Project Cars 1 & 2 To Be Delisted From Sale In Coming Months

Slightly Mad Team made the confirmation on Twitter

Project Cars (or Community Assisted Racing Simulator) franchise is well-renowned for providing an authentic racing simulation experience. The series has seen its heydeys, and the first two games still hold up to the modern racing game standards. It is no surprise that fanciers of racing still uphold the franchise in high regard.

Project Cars 3, on the other hand, received an average reception due to making unnecessary changes and felt like a degradation. It failed to appeal to the masses and was chock-full of technical issues. However, it featured a more arcade racing style, making it charming to the new fans despite its flaws.

The community is anticipating Project Cars 4 to return to its root and live up to the expectations set by the first two installments. The first two installments are still very popular and are widely played. Slightly Mad Studio has made an announcement regarding them. Both Project Cars 1 & 2 are to be delisted from the sale.

Project Cars 1 & 2 will be delisted on their allotted dates. Project Cars 1 & 2 will not be purchasable from digital storefronts anymore. This unfortunate event is unavoidable due to the “expiring car and track licenses.” The sad news has come as a shock to the unsuspecting community.

The sale of both installments will be removed on different dates. Project Cars 1’s will be removed on October 3rd, and Project Cars 2 will be delisted earlier on September 21st. For some good news, both the titles will remain fully playable for players who own them. The full features can be enjoyed, including the multiplayer.

Slightly Mad Studios have also mentioned news concerning its next project. The team stated in the announcement, “We remain focused on making the best racing sim titles, and as mentioned previously, we look forward to sharing more on the next Slightly Mad project when the time is right.

The fans are looking forward to the next installment. The community has mentioned the team’s good gesture for announcing the departure of both titles ahead of time. What are your thoughts regarding both installments being removed from the sale? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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