Upcoming Horror Game Makes You An RJ Who Guides Callers To Safety From Murderer

The VR horror-comedy game is releasing on Steam and Meta Quest this summer.

Story Highlights

  • Killer Frequency is an upcoming horror game that will let you play as a late-night talk show host guiding strangers away from a killer.
  • You have to solve puzzles, find clues, and read maps to save your callers.
  • It will release on Steam as a flat-screen title and on VR platforms too in the Summer of 2023.

No matter what form of media it is, we all love the horror genre. Video games are arguably the best expression of the genre, scaring us in ways horror movies and TV Shows can’t. Even though horror games have been becoming a bit monotonous, we still get a lot of creative projects regularly.

One of them is an upcoming game by the name of Killer Frequency, which will also be on VR. It has a really interesting premise, allowing you to play as a late-night radio show host helping callers escape a killer. Their fate rests in your hands and you must give them instructions in this game from Team17.

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Horror has been a dominant genre in the gaming world for the past two decades or so. Resident Evil and Silent Hill popularised it in the industry, and it has shown no sign of stopping. Since then, horror games have evolved a lot with new technology and higher budgets.

The emergence of modern engines has allowed even indie developers to craft frightening horror worlds in immense detail.

One other advancement which has enhanced the scary feeling horror titles give you is Virtual Reality. You cannot experience the genre in a better way than VR headsets, and games like Resident Evil 7 have proved that.

Even though not every major horror game launch on the gadget, players still get to play a sizeable amount. Blair Witch, The Forest, Half-Life: Alyx, and the upcoming Resident Evil Village on PS VR2 are enough to showcase creepy playing horror VR games actually is.

And, we are getting more and more creative horror titles specifically for VR every year.

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One of them that has grabbed our attention is Killer Frequency from Team17. It has a very peculiar premise in which you play as a late-night radio DJ by the name of Forrest Nash. But, everyone who calls your station is getting chased by a serial killer.

Killer Frequency takes place in the 1980s, which is highlighted by the music in the trailer. The horror game is a first-person adventure where you have to maneuver the callers away from the murderer. You will find a lot of guidebooks in the radio station and will have to give instructions to callers from them to prevent their murder.

All of this will be over the phone as you hunt for maps and solve puzzles on the radio station. We get bits and pieces of the story from the Killer Frequency trailer, which explains why so many people in distress are calling us. The town’s Sherrif Matthews is dead and we are manning the only available phone line.

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You can observe how we have to find out codes, see maps, and guide callers the right way. If we don’t, they will die and that is not a pretty sight, even on the phone. So, you need to be active and stay sharp if you want your callers to escape the murderer in Killer Frequency.

The horror game will release as both a normal flat-screen experience and on VR platforms. Steam will be the only platform getting this normal release of Killer Frequency in the Summer of 2023. We can see the Meta Quest 2 as one of the potential VR platforms, which will be “soon.”

Hence, if you want to save people from a murderer while listening to ’80s tunes from a jukebox Killer Frequency is the game for you. Team17 is publishing the game with its in-house Team17 Digital studio developing the title. Will you buy this innovative horror title when it releases? Tell us in the comments below.

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