Forza Horizon 5 Already Nearing Almost a Million Players

Quite possibly the biggest surprise hit of this year, Forza Horizon 5 has turned into an absolute homerun for Microsoft. Not just in terms of sales, but critically as well. The game has launched to universal reviews across the board and has almost immediately become the highest rated game of this year on Metacritic. The game has been highly praised for its hyper-realistic visuals, engaging driving mechanics, addicting open world and a deep car customization system.

It also turns out that the game’s quality hasn’t just fallen on deaf ears as players all over are getting the game’s early access premium edition. Following the count, over 800,000 people have shelled out for the game’s premium edition. This is without considering the pre-orders of the base edition of the game. What’s shocking is that these aren’t even numbers from the Game Pass users as Forza Horizon 5 isn’t even out on Game Pass until 9th November. 

Considering these numbers, it can be easily said that Forza Horizon 5 might just be, if it isn’t already, the most successful racing game of this generation. Far exceeding its other rivals like the Need for Speed franchise not just commercially but critically as well. What makes this more surprising is that the game isn’t even properly out yet, these are just players who have bought the Early Access Premium Edition of the game. Considering the game’s overwhelmingly strong start, we can assume that this momentum is going to carry on well past the game’s release on November 9th. 

Players can buy the Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition for Early Access to the game or wait for its November 9th release on XBOX One, XBOX Series X/S and PC.

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