Madden 22’s Cover Art and Release Date Has Leaked Online

Two top-ranking stars make it on the big screen

Madden NFL has been American football’s most loved video game series, with a newer edition popping out every year. Coming from EA, the game plan is pretty much similar to FIFA, only that the sport is miles apart from each other.

Targeting a release of sometime around August, Madden 22 has been teasing fans with goats on who could be on the cover art of the game, with an official announcement coming later this week. However, it appears that this notable information has already leaked online thereby confirming the icons on the cover of Madden 22. Take a look at the game yourself below.

Madden 22 Cover Art Leaked
Madden 22 Cover Art Leaked

The leak was first spotted by Redditor DJGRIFFSTAR who happened to observe NFL Rumors’ tweet. Alongside the revelation of the cover art, the release date is also mentioned. The early landing day of 17 August will be available to those who pre-order the game.

Tom Brady is a quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers while Patrick Maholmes II plays for Kansas City Chiefs – both of them have made their way onto the cover of Madden 22.

What do you think of this leak? We’re excited to hear your thoughts down in the comments section.

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