343 Head Suggests Halo Infinite MP is Still In Its Beta Stage

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Eurogamer has recently conducted a very interesting review on the development and the surprise launch of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer with Joseph Staten. While there has been a lot of critical feedback from the players suggesting much needed improvements in progression and game modes, the launch of the beta itself has been very successful. Many players, including yours truly, have noted the game’s attention to polish and overall smoothness. 

However, when asked about how the team was doing, Joseph Staten reminded the community that this is still a beta of the game and that people should expect changes over the course of the game’s full release in December 8th. Staten mentions, “It was really motivating for the team to have this special moment where we were hoping we could surprise people. But also kick off what truly is a beta. If you’re looking at our communications out to fans, we really are taking these three weeks before December 8th to make sure that our systems are good to go. We’re paying really close attention to things like our progression system and challenges and making adjustments in the next three weeks.

Halo Infinite Beta
Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer is a stellar offering that delivers on both thrill and entertainment in spades.

Having spent a good 12 hours playing Halo Infinite, the surprising thing about all this is that this is still just a beta. I’ve experienced only 2 crashes over the time I’ve spent on it so far and that is after constantly alt-tabbing the game to browse through messages. The game runs and overall performs way better than most online shooters in the market right now, especially the recent Battlefield 2042, which has had a less than stellar release on PC.

The potential for Halo Infinite’s success is vast, having delivered a free multiplayer offering 3 weeks ahead of the game’s official launch is an extremely bold move that speaks of the confidence both Microsoft and 343 have in the game’s quality. 

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