Tears of the Kingdom BEST Armor Sets [Top 15]

Find the best armor set pieces in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom & equip these to increase Link's survival and combat prowess in the game.

Equipping the best armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is a crucial part of your journey across Hyrule. Different armor sets provide unique advantages and attributes, enabling Link to survive various environmental conditions and enhancing his combat efficiency. By utilizing the right armor set, you’ll be prepared for any challenge, be it fighting formidable foes or exploring treacherous terrains,

Key Takeaways
  • Zelda Tears of the Kingdom features 30 full armor sets and many individual armor pieces & outfits.
  • While armor sets are superior because equipping the full set gives a buff/perk boost, that does not mean the individual pieces are useless. 
  • I have listed here the 15 best armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom that players should have to dominate various difficult situations. 
    1. Yiga Clan Armor Set: Perfect for stealth, the Yiga Clan Armor Set significantly reduces enemy detection range.
    2. Flamebreaker Armor Set: Ideal for volcanic environments, this set provides robust protection against heat and fire-based attacks.
    3. Soldier’s Armor Set: With high defense, the Soldier’s Armor Set shields Link effectively during intense battles.
    4. Snowquill Armor Set: Essential for icy terrains, it grants Link resistance to cold, ensuring survival in freezing conditions.
    5. Miner’s Armor Set: Valuable for excavation, this set boosts the drop rate of rare ores.
    6. Barbarian Armor Set: Enhancing Link’s attack power, the Barbarian Armor Set is perfect for aggressive combat strategies.
    7. Phantom Armor Set: With a spectral aesthetic, this set increases Link’s strength, perfect for those who favor a powerful offensive approach.
    8. Froggy Armor: Unique in design, the Froggy Armor enhances Link’s swimming speed and lets him jump higher.
    9. Frostbite Armor Set: This set, perfect for cold environments, inflicts ice damage on enemies in snowy conditions.
    10. Zora Armor Set: Ideal for water navigation, this set enhances Link’s swimming capabilities.
    11. Climber Gear Set: A must-have for exploration, this set boosts Link’s climbing speed, reducing the time spent on cliff faces.
    12. Glide Armor Set: With this set, Link can glide farther, facilitating aerial exploration and escape from dangerous situations.
    13. Armor of the Wind Set: A nod to past adventures, this set increases the speed of Link’s Spin Attack, perfect for crowd control.
    14. Ember Armor Set: Designed for hot environments, this set adds fire damage to Link’s attacks, turning heat into an advantage.
    15. Zonaite Armor Set: Uniquely synergizing with Zonai devices, this set significantly enhances energy efficiency and recharge speed.

15. Yiga Clan Armor Set 

Yiga Clan armor Set

The Yiga Clan Armor Set is a stealth-enhancing gear collection & is probably the Tears of the Kingdom best armor under the stealth category. It comprises the Yiga Armor, Yiga Mask, and Yiga Tights outfit, each boosting your stealth skills, giving Link the ability to resemble a Yiga Ninja.

How To Get

To acquire this elusive armor set, one must brave the regions of Akkala, the Great Plateau, and Maritta. Start at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab to fetch the Yiga Armor after fending off two Yiga Ninja ambushes. Next, visit the Yiga Camp at the Great Plateau to obtain the Yiga Mask. Finally, from the Kiuyoyou Shrine, head east to Aldor Foothills for the Yiga Tights. Remember, each location demands defeating foes and interpreting clues.


  • Enhances stealth, allowing for undetected movement and attacks.
  • The complete set makes Link look like a Yiga Ninja, allowing access to restricted areas.
  • Provides clues for further quests and armor locations.


  • Each piece requires overcoming challenging combat situations.
  • Acquiring the set involves substantial map traversal.

Yiga Clan Armor Set Best Feature

The Yiga Clan Armor Set shines as a multi-functional gear offering. While its stealth boost facilitates easier enemy encounters, its real charm lies in its unique disguise ability. When fully equipped, Link can pass as a Yiga Ninja, granting access to areas off-limits to the average adventurer.

14. Flamebreaker Armor Set

Flamebreaker Armor Set

The Flamebreaker Armor Set, a mainstay in Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, offers Link invaluable protection against fiery environments. Comprised of the Flamebreaker Helm, Armor, and Boots, the set is an essential defense against scorching hazards.

