Tears of the Kingdom: How To Get Warm Clothes Fast

Learn the impact of Warm Clothes in Tears of the Kingdom & why wearing warm clothes for Link is important.

Warm clothes aren’t just an aesthetic choice—they’re a lifeline in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. They shield Link from the biting cold, safeguard his health, and grant access to new territories teeming with quests and secrets. Without the right protection, Link’s vitality drains away, inching him closer to a premature end. In the immersive world of Tears of the Kingdom, the danger isn’t limited to monstrous foes. The very environment can be your enemy, especially the unforgiving cold of the kingdom’s icy regions.

Key Takeaways
  • Warm clothes in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom act as armor set pieces, protecting Link from cold environments and preventing health loss.
  • Best warm clothes include Archaic Warm Greaves and the Snowquill set (Headdress, Tunic, Trousers).
  • Benefits of warm clothes: Aid in survival, progression, combat advantage, and resource management.
  • While food provides temporary cold resistance, consistent use of warm clothes is necessary for prolonged exposure to cold environments

What Are Warm Clothes In Tears of the Kingdom?

Importance of Warm clothes in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Warm clothes in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are outfits that protect Link from harsh, cold environments. By wearing warm clothes, Link can resist the cold, preventing the loss of hearts due to exposure.

  • Warm clothes can be found, purchased, or crafted in the game, and different types offer varying degrees of cold resistance.
  • Notable examples include the Archaic Warm Greaves found near the Gutanbac Shrine on the Great Sky Island and the Snowquill set (Headdress, Tunic, Trousers) available for purchase in Rito Village.
  • Warm clothes are an essential asset for Link’s survival in colder regions of the game map.

Best Warm Clothes

To navigate through frigid terrains without health depletion, players must equip Link with warm clothes. Here are the best Tears of the Kingdom Warm Clothes, along with their costs and how to obtain them:

  1. Archaic Warm Greaves
  2. Snowquill Headdress
  3. Snowquill Tunic
  4. Snowquill Trousers

1. Archaic Warm Greaves

Archaic Warm Greaves

This is the first piece of warm clothing you’ll encounter in the game. It is located near the Gutanbac Shrine on the Great Sky Island, specifically inside a chest found in a hollowed-out tree stump adjacent to the shrine. To access the chest, you’ll need the Ascend ability, which can be earned by completing the Gutanbac Shrine.

These greaves provide two Defense and one Cold Resistance, a significant advantage in the early game stages. These are free to obtain, requiring only successful completion of the related shrine and a bit of exploration.

2. Snowquill Set

This set comprises the Snowquill Headdress, Snowquill Tunic, and Snowquill Trousers. Each piece provides a certain degree of cold resistance and can be purchased from Nekk’s Armour Shop in Rito Village.

3. Snowquill Headdress

This piece costs 650 rupees. In addition to cold resistance, it also grants increased archery accuracy when worn with the rest of the Snowquill set.

4. Snowquill Tunic

The tunic provides excellent cold resistance and costs 500 rupees. When combined with the other Snowquill set pieces, it allows Link to perform a unique aerial attack.

5. Snowquill Trousers

These trousers offer superior cold resistance and come with a hefty price tag of 1,000 rupees. Wearing the trousers with the rest of the set grants Link increased climbing speed.

Best Early Game Strategy For Acquiring Warm Clothes

The most effective order for acquiring early-game Warm Clothes in Tears of the Kingdom depends on the progression of the player through the game and the availability of rupees. However, a suggested approach that I recommend is listed here in the table:

Name Recommendation
Archaic Warm Greaves As they are the first piece of warm clothing available and do not require any rupees, acquire these immediately.
Snowquill Set Once players have accumulated enough rupees and reach Rito Village, purchase the set in order of cost.
Snowquil Tunic Buy the Tunic first.
Snowquil Headdress Get the Headdress second.
Snowquil Trousers Buy the Trousers last.

Benefits Of Warm Clothes

In The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the cold isn’t just a cosmetic feature – it’s a gameplay mechanic. In colder areas, Link’s health will gradually deplete without adequate protection. Warm clothing is, therefore, not just beneficial but essential for survival.

  1. Survival: Without warm clothing, Link will lose health in cold environments. The right clothes can slow or even stop this damage.
  2. Progression: Some areas of the game are too cold to enter without warm clothing. Having the right gear allows access to new quests, areas, and secrets.
  3. Combat Advantage: The Unfreezable bonus from the full Snowquill set can give Link a significant advantage in battles against cold-based enemies.
  4. Resource Management: Warm clothing reduces or eliminates the need for cold-resistant food and potions, freeing up your resources for other uses.

Best Ways To Stay Warm In Tears of the Kingdom

spicy pepper seafood

When embarking on your journey through the icy regions of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, a crucial resource to have in your arsenal is the Spicy Pepper. This fiery fruit can be located in a few key areas:

  1. Great Sky Island: This location is a goldmine for Spicy Peppers. Scattered throughout the island, you will find plenty of these peppers to harvest.
  2. Near Temple of Time: Look around the ruins located to the east of the Temple of Time. You’ll find clusters of Spicy Peppers waiting to be picked.
  3. In Isis Shrine: On your way to the pit cave, which leads to the snowy region, you’ll find several Spicy Peppers in the vicinity of the In Isis Shrine.

Once you’ve gathered enough Spicy Peppers, head over to a cooking pot to prepare a warming dish. Use the cooking mechanic in the game to sauté five Spicy Peppers together. This creates a Spicy Sautéed Pepper dish that will grant you a significant 12 minutes and 30 seconds of cold protection. This should allow for ample time to explore the nearby cold regions without suffering any ill effects.

Other Edible Options For Staying Warm

While these edible options provide temporary respite from the cold, it’s important to remember that they are indeed temporary. These ingredients may not always be readily available when you need them. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep a well-stocked inventory and plan your meals wisely. Additionally, while these foods can help, don’t forget to supplement your cold defense with proper Cold Resistance armor sets.

1. Warm Darner Dragonflies

Warm Darner Dragonflies

The Warm Darner Dragonflies are another crucial resource. These insects are found fluttering around the Great Sky Islands and in the warm Eldon region. Capturing these dragonflies and incorporating them into your meals can provide an additional source of heat to ward off the cold.

2. Sun Trims

Another beneficial item to keep an eye out for is the Sun Trims. These plants thrive in hot climates and can be foraged in areas like the Gerudo Canyon. These potent plants can be consumed directly or used as ingredients in cooking to create dishes that impart cold resistance.

Wrapping Up

And with this, I have wrapped up my Tears of the Kingdom Warm Clothes guide, where I have broken down why you should look for putting an extra layer of clothes on Link & give him the cold resistance he needs. Now that you know the importance of letting Link stay warm, why not read Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Orochium Shrine, Best Horses, How To Get The Wild Greens, and Item Duplication guides & learn valuable information? 


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