Guild Wars 2 Glitch Turns Players Into Hilarious Long Cats

That’s hiss-terical.

Guild Wars 2 is a classic MMO that brings back good memories. However, the game is still going strong with a thriving community and has not shown any signs of stopping. This free-to-play MMORPG was developed by ArenaNet and published by NCSoft. Guild Wars 2’s tactical combat and unique quest system are held in high regard for MMOs even to this day. The developers have kept the game fresh, and the uniqueness of Guild Wars 2 remains unmatched.

Two years prior, big cats invaded the title on April Fool’s Day. It was a cheeky joke done intentionally by humorous developers. The community had a laugh over the temporary reign of cats. However, the curse has returned more robust than ever, and no, it wasn’t invited by ArenaNet this time. The command of the enormous cats is doomed; now, stretchy cats are the newest threat to wreak havoc on the world of Guild Wars 2.

The bug essentially turns players into ridiculously long cats. The supposed glitch appeared with the title’s latest update — which marked the opening of the Super Adventure Festival event—and affects the feline one character race. They appear entirely default until you try and equip them with the light armor version of the Reality Rig Mk2 festival armor, at which moment they manifest into incredibly long cats. 

The reaction of the Guild Wars 2 community has been equally hilarious. Players are having heaps of fun with this bug. The community is humoring themselves with memes and funny cosplays. Some players are playing the essential Quests with the armor on, causing the serious moments to look glitchy as the players elongate themselves to the moon.

The community has not been this thrilled in a long period and is requesting the developers to not fix the bug.  It’s a bizarre glitch that has proven so favored that players have also been asking ArenaNet to convert it into a potion — consumables that can alter characters in various ways. This is one of those rare moments where the community does not want a bug to be fixed. However, the developers are hardwired to end the reign of stretchy cats. ArenaNet has already affirmed in a tweet response that it’s working on a fix for the glitch.

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