How To Get 

Obtaining the Flamebreaker Armor Set is a relatively simple task. Head to Goron City, nestled northeast of Hyrule Castle and west of Death Mountain. Once you reach the city, identifiable by its iconic Goron headstone landmark, locate the Armor Shop on the south side.

  • There, you can purchase the Helm for 1,400 Rupees,
  • The Armor for 700 Rupees,
  • The Boots for 1,200 Rupees.
  • Remember to unlock the nearby Marakuguc Shrine for easy future travel.


  • Provides flame resistance, protecting against high temperatures and extreme heat.
  • The complete set offers a Fireproof effect, rendering Link immune to fire.


  • High total cost may be prohibitive for players starting out.
  • Set only offers specific environmental protection, limiting its versatility.

Flamebreaker Armor Set’s Best Feature

The Flamebreaker Armor Set’s strongest feature is its unparalleled protection against fiery foes and environments. This offers a distinct advantage, particularly in the challenging terrains of Goron City and Death Mountain. The Fireproof effect, activated when all pieces are worn, elevates its utility further, making Link completely immune to fire.

This not only safeguards Link but also frees up players to navigate the fiery landscapes of Hyrule with less trepidation. No other armor set in Tears of the Kingdom delivers such specialized protection against extreme heat, making the Flamebreaker Armor Set an invaluable companion on Link’s journey. Its unique functionality, coupled with the survival benefits it offers, makes it a standout choice for players navigating Hyrule’s scorching terrains.

13. Soldier’s Armor Set

Soldier’s Armor Set

The Soldier’s Armor Set in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a three-piece ensemble offering a significant base defense boost. Comprising the Soldier’s Helm, Armor, and Greaves, this set is a sturdy choice for daring adventurers.

How To Get

Securing the Soldier’s Armor Set involves a journey to Hyrule Castle and delving into its Royal Hidden Passage. Navigate the castle’s front gates and find the cave entrance, battling enemies and maneuvering through obstacles on your way. The underground passage, filled with stone barricades and tricky terrain, leads you to each piece of the armor set. Bear in mind that a guard blocks the passage until you’ve progressed enough in the story to unlock the paraglider.


  • Offers a strong base defense.
  • Pieces can be upgraded for increased defense.
  • Can be dyed for customization.


  • No specific perk or set bonus.
  • Difficult and complex to obtain.

Soldier Armor Set Best Feature

The Soldier’s Armor Set’s strongest attribute is its robust base defense, serving as a dependable shield in the face of varied foes. As part of the core game experience, it provides a general-purpose defense option without specific environmental or enemy dependencies. It becomes more valuable as you unlock Great Fairy Fountains, enabling you to upgrade each piece, thereby increasing your defense bonus even further.

Moreover, its customizable nature, courtesy of the Dye Shop in Hateno Village, adds a personal touch to Link’s heroic ensemble. Its combination of sturdy defense, upgrade potential, and customization makes it a highly versatile set, bolstering Link’s survival capabilities regardless of the challenges he faces in Tears of the Kingdom.

12. Snowquill Armor Set

Snowquill Armor Set

The Snowquill Armor Set in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a winter-friendly kit. Comprising the Snowquill Headdress, Tunic, and Trousers, it provides cold resistance and safeguards Link from freezing during icy encounters.

How To Get

Acquiring this set means a trip to Rito Village, where each piece is up for purchase at the Brazen Beak. The Headdress costs 650 Rupees, the Tunic 500 Rupees, and the Trousers 1,000 Rupees. Unlike other sets, there are no side quests that offer a discount, so be prepared to shell out the full price of 2,150 Rupees.


  • Offers cold resistance.
  • Provides immunity to freezing.
  • Can be acquired early in Tears of the kingdom.


  • No discounts are available through side quests.
  • Not useful outside cold environments.

Snowquill Armor Set Best Feature

The Snowquill Set stands out for its cold-resistance feature, an attribute indispensable in frigid environments. Equipping this set not only insulates Link from the bitter cold but it also makes him impervious to freezing attacks. Its location in Rito Village is fairly easy to reach, making it a helpful early-game acquisition. Though it doesn’t serve much purpose outside chilly zones, within them, it provides an exceptional advantage.

