2 Hours Of High On Life Gameplay Has Leaked On YouTube

The comedic FPS game from Rick and Mort creator Justin Roiland has had a major leak a week before its release.

Gaming is arguably the best form of entertainment media due to the experimentation it allows. Some people like the new things that come out as a result while some don’t, this was the case with the comedic FPS High on Life. The trailer for this shooter got a mixed reception, but now a 2-hour leak of the gameplay has given us a much better look at it.

High on Life made waves at the trailer release due to its talking guns. And, this gameplay leak gives us a more in-depth look at this Justin Roiland title and some other aspects of the FPS game.

Major Takeaways:

  • A 2-hour video containing High on Life gameplay leaked on a YouTube channel. 
  • It contained almost 26 minutes of unseen footage playing over and over again. 
  • Fan consensus says that the gameplay and art style is terrific, but the Voice Acting is annoying. 

AulaUtho on YouTube streamed this 2-hour gameplay leak on their channel today. Even though the video is almost 124 minutes in length, the actual gameplay is just 26 minutes with the same thing playing over and over again. However, fans finally get to see Justin Roiland’s new game in action, and it’s fair to say opinion is still divided. 

High on Life’s leak starts with the protagonist in their home with an alien sitting on the couch. If you know anything about the creator Roiland, it’s pretty much standard for him. You get a bounty from the alien on your bed and venture out into the world to capture it. 

Now, we get our first glimpse of the world-building in High on Life. Blim City is the first place the player ventures into and the biopunk influence is apparent in the setting. The elements in the game world like the buildings and aliens translate the futuristic premise to the viewer. 

During the mission, players also get dialogue choices. But, at no point does the mute protagonist talk, it’s always the guns dealing with the business as we go along. And, fans have a split opinion about the Justin Roiland video game due to this aspect. 

High on Life
Dialogue choices

Players gave their opinion about High on Life, on the NeoGaf gaming forum. One fan said that “I think the comedy is a miss so far but I like the art style.” Another fan commented on the gameplay and boss fights by saying “The “humor” is almost unbearable but the gameplay looks as solid as a satisfying s**t. That boss fights looks legit fun.”

Hence, the consensus seems to be that the boss fight at the end of the gameplay leak is actually good. The shooter has got some praise for its style and world-building besides the FPS features. But, one thing that still stands out as bad is the voice acting and humor of High on Life. 

For people who have watched Justin Roiland’s hit show Rick and Morty, this style of humor isn’t new. However, gamers have not taken as well to Roiland’s voice acting and freaky humor as TV viewers did. Maybe by playing the game, fans will change their view on this mechanic, but only time will tell. 

High on Life comes out on December 13, 2022, just a week from now exclusively on Xbox and PC. This gameplay has given us some things to look forward to like the brilliant world-building. Hopefully, the game is a fun time for anyone who decides to play it.

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