Leaked Halo Infinite Voice Lines Suggest Possibly New Weapon Releasing

Recently leaked voice lines for Iratus mention a new "bandit" weapon allegedly releasing soon.

Halo Infinite has over 20 weapons extremely unique and different from each other. While everyone likes these weapons, the game seems to be lacking new weapons. This is because some of the weapons in this title were present in previous entries.

Well, it seems that this is about to change to some extent. Recently, a data-miner uploaded a short audio file in which the artificial intelligence construct from the game, Iratus, mentions a certain new entity (thanks, @Mr_Rebs_). By listening and observing the track, it’s deductible that this could very well be a new weapon. From the sounds of it, it might be a new rifle.

From the amount of dialogue present, this “Bandit” (as it’s referred to in the leaked voice lines) might be more than just a regular weapon. However, we are yet to find out if that will be the case. To further add to the evidence, there is another leaked file that displays very intriguing information.

Another data-miner released further new images which highlight “M392BanditDamageSource” and “FalconDamageSource” being added to the Tatanka game-mode scripts. “Bandit” seems to have a full name, the M392 Bandit. Players theorize that this is actually a new name for the DMR, as seen in previous titles. The name for the gun in Halo 4 was the M392, so the name for this gun could be M392B (‘B’ as in Bandit).

The other item of interest is the Falcon. Though no files seem to be released yet, speculations can be made that this is a new weapon. The image also shows that the Bandit has been added to the scripts of the alleged battle royale mode, Tatanka.

However, there’s even more evidence. Another data-miner released new images which quite literally show us the image for the new DMR. This area was shortly accessible by going into the academy in offline mode. So, in the short time limit, they were able to take images of these new items.

These recent leaks assure us that 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios won’t be leaving Halo Inifinite’s side any time soon, despite the recent decline that the game has seen. However, all of this is just speculation at the moment, so do take this information with a grain of salt.

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