Alpha Gameplay Footage of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Leaked Online With Details

The combat is highly inspired by 2018's God Of War.

Story Highlights

  • A Redditor has come up claiming to have 20 minutes of alpha gameplay footage of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.
  • The user has shared extensive details about the gameplay while refusing to post the actual video.
  • There are screenshots and a small video attached alongside the details of the leak.
  • The game’s combat resembles 2018’s God of War.

Following initial leaks on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf by Insider Gaming that claimed that the game would have hack n’ slash combat similar to Final Fantasy 15 and Destiny like-hub area, a Redditor has come on the front claiming to have 20 minutes long early alpha gameplay footage of the game.

OP has shared details with a small video and some screenshots from the gameplay, refusing to reveal the whole video.

A Redditor who goes by the username “revanchisto” says he has received the gameplay footage from a playtester who has moved on to another project. However, he cannot share the whole video as he is not allowed by the original owner of the leak. OP, therefore, shared extensive details about the gameplay.

User revanchisto has removed the leaked gameplay video and screenshots. However, you can view them here. First of all, as per the leaker, the game’s combat resembles the 2018’s God Of War and is similar to hack n’ slash. Secondly, according to the location text, the gameplay is set in the Grey Warden headquarters of Weisshaupt.

The location has just been briefly mentioned in previous Dragon Age games making its first appearance in the upcoming title. The buildings and surroundings are all modeled, but the skybox is very dark to which the user suggested that they might have been building something like a giant world event, similar to the Breach, but it hadn’t been completed yet.

Moving forward, the character is an Elvish “Knight” Class who has a sword and a shield and two companions who are another Knight and a female Dwarf Rogue, both of which could just be placeholders in an alpha build. The player’s objective is to reach a library.

Drkspawn, the enemies are attacking Weisshaupt and have somehow been imbued with Red Lyrium, as indicated by their attacks and red eyes. While the player tries to reach the library, they’re stopped by an enormous dragon over the head, providing an environmental hazard. 

Finally, as the player reaches the library, the gameplay concludes as the player locks the doors and confronts the dragon, whom you must presumably chain up.

The user also shared a screenshot of the main UI, revealing slots for all character’s armor, weapons, and accessories, mainly chest armor, headgear, and primary and secondary weapons, as well as four more slots for accessories like an amulet, a belt, and two rings.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf main UI
Dragon Age: Dreadwolf main UI

OP shared some main pointers about the gameplay that further specified the details. There is no direct party control demonstrated in the gameplay; animation quality has “drastically” improved compared to previous BioWare content.

The player will be able to jump, dodge, and parry attacks. The two main abilities are drop kick and sword attack. OP has also mentioned the “glorious” hair of the character they played.

BioWare has been taking all its time with Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. The gameplay also suggests that the developers are putting their best into the upcoming RPG. BioWare’s last game in the franchise was Dragon Age: Inquisition, which debuted in 2014 and immediately became a tremendous smash.

After that, BioWare temporarily returned to Mass Effect and a new IP Anthem that had a pretty rocky reception. It’s safe to say that the studio is holding onto Dragon Age: Dreadwolf for another round of life for the company. There isn’t much that is known about the game yet. Safe to say the release won’t take place in 2023.

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