Tears of the Kingdom Best Horses [All Ranked]

After having spent hours upon hours exploring in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Here's my guide for the best horses in every situation.

In The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, horses aren’t just a means of transportation; they’re reliable companions, making your journey through the sprawling landscapes of Hyrule an immersive experience. Each breed possesses unique abilities and characteristics, affecting gameplay and strategic decision-making. Hence, it’s important to know the Tears of the Kingdom Best Horse, and I’ve got you covered.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 5 horse types so far I’ve encountered in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Here is the complete list of all Tears of the Kingdom horse types & what is the best thing about each one of them:

    1. Giant White Stallion: The Giant White Stallion provides unparalleled stability, making it perfect for navigating challenging terrains.
    2. Epona: This legendary horse comes with high stats right out of the gate and a natural affinity towards Link.
    3. Golden Horse: Boasting excellent early-game stats, the Golden Horse not only makes traversal easier but also adds a touch of regal elegance to your adventures.
    4. Skeletal Horse: The Skeletal Horse is capable of traversing the gloom, providing a unique and otherworldly riding experience.
    5. Wild Horse: The Wild Horse offers an authentic ‘taming’ experience and, once tamed, becomes a loyal steed.

Tears of the Kingdom Best Horses Comparison

Let’s briefly check out my comparison between Tears of the Kingdom Best Horse Stats:

RankHorsesBest ForStrengthSpeedStaminaPullTemperament
1Giant White StallionThe Best Horse For Long Traversal52N/AN/AWild
2EponaThe Best Stats Among Horses444N/AGentle
3Golden HorseThe Best Looking Horse In The Game4432Gentle
4Skeletal HorseThe Best Horse For Gloom TraversalN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
5Wild HorseThe Best Customizable Horses In TotkVariesVariesVariesVariesVaries

1. Giant White Stallion

The Best Horse For Long Traversal.
Giant White Stallion
Strength Speed Stamina Pull Temperament
5 2 N/A N/A Wild
  • Why I Chose This: The Giant White Stallion has very high Str stat and can sprint endlessly, highly valuable in exploration.

In my experience, the best part about Giant White Stallion in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is its relentless stamina, which allows players to traverse the vast landscapes of Hyrule without the need for constant breaks or stamina-restoring items. This immense steed, despite its lumbering size, is a testament to the game’s dedication to immersive and detailed exploration.

How To Get

  1. Travel to the Lake of the Horse God located in the Faron Grasslands, southeast of the Highland Stable.
  2. Cross the Horse God Bridge and interact with Jini and Straia.
  3. Follow the path behind Jini and Straia to find the giant stallion.
  4. Approach the stallion stealthily and mount it. Use stamina-regenerating items to pacify it.
  5. Show the tamed stallion to Jini and Straia.
  6. Register the stallion at the Highland Stable.
  7. Place a photograph of the stallion in the empty frame at the stable for an additional reward.

Best Usage Of Giant White Stallion

Aside from its boundless stamina, the Giant White Stallion boasts considerable strength, making it invaluable in certain combat situations. However, I think its speed and lack of wagon-pulling abilities limit its utility in other aspects. The horse also plays a key role in two side quests, adding depth to the game’s narrative.

  • Possesses infinite stamina and great strength.
  • Must for many quests’ progression and provoke reactions from NPCs.
  • Has very low speed and can’t pull wagons, etc.
  • Only found at one spot and difficult to tame.

2. Epona

The Best Stats Among Horses.
Strength Speed Stamina Pull Temperament
4 4 4 N/A Gentle
  • Why I Chose This: Epona has well-balanced overall stats and is a nostalgic throwback to the adventures of the past.

Epona, the legendary steed from the classic The Legend of Zelda series, makes her triumphant return in Tears of the Kingdom. One might argue that Epona, given her speed and loyalty, is the best horse.

The best aspect of this iconic horse is her exceptional stats, making her an unparalleled companion for your journey across Hyrule. Unlike other horses, Epona is the embodiment of balance, offering a combination of speed, stamina, and strength that is simply unmatched, making every ride an exhilarating experience. Plus, the nostalgia was reason enough for me to pick her.

How To Get

If Epona is your choice, the best horse location is unlocked via the Super Smash Bros Link or Twilight Princess Link Amiibo. Once you’ve completed the Sky Island tutorial and reached Hyrule, you can scan the Amiibo to summon Epona. Alternatively, if you have a saved file from Breath of the Wild, Epona can be found at the New Serenne Stable. Speak to the stable owner, and Epona should be available for you to take the reins.

Best Usage Of Epona

In terms of usage, I found that Epona’s exceptional stats make her an ideal companion for traversing the vast landscapes of Hyrule. Whether you’re galloping across open plains or carefully navigating treacherous terrain, Epona’s balance of speed, stamina, and strength ensures you can handle any situation. Furthermore, her iconic status often elicits unique reactions from non-playable characters, adding an extra layer of immersion to your journey.

  • Has exeptional stats and is a recurring horse.
  • Can be acquired right-away through Amiibos or with Botw save file.
  • Can not be customized and has no ability to pull carts.
  • Not accesible to new players and those with no Amiibos.

3. Golden Horse

The Best-Looking Horse In The Game.
Golden Horse
Strength Speed Stamina Pull Temperament
4 4 3 2 Gentle
  • Why I Chose This: The Golden Horse possesses unique aesthetics, can be further customized and has great stats.

