Horizon Forbidden West Trophies Leaked, Confirms Flying Mounts

The entire trophy list for the upcoming PlayStation game has been revealed through a leak.

Horizon Forbidden West is probably the most awaited game of 2022. The excitement for the game is at its peak among the players right now. It’s only a few days away from its release on the PS4 and PS5. Leaks are common for games that are this close to launch. The games are out for reviews so a lot of things spill out. Forbidden West is no exception to this rule as a new leak gives us some info about the game.

The trophy info of Horizon Forbidden West has been disclosed in a new leak. The game has 59 trophies according to this leak. 50 of these trophies are Bronze, 7 are Silver and only 1 is Gold with the customary Platinum for collecting them all. The leak lists all the trophies individually and we get some new info about the game through these. Beware of some mild spoilers present in this info.

Horizon Forbidden West Trophies Leaked, Confirms Flying Mounts
Defeated Asera trophy requirement.

Some notable trophies present in this list contain hints about the story. For instance, a Silver trophy can be obtained by helping Erend defeat someone known as Asera. The trophy is called “Defeated Asera”. Given that it’s a Silver trophy, we can only assume it’s an important part of the story. So, this trophy gives us some info about the game.

Alongside that, another trophy that hints at the story is “Saving The Daunt”. If you don’t remember, The Daunt is present in the first game. Although, it was only present in dialogue you couldn’t visit it. However, in Forbidden West, it’s a playable area accessible to the player. The Daunt is the set of canyons present in front of the Carja Sundom. The Forbidden West is present beyond this area. This does signify a role for The Daunt in Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West Trophies Leaked, Confirms Flying Mounts
Flying Mount Quest for Horizon Forbidden West.

Another interesting trophy is related to flying. There are two trophies in the list that confirm flying mounts in the game. One trophy is “Complete a Long Glide”. You have to glide for 60 seconds to obtain this Bronze trophy and only a flying mount can get you this. Notably, another trophy also requires a flying mount. The “Complete 2 Flying Mount Quests” trophy certainly confirms this feature of the game.

The other trophies are pretty basic. Most are related to machines and completing areas just like the first game. Some collectibles include Tallnecks, rebel outposts, and Melee Pits. So, there isn’t much worthy of note in the other trophies. But, one important detail is that none of them are related to difficulty. Hence, you can complete all of the trophies at the easiest difficulty. This is good news for players who want to collect all the trophies.

Horizon Forbidden West is out on February 18. The game launches on the PS4 and the PS5 and the reviews are also coming in shortly. The trophy list has certainly got us all excited about completing this game. Hopefully, it delivers on its promise.

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