game has only been revealed for the PlayStation 5 console thus far, and the reason has become clear now. The earlier reveal trailer from 2020 did include mentions of a PC version, but Square Enix ultimately removed any citations from future showcases.

Final Fantasy 16’s initial launch appears to be slated for PS5 only, but it may eventually come on other platforms after the exclusivity deal ends. For instance, a PC port could be planned for 2024 or right after the timed deal halts for good.

It is much sooner than Square Enix’s initial mainline rendition, Final Fantasy 15, which did not arrive on PC until over a year later.

What is intriguing is that Ghostwire Tokyo is almost confirmed to arrive on Xbox; we may see the same happen with FFXVI. The game is not cited as a “console exclusive” like Final Fantasy 7 in the past, but rather a PS5 exclusive.

Moreover, since PlayStation Studios has not worked on FFXVI, the chances of it heading for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are further solidified. It is surely a piece of fascinating news for Final Fantasy fans divided over different platforms. 

The development of Final Fantasy 16 is reportedly already 95% complete, and the developers are busy fixing the minor bugs still lingering in the test builds.

In a recent interview with Famitsu, when Yoshida was asked whether the game will be delayed past summer 2023, he replied, “We plan to release the information again later this year, so I think we can say it at that time. I don’t think it’s going to be over the summer, so I think it’s okay (laughs).

It is evident that we will not find Final Fantasy 16 on other platforms for at least six months. What are your thoughts about the title being a PS5 exclusive for half a year? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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