FromSoftware Possibly Working On a New Armored Core Game

The next installment reportedly features a “SCI-FI world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki”

According to a post by a ResetEra user, Red Liquorice shared a vast amount of information that FromSoftware is possibly working on a new Armored Core game. It will be the 6th addition to this nostalgic series that most of us grew up playing. Creator of Dark Souls, Hidetaka Miyazaki, is directing the upcoming Armored Core game. It takes place on the planet of Bashtar and features a large map. 

FromSoftware Possibly Working On a New Armored Core Game
User Red Liquorice shares information regarding the potentially new Armored Core game by FromSoftware

For those who are not familiar, Armored Core is a third-person mecha video game series developed by FromSoftware. The series focuses on a silent protagonist who takes on the work of a mercenary in the far future. Our protagonist operates a giant mech known as the Armored Core at the orders of corporate and private clients.

Armored Core always included multiplayer in some form. In the good old days of the PlayStation era, local split-screen multiplayer modes were the primary method. Generally featuring head-to-head battles. Online multiplayer was first introduced in the Japanese release of Armored Core 2: Another Age. It was removed in other regions due to complications, returning in with the first game to do so being Armored Core 4.

FromSoftware is currently developing Elden Ring. While the gamers foreshadow its release, the Japanese studio is rumored to be working on at least another game. And that game could be Armored Core, according to the sources. Red Liquorice has posted screenshots of the upcoming Armored Core 6 on ResetEra. From is currently sending out surveys and showing attendants gameplay footage with souls-like bosses.

Revealed Description of the Screenshot

According to speculation from leaks, the game seems to have a more souls-like approach. 

“The field gameplay, the player in the same white mech seemed to be following a couple of other players in the distance (co-op?) and they were walking (flying close to the ground may be) through a snowy area towards either a large wall or gate, this seemed Soulsy too, the vastness of the architecture, but it wasn’t a castle more like a worn down metal/stone wall or gate.”

Keep in mind this comes from a consumer survey so it’s not official. So take it with a grain of salt

  1. More snowy area, the player character in the air firing down on a street with vehicles below (tanks? cars?)
  2. A smoke-filled aerial shot with an enemy in the distance.
  3. A darker green/grey toned area gunfire and light/fire coming from the combat everywhere.
  4. Snowy area again, ground-based combat against a similar-sized enemy (PVP?) 
  5. These four looked like boss fight shots: A bigger humanoid mech, white/grey. The Player character has red lights on their mech, ankles, shoulders, and lower back.
  6. A huge, tall armored tank boss.
  7. Difficult to make out, a player on right, enemy another humanoid mech on left a yellow/gold slash(?) effect I think the player is attacking the enemy with a melee attack.
  8. Gunfire battle with a circular yellow effect in front of player character – blocking the gunfire with shields or some attack? Shape and color remind me of the Heal miracle in Dark Souls, golden circle.

Boss Fight Description –“The boss fight looked quite Soulsy – the long-range gunfire reminded me of Virtua On, that’s my frame of reference, I’m not a mech fan and haven’t played any AC games.”

“The player character in a white mech went in close to the bigger robot boss and fought with like an energy or laser sword, this looked Souls-style.”

This leak gives us hope and makes us excited. We have to wait for the official announcement for this game. Until then, we can only imagine how this series is going to be in the next-gen experience. 

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