Leaked Concept Art Shows Cancelled Batman Sequel

The Batman Arkham series is a series consisting of some of the best superhero games of all time, from Batman Arkham Asylum to the painfully underrated Arkham Origins. The series ended Bruce Wayne’s saga with Batman Arkham Knight in 2015 where the caped crusader finally hung back his cape and took a long break. There were reports of a sequel to Arkham Knight which was cancelled and changed into Gotham Knights. 

Last week, concept artist Goran Bukvic posted concept art for a cancelled Batman game that was quite obviously going to be the sequel to Batman Arkham Knight. This one apparently starring the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al’ Ghul, Damian Wayne. A look at the artists linkedin page also confirms that this was going to be a follow-up to Batman Arkham Knight. The concept art in particular shows early designs of a much more aged version of the Bruce Wayne we know and love as well as a look at the new crusader taking the helm, a design that feels very reminiscent to Batman Beyond. 

The early design of what is most likely a grizzled, aged version of Bruce Wayne.
The design of Damian Wayne seems very much inspired by what we see in Batman Beyond.

On a more personal note, looking at all this cool concept art, its a crying shame we never got this. A fact that hurts me even more so as a huge fan of the Arkham games and someone who’s loved Batman since his late adolescent years. 

Batman Arkham Knight, which was the last game in the franchise, garnered critical acclaim from critics and was a huge success for WB. However, it was probably wise to end the series after 4 great games. I’m not the biggest fan of Knight but its the only game that has delivered fully on the fantasy of riding around a Batmobile, even though it may have went too far with the dumb third person tank sections which were almost half of that game’s missions.

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