Microsoft Wants To Bring Call Of Duty To An “In-Development Switch Model”

Microsoft is the new insider.

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  • Judge Corley’s ruling mentions that Microsoft is committed to bringing Call of Duty to an “in-development Switch model.”
  • Although we have already seen many leaks and rumors regarding Switch 2, Switch Electric Boogaloo, and Switch Pro, this could be the best lead to what is next in line for Nintendo.
  • As many people had expected, it will be a Switch model, whose specifications remain a mystery.

Judge Corley’s ruling has revealed that Microsoft has committed to bringing Call of Duty to an “in-development Switch model.” Throughout the document, there are several other mentions of a Nintendo Switch successor, all of which further expand on the rumors of future Switch consoles. With this, we can at least have a soft confirmation that Nintendo’s next-in-line console is a “Switch model” and will have CoD.

Judge Corley's Ruling
Statement from Judge Corley’s Ruling.

Reddit user u/Lopsided_Tailor_1528 found these statements, which show FTC’s views on Microsoft’s plans for the future and the “defect” they have identified in Microsoft’s statement. FTC believed that “Microsoft is not omniscient and has not developed the ability to tell the future.” It was meant to reference “Microsoft’s commitment to make Call of Duty available on an in-development Switch model” and the “Unanticipated and Unforeseeable Future Events.

Microsoft Bringing CoD to Nintendo Switch
Statement Regarding Microsoft’s Contractual Agreement to Bring CoD On Upcoming Switch Console and the Upcoming Switch Upgrade.

The statement here reveals that “Xbox has also contractually agreed to provide a version of Call of Duty to Nintendo for its Switch console and its upcoming console upgrade.” So, there are at least these two Switch consoles, but it is unclear which one Microsoft referred to in the first statement as the “in-development Switch model.

Nintendo Expected Release In Future
Statement Regarding Nintendo Switch’s Expected Release In the Future.
Nintendo Expected Release
Statement Regarding Nintendo Switch’s Expected Release Next Year.

Microsoft then discussed the expected release date of the Switch successor and the next-generation console. We are writing them separately as it is difficult to confirm which verbatim is used for what console. Nevertheless, there appear to be multiple Nintendo consoles under development, and Microsoft seems to be making Call of Duty for at least two Nintendo consoles, namely the Switch console and console upgrade.

Judge Corley’s ruling consists of a treasure trove of information, but since much of the important details are redacted, we can only read between the lines and investigate based on our current knowledge. Still, the repeated mention of Nintendo’s upcoming Switch consoles adds more confirmation to the rumors, especially the expected release of the Switch successor as early as next year

Some of these statements also affirm the possibility that whatever Nintendo has planned next will be a “Switch model.” On the other hand, we have seen several similar mentions, most notably when CMA dropped a hint about Nintendo Switch 2 and how a Japanese tech journalist believes Switch 2 will start production in 2023.

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Judge Corley's Ruling

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