Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Flux Construct Core [How To Get]

Kill flux construct boss and get tears of the kingdom flux construct core, which, when fused with your weapons, can power boost your weapons!

Defeating Flux Constructs, the world bosses located in the sky realm, yields various items. However, there’s one strange and powerful item, known as the Flux Construct Core, which cannot be picked up directly from these bosses. Tears of the kingdom flux construct core power can differ based on the strength of the defeated type, such as Flux Construct Core 1, Flux Construct Core 2, and Flux Construct Core 3.

Key Takeaways
  • The Flux Construct Core is a unique item found in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.
  • This item, a green cylinder thing, is dropped by the Flux Construct mini-boss on the Great Sky Island.
  • Unlike most items dropped by enemies, the Flux Construct Core can’t be picked up and placed in the player’s inventory directly.
  • The Core’s purpose is to be used with the Fuse ability, a new feature in Tears of the Kingdom that allows the fusion of certain items with the best weapons or shields for temporary enhancements.
  • When fused, the Flux Construct Core provides a substantial damage boost to your weapons.
  • To unlock the Fuse ability, players need to visit the In-isa Shrine on the Great Sky Island and complete a specific challenge or puzzle.
  • To beat the Flux Construct mini-boss, players must identify a weak block marked by glowing spots, which is the boss’s vulnerability.

What Is A Flux Construct Core in Tears Of The Kingdom? 

Flux Construct Core is a unique item found in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, a continuation of the beloved Zelda franchise. This strange item is a green cylinder thing that is on Great Sky Island; the Flux Construct mini-boss drops the Flux Construct Core. 

However, it’s recommended to approach this entity armed with a reasonably powerful weapon, preferably with around 10 attacks and a bow. It’s also beneficial to have your fourth heart container filled and to equip a new set of armor for the best outcome.

  • Players often get confused with this item because, unlike most items that drop from enemies, the Flux Construct  Core can’t be picked up and placed in your inventory.
  • Instead, its purpose is revealed when you use the “Fuse” ability, a new addition to Tears of the Kingdom, which allows you to fuse certain items with your weapons or shield for temporary enhancements.
  • The Flux Construct Core, when fused, can grant a significant damage boost to your weapons.
  • To utilize it, however, you must first acquire the Fuse ability in the In-isa Shrine on the island.

Is Flux Construct Core Usable?

fusion tears of the kingdom flux construct core
Construct Core fusion with your weapon.

The answer is yes, kind of. It can be used by fusing it with your weapon or shield for a temporary power boost. Here are the steps on how to do this:

  1. The Fuse Ability allows you to attach or “fuse” specific items to your weapons or shields, granting them additional power or special attributes. However, this ability isn’t available from the start of Tears of the Kingdom. Here’s how to unlock it:
    • Locate the In-isa Shrine: The Fuse Ability is unlocked at the In-isa Shrine, which is located on Great Sky Island. It’s one of the many Shrines scattered throughout Tears of the Kingdomworld, each offering different abilities or bonuses upon completion.
    • Complete the In-isa Shrine Challenge: To unlock the Fuse Ability, you’ll have to complete a specific challenge or puzzle inside the In-isa Shrine. Zelda games are renowned for their Shrine puzzles, so be prepared for a test of your problem-solving skills.
  2. Acquire the Flux Construct  Core: The Flux Construct  Core is dropped by the mini-boss on the Great Sky Island.
  3. Choose a Weapon or Shield to Fuse: You can fuse the Flux Construct  Core with either a weapon or a shield. Choosing a weapon gives it a significant damage boost, which can be particularly useful in battles.
  4. Fuse the Core with Your Weapon or Shield: To fuse, pull the item near the core and then use the Fuse ability. This will create a fused item with enhanced capabilities.

How To Beat The Flux Construct

Identifying the Weak Block is key. Once you engage the Flux Construct, it will transform into a larger form, attempting to attack with its massive fists. Among its blocks, one will stand out as different, identifiable by its glowing spots. This block is the weak point of the Flux Construct.

  1. Aim for the Weak Block: Use your bow and arrow to hit the glowing block. Accurate aiming and timing are essential here, as the Flux Construct will be moving and attacking.
  2. Attack When It’s Down: Once you hit the weak block, the Flux Construct will kneel down, leaving it vulnerable to your attacks. Use this opportunity to approach it and attack with your strongest weapon.
  3. Retreat and Repeat: The Flux Construct will eventually recover and stand up again. When this happens, quickly retreat to avoid its attacks. Repeat the process of hitting the weak block and attacking when it’s down until you finally defeat it.
  4. Prepare for the Battle: Before you engage the Flux Construct, make sure you’re well-equipped. You should have a strong weapon, a good amount of arrows, and enough healing items. It’s also recommended to save Tears of the Kingdom before the fight.

Some Pro-Tips Which Helped Me!

Cube-like Boss tears of the kingdom flux construct core
Cube-like Boss

Flux Constructs are characterized by their unique cube-like structure with a core cube that contains their essence. This core cube, identified by its moving parts, is usually kept out of melee reach and is key to defeating a Flux Construct.

Damaging a Flux Construct

To damage a Flux Construct, you must target and hit the core cube. This can be accomplished using the “Ultra Hand” ability, a new addition in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

  • By targeting and grabbing the core cube with Ultra Hand and then pulling it away from the construct, the whole construct will collapse, scattering its constituent cubes.
  • Then, players can locate the core cube and attack it as many times as they can before the Construct reforms.

Addressing Hidden Core Cubes

In some instances, the core cube may be hidden from your view. In such cases, you can grab the non-core cubes with Ultra Hand and release them. By pulling away enough non-core cubes, you can cause the whole construct to collapse, revealing the core cube for you to strike.

Countering Flux Constructs In Flight

level 1 Flux Constructs tears of the kingdom flux construct core
level 1 Flux Constructs

Flux Constructs can occasionally hover high above in a flat square formation, placing its core cube out of reach. For level 1 Flux Constructs, this form can be countered with the “Ascend” ability. For higher-level Flux Constructs, tools such as the Spring or Rocket will be needed. The Spring can be used to board the Construct, while the Rocket can be attached to a shield, providing a quick and powerful thrust into the air.

Addressing Tactics of Higher-Level Flux Constructs

Level 3 Flux Constructs present an additional challenge as they shift their Core Cube around, making it harder to target with Ultra Hand. However, once you’ve gotten a hold of the cube, you can pull it out even if it changes positions while pulling.


This is it from my side. I hope you now know that tears of the kingdom flux construct core cannot be picked but can be fused with your weapon. This can power up your weapon by three times! Do consider reading our take on Tears of the Kingdom Great Fairy Fountain Locations and Tears of the Kingdom Ending.


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