The combination of cold resistance and freeze immunity renders Link resilient to icy threats, contributing significantly to his survival in Tears of the Kingdom’s frosty landscapes. It’s this niche usability that earmarks the Snowquill Set as one of the best armor sets in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

11. Miner’s Armor Set

Miner’s Armor Set

The Miner’s Armor Set in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a three-piece ensemble consisting of the Miner’s Mask, Top, and Trousers. It’s prized for the unique glow effect it generates around Link, illuminating even the darkest corners.

How To Get

To find this luminescent attire, you’ll need to navigate the depths of Hyrule, visiting three distinct locations. The Miner’s Mask waits in the Abandoned Kara Kara Mine in the Gerudo Desert Depths, while the Miner’s Top is hidden in the Daphnes Canyon Mine in Central Hyrule Depths. Finally, the Miner’s Trousers can be found at the Hylia Canyon Mine, also in the Central Hyrule Depths. Old Treasure Maps scattered across the kingdom can hint at these locations, but they’re not essential to discovering the armor pieces.


  • Produces a glow effect around Link.
  • Generates a glowing trail behind Link, illuminating dark areas.
  • Can be upgraded for increased armor and enhanced glow.


  • Requires depth exploration, which might be challenging for some players.
  • No immediate defensive or offensive bonuses.

Miner’s Armor Set Best Feature

The Miner’s Armor Set shines (literally!) in Tears of the Kingdom due to its distinctive glow effect, aptly named Shining Steps. As Link ventures into the depths of Hyrule, this armor set proves its worth by illuminating darkened areas, improving navigation, and threat detection.

Furthermore, it can be upgraded to intensify the glow and enhance Link’s defense, making it a vital asset for exploring Tears of the Kingdom’s darker environments. Despite its lack of immediate combat advantages, the Miner’s Armor Set enhances Link’s survival by providing superior visibility, ultimately aiding him in unearthing Hyrule’s deepest secrets. It’s this utility in challenging environments that marks it as Tears of the Kingdom best armor set choice for players.

10. Barbarian Armor Set

Barbarian Armor Set

The Barbarian Armor Set in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom comprises of three pieces: the Barbarian Helm, Armor, and Legwraps. Known to raise attack power, this set was worn by a warlike tribe from the Faron region, symbolizing their fierce spirit.

How To Get

To obtain this robust armor set, you embark on the Misko’s Treasure side quest, which marks the locations on your map. However, if you’re the spontaneous sort, you could also directly venture into three separate caves. The Barbarian Helm is at Robred Dropoff Cave, Barbarian Armor at Crenel Hills Cave, and the Barbarian Legwraps at Walnot Mountain Cave. Each location presents unique challenges involving navigational puzzles, combat, and environmental elements like cold and ice.


  • Raises attack power.
  • Decreases the stamina required for charged attacks.


  • No immediate defensive bonuses.
  • Location challenges can be difficult for some players.

Barbarian Armor Set Best Feature

The Barbarian Armor Set stands out in Tears of the Kingdom for its potential to elevate Link’s offensive capabilities significantly. Its unique set bonus, reducing stamina consumption for charged attacks, allows Link to deliver powerful strikes more frequently, vital for surviving intense battles. This feature enhances usability, enabling a more aggressive gameplay style and offering players an edge in combat scenarios.

Furthermore, the journey to obtain this armor set is an adventure in itself, challenging players’ puzzle-solving and combat skills. Ultimately, it’s this combination of offensive power and engaging acquisition that marks the Barbarian Armor Set as a compelling choice for players looking to take on Tears of the Kingdom with might and mettle.

9. Phantom Armor Set

Phantom Armor Set

The Phantom Armor Set in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a three-piece armor set, including the Phantom Helmet, Armor, and Greaves. This powerful set is known for enhancing the attack power of the wearer, allowing them to deal increased damage to enemies & bosses.

How To Get

To acquire the Phantom Armor Set, you must explore certain areas in the Farron and Gerudo regions. Specifically, the Phantom Helmet is hidden in Puffer Beach Overhead Cave in Farron, the Phantom Armor is deep within Tamio River Downstream Cave in the Gerudo Highlands, and the Phantom Greaves are tucked away in the Ancient Altar Ruins in the Gerudo Desert. Each location presents unique challenges and dangers, demanding careful exploration and occasionally a bit of combat prowess.


