Lords Of The Fallen Will Take 30 Hours To Finish, New Game+ Present At Launch

According to the developers, the New Game+ will contain "new secrets and surprises."

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  • Lords of the Fallen’s devs uncovered that the game’s single-player mode will take about 30 hours to beat on average.
  • According to developer Hexwork’s head, the title also has three different endings.
  • Furthermore, the RPG will contain a New Game+ filled with surprises at launch 

In a new interview with MP1st, Lords of the Fallen developers revealed that the upcoming RPG will take about 30 hours or more to complete on average. Saul Gascon, the head of lead developer Hexworks, also confirmed that a New Game+ mode would be present in the action title at launch and will include quite a few “extra surprises.” Hence players will have a lot of incentive to stick around after their first playthrough.

Cezar Virtosu, the creative director of Lord of the Fallen, and Hexworks studio head Saul Gascon talked in depth about the role-playing title with MP1st. While explaining the game’s length, Gascon said that the devs took about 25 hours to beat its single-player campaign. However, that is partly because they knew everything about the enemies and their spawn points, meaning normal players will need 30-plus hours to beat the RPG.

Saul Gascon – The single player experience for us, like we know whatever enemy spawns, we know everything about it,  think around 25 hours. For a new player it’s gonna be somewhere around the 30 or more.

Cezar Virtosu –  Seeing that the tutorial area takes more than an hour and a half. For us, it takes like 25 minutes tops. So we are looking, I have some 30 hours or something.”

Besides giving us the exact span of Lords of the Fallen’s tutorial, the developers also expanded upon the game’s different endings. As per Gascon, there are three different endings to the action RPG and they depend on which faction you align with during your playthrough. Furthermore, there are also several classes and builds you can try out, giving the title even more replay value in addition to the several endings.

Saul Gascon –  30 plus more or less. Then you have different endings. Like you have three different endings depending on which factions you align with, so that’s one of the replay values. Plus the different classes, so you want to try different types of builds and etc.”

Moving on, Gascon also gives us a lot of detail about the New Game+ mode in Lords of the Fallen. Compared to your first playthrough, the RPG’s New Game+ will have several changes and make your life a lot harder. According to the studio head, there will be “quite a few surprises” waiting for players that will resemble the original, tougher vision of the Soulslike title.

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During the interview, Saul Gascon does give one example of these surprised in Lords of the Fallen’s New Game+. Per the Hexworks head, players will only see one Ancient Vestige in the action title’s NG+ mode, and any other hub you want you will need to build yourself. If you are unaware, Ancient Vestiges are basically the RPG’s version of the bonfires in Dark Souls and you’ll see plenty of them in your first playthrough.

On top of this, is NG+. We have quite a few surprises waiting for players. So in NG Plus, there is only one Ancient Vestige, all of the others are out and it’s in the hub and any vestige you want, you need to build it yourself. 

The first iteration of the game only had one Vestige. But then through the play test, we saw souls like veterans were super happy about it, but then anybody that you know was in the rest of the world ‘that’s too hard man.’ Then we kept that original vision, but only for NG plus. Plus a couple of extra surprises that you will find NG+.”

Therefore, when Lords of the Fallen launches on PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series on October 23, 2023, it will be filled with content and replay value.

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