Twitter User Designs LEGO PS5 and Xbox Series X

LEGO enthusiast designs the PS5 and Xbox Series X sets

LEGO designs have always pushed the bounds of creativity. Products like the Millennium Falcon are a staple of the company’s invention. Their scale-sized versions of megastructures like the NASA Apollo Saturn V are bought worldwide. And now, someone has turned the two of the world’s most popular consoles into LEGO.

Twitter user BrickinNick has designed life-sized versions of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X entirely out of LEGO. The designs are not official as they are just ideas right now. Furthermore, he has also created a LEGO version of the controllers alongside the consoles to complement the consoles. Both versions are crafted with extraordinary skill, as confirmed by the intricate level of detail on each set.

Nick is a creative LEGO Builder who creates LEGO designs on his Twitch streams with the community. His recent designs include Koholint Island from Link’s Awakening and the school bus from Nuketown. Nick shared his ideas on the official LEGO website and is garnering tons of support from fans worldwide. Needless to say that his designs have always been top-tier, and this one takes it a step further. 

Twitter User Designs LEGO PS5 and Xbox Series X
The PS5 design posted on the official LEGO website

The design can become an actual set if enough people support it. Currently, both of his designs have over 100 supporters. This has extended the project on the LEGO website by about a year. The next step is to reach 1000 supporters for LEGO to consider this design and make it into a set.

We would love to know your thoughts about this project. If you like these designs, make sure that you support them so that the ideas can become a reality. It would be fun to build our very own PS5 or Xbox Series X out of LEGO.

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