  • Raises attack power.
  • Provides a significant defense boost (+8 with Armor).


  • No special set bonus.
  • Requires careful exploration of challenging locations.

Phantom Armor Set Best Feature

The standout aspect of the Phantom Armor Set is its significant boost to attack power, making it an excellent choice for players who favor a combat-centric approach in Tears of the Kingdom. This heightened offensive potential allows Link to tackle adversaries more effectively, thereby increasing his survival chances in the perilous landscapes of Hyrule.

Furthermore, the Phantom Armor alone offers a sizable defense boost, giving Link extra resilience against incoming damage. The journey to acquire this set encourages exploration and the overcoming of in-game challenges, adding another layer of depth and immersion to Tears of the Kingdom. Overall, the Phantom Armor Set’s high attack boost, coupled with a significant defensive advantage, makes it a formidable choice for players looking to face Hyrule’s threats head-on.

8. Froggy Armor

Froggy Armor

The Froggy Armor Set in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a distinctive three-piece set that consists of the Froggy Hood, Sleeve, and Leggings. Unique for its perk of boosting slip resistance, this armor set notably prevents Link from slipping while climbing in the rain.

How To Get

Securing this armor set requires the completion of the Potential Princess Sightings quest, initiated by speaking with Traysi at the Lucky Clover Gazette, located near Rito Village. The task entails locating Penn at different stables across Hyrule, taking on mini-quests he provides at each stop. As players successfully conclude these tasks, parts of the Froggy Armor are awarded at various intervals, culminating in the receipt of the Froggy Hood upon quest completion.


  • Enhances slip resistance.
  • Prevents slipping while climbing in the rain.


  • Requires completing a long quest line.
  • Must visit multiple locations across Hyrule.

Froggy Armor Set Best Feature

The Froggy Armor Set stands out for its unique ability to prevent Link from slipping in wet conditions, making it Tears of the Kingdom best armor set piece. The benefit of consistent, stable climbing, particularly during rainfall, significantly enhances Link’s mobility, enabling the exploration of Hyrule without concern for the weather. By aiding navigation, the set indirectly bolsters Link’s survival, as a greater degree of freedom allows for effective evasion of threats or superior positioning during combat.

Earning the Froggy Armor Set also demands a commitment to the Potential Princess Sightings quest line, thereby contributing to a deeper engagement with Tears of the Kingdom’s world and characters. This robust blend of practical utility and game-engaging tasks renders the Froggy Armor Set an outstanding choice for players seeking a balanced Hyrule adventure.

7. Frostbite Armor Set

Frostbite Armor Set

The Frostbite Armor Set in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is an intriguing three-piece set comprising the Frostbite Headdress, Shirt, and Trousers. Its key feature is the perk of boosting attack power in cold weather, which dovetails with a unique set bonus of faster charge attacks in cold conditions, coupled with an ice blast during these attacks.

How To Get

To acquire this set, you’ll need to traverse the snowy landscapes of Tabantha Frontier and Hebra Mountains. Each piece is stashed away in different caves: the Frostbite Headdress in Lake Kilsie Cave, the Shirt in Brightcap Cave, and the Trousers in Hebra Headspring Cave. Be mindful. However, this armor doesn’t protect against cold weather, so prepare cold-resistant consumables to bear the chill.


  • Increases attack power during cold weather.
  • Charge attacks are faster during cold weather.
  • Produces an ice blast during charged attacks and at the end of an attack combo.


  • Doesn’t provide cold resistance.
  • Necessitates preparation of cold-resistant food or elixirs to use in cold areas.

Frostbite Armor Set Best Feature

The Frostbite Armor Set distinguishes itself as a unique gear for navigating the frigid corners of Hyrule. With its ability to boost Link’s attack power and speed in cold climates, it converts a harsh environment into a strategic advantage. This situational power magnifies Link’s effectiveness in combat during winter, facilitating the quicker dispatch of foes and the unleashing of ice blasts during charge attacks.

