GTA 6 Map Details Supposedly Revealed By Take-Two Interactive

Take-Two Interactive is working on cutting-edge technology for a multiplayer gaming environment, suggests a recently published patent.

Earlier this month, Rockstar Games finally announced that a new instalment to the Grand Theft Auto franchise is in early development, saying that “the next entry in the series is underway.” Since this announcement, there have been many speculations and rumours as to what the much-awaited upcoming instalment to the franchise, Grand Theft Auto VI, might look like. However, a recently published patent from Take-Two Interactive, the company that owns Rockstar Games, gives us some insight into the Grand Theft Auto VI map and it seems promising.

Earlier today, u/CoryLVV, a user on Reddit, came across a patent from Take-Two Interactive on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website, published only a couple of days ago. The patent, titled “System and Method for Session Management in a Multiplayer Network Gaming Environment,” outlines a system that allows the company to automatically switch players from one session into another without any buffering or waiting. This suggests that the Grand Theft Auto VI map will likely be massive and will be divided into different regions, each connected to a different session, giving the illusion of it being more populated than it actually is.

Take-Two Interactive
An example of how the technology might function in Grand Theft Auto VI. | Source: u/CoryLVV/Reddit

Of course, one session won’t be able to manage as many players with such an enormous map, so this could be a way to do that without causing any inconvenience for the players themselves, while also creating an illusion of the map being more populated than it actually is. However, it’s uncertain whether this patent is for Grand Theft Auto VI or some other game, but since “the next entry in the series” seems to be the company’s priority at the moment, we can assume that it is.

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