The Golden Horse in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is a sight to behold. Its majestic golden hue, distinct amidst the snow-laden plains of the North Tabantha Snowfield, is not its only allure. This horse is a powerhouse of stamina and speed, providing you with unrivaled traversal capabilities. Its royal lineage is evident in its elegance, and it offers an exceptional early-game advantage for exploration, making it a coveted steed for players.

How To Get

  1. Go to the Lucky Clover Gazette, located east of Rito Village in the Hebra area, to meet Traysi.
  2. Accept Traysi’s quest to find Zelda’s Golden Horse.
  3. Head to the Snowfield Stable in the South Tabantha Snowfield.
  4. Proceed into the North Tabantha Snowfield and pass the Frost Gleeok.
  5. Locate the Golden Horse hidden among a herd, tame it, and ride it back to the Snowfield Stable.
  6. Speak with Harlow, the stablehand, to register the Golden Horse and receive the Royal Bridle and Saddle.

Best Usage Of Golden Horse

The Golden Horse truly shines when it comes to exploration. Its remarkable speed and stamina make it an ideal companion for covering great distances swiftly. The horse is particularly useful when navigating through vast fields or racing against time in certain quests. Moreover, I can’t help but appreciate its majestic appearance.

  • Has amazing overall stats and unique appearance.
  • There are Gears specific to this horse for further stats boost.
  • Has pretty low resistances against certain climates.
  • Difficult to obtain as requires completion of a quest.

4. Skeletal Horse

The Best Horse For Gloom Traversal.
Skeletal Horse
Strength Speed Stamina Pull Temperament
  • Why I Chose This: The Stalhorses give-off an eerie vibe with thier appearances and are your best ride for travelling on Gloom especially in the Depths.

The Skeletal Horse, or Stalhorse, in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is a spectral marvel. This undead steed, with its eerie, glowing eyes and bony structure, is a hauntingly beautiful sight in the gloom of the night. Its unique aesthetic, coupled with the ability to traverse across the expansive gloom, encapsulates the game’s adventurous spirit, making it a memorable companion for the darker parts of your journey.

How To Get

  1. For the Skeletal Horse, navigate to the Underground Depths in Central Hyrule, south of Lookout Landing.
  2. Find an open chasm surrounded by red, glowing rocks and descend to the bottom.
  3. Head northwest from this location to locate Stalhorses.
  4. Tame a Stalhorse by feeding it apples and carrots, despite its skeletal appearance.

Best Usage of Skeletal Horse

Stalhorses shine the brightest when navigating gloomy landscapes. Their ability to run atop gloom makes them the ideal choice for traversing the Underground Depths. Above ground, their presence can confuse monsters, offering a strategic advantage. 

However, I should warn you that they come with some limitations. They can’t be registered at stables, and their form is maintained only in darkness. And remember, they are not limited to the Underground Depths. You can also find them above ground around Sanidin Park Ruins, serving as mounts for Bokoblins.

  • Unique design and can be used as a monster decoy.
  • The only mount that can cross gloom.
  • Can only be found at night and can’t be registered.
  • Found only in high gloom areas and in darkness.

5. Wild Horse

The Best Customizable Horse In Totk.
Wild Horse
Strength Speed Stamina Pull Temperament
Randomized Randomized Randomized Randomized Randomized
  • Why I Chose This: The Wild Horses are found in excess amounts and are your best pick if you want to name and customize your horse.

In The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the allure of the Wild Horse lies in the thrill of the chase and the reward of a trusty companion. These majestic creatures dotting the landscapes of Hyrule offer a sense of freedom and connection with nature. The process of taming these untamed beasts requires patience and skill, making the bond between Link and his horse all the more rewarding. It is also the final entry in the list of TOTK Best Horses.

How To Get/Tame

To tame a Wild Horse, you can find one in fields across Hyrule, usually near Stables or south of Lookout Landing. Approach the horse stealthily to avoid startling it, and press the A button when prompted to initiate taming. Repeatedly press the left bumper to soothe the horse until it accepts you as its rider.

Best Usage Of Wild Horse

The Wild Horse, Tears of the Kingdom’s best horse location, can often be nearby a stable, as horses frequently gather in these areas. The Wild Horse is your key to experiencing Hyrule in its entirety. It’s your partner in traversing vast fields, galloping through dense forests, and exploring hidden paths. In my experience, a well-tamed horse is reliable in tight escapes and quick pursuits, making it a valuable asset in your journey.

  • Found across the world and can be accessed right-away.
  • Can be customized and transfered through existing Botw save.
  • Needs great stamina to tame, difficult for new players.
  • Wanders off if not registered and no more than three can be saved.

My Take On The Best Horses In Tears Of The Kingdom

After having played almost every Zelda game I came across, you can say that I’m a little biased towards nostalgia more than stats when it comes to horses. You might have guessed it, but yes the Epona horse is on my mind. If you’re an avid fan like me, I think you’ll agree to my logic behind this.

Putting that aside, I think the horses in Tears of the Kingdom all have something unique to offer. Epona not only has the nostalgic factor but also the best stats, Great White Stallion enable unlimited exploration, Golden Horse is full of grace, who doesn’t enjoy a little spookiness in their journey with the Skeletal horse, and the customizability of Wild Horses is just endless. Thus, I’ll suggest to make your pick as per the particular feature you find intriguing.

This brings us to the end of Tears of the Kingdom’s best horse guide, where I have explained the pros, cons, how to get & best usage of each horse. 


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