Despite the lack of cold resistance, this inconvenience can be remedied with culinary preparations, instilling an added layer of survival strategy. This marriage of power, speed, and strategy carves a unique niche for the Frostbite Armor Set, making it a top choice for those braving Hyrule’s frostiest regions.

6. Zora Armor Set

Zora Armor Set

The Zora Armor Set in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a versatile three-piece ensemble that includes the Zora Helm, Armor, and Greaves. Its primary perk is enhancing swimming speed, a critical skill in traversing Hyrule’s aquatic environments, with a bonus that lowers stamina drain during water dashes.

How To Get

To acquire this set, follow the main storyline to reach Zora’s Domain. You’ll gain the base armor after cleaning a sludge-coated statue and accepting the Sidon of the Zora quest from Sidon. Lady Yona has the armor, repairable with an Ancient Arowana, a fish found in the Great Sky Island or Mipha Court.

Zora Greaves are rewarded from the A Token of Friendship quest, requiring a visit to the Ancient Zora Waterworks. Finally, the Zora Helm is obtained through The Never-ending Lecture quest, sending you to Floating Scales Island.


  • Improves swimming speed.
  • Reduces stamina drain while dashing in water.


  • Requires multiple quests to assemble.

Zora Armor Set Best Feature

The Zora Armor Set is arguably the best in Tears of the Kingdom, especially for players who appreciate the game’s water-based exploration. Unlike other sets, the Zora Armor significantly enhances mobility in water, making swimming and water-dashing effortless, an invaluable advantage when traversing the watery regions of Lanayru.

This ability to move swiftly in water expands Link’s exploration capacity, allowing him to discover hidden treasures and escape from aquatic enemies effortlessly. Despite the quests required for its acquisition, the journey is part of the charm, enriching the overall gameplay experience. By improving water usability and survivability, the Zora Armor Set stands out as a top pick for aquatic adventures in Hyrule.

5. Climber Gear Set

Climber Gear Set

The Climber Gear Set, part of the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom game, is a unique trio of the best items: the Climber’s Bandana, Climbing Gear, and Climbing Boots. These enhance your climbing speed, providing an edge in Tears of the Kingdom’s vertical exploration.

How To Get

Acquiring the Climber Gear Set takes you across Hyrule. The Climber’s Bandana is tucked away inside Ploymus Mountain Cave, while North Hyrule Plain Cave houses the Climbing Gear. For the Climbing Boots, navigate to the Upland Zorana Byroad. In short, expect a mix of combat and exploration to locate these pieces, making sure to defeat enemies like the Bubbulfrog along the way.


  • Increases climbing speed.
  • Decreases stamina usage when jumping while climbing.


  • Requires exploration and combat to obtain.

Climber Gear Set Best Feature

The Climber Gear Set holds a distinct position among Tears of the Kingdom best armor pieces. Its prowess lies in boosting climbing speed and reducing stamina consumption while jumping, enabling you to scale Hyrule’s towering cliffs and structures swiftly and efficiently. This accessibility to vertical terrains expands Link’s exploratory horizons and enables strategic escapes from ground-based threats.

This set is also one of the firsts you can access in Tears of the Kingdom, proving its usability right from the beginning. The Climber Gear Set offers an optimal balance of exploration and survival, making it an outstanding choice for mastering Hyrule’s diverse landscape.

4. Glide Armor Set

Glide Armor Set

In the world of Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Glide Armor Set is a trio comprising the Glide Mask, Glide Shirt, and Glide Tights. This set is all about enhancing your aerial mobility and negating stamina consumption during flight, making the vast skies of Hyrule your playground.

How To Get

Acquiring the Glide Armor Set involves visiting three specific islands – Valor, Courage, and Bravery. Each island holds a Zonai Construct challenge rewarding you with a piece of the set upon completion. Propel yourself skywards from Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower for Valor Island, head southeast from Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower for Courage Island, and take a southern route from Thyplo Skyview Tower to reach Bravery Island. Each challenge awaits your prowess in aerial navigation.


  • Enhances aerial mobility.
  • No stamina consumption in flight.


  • Can be obtained only by completing challenging aerial quests.

Glide Armor Set Best Feature

The best feature of the Glide Armor Set is undoubtedly its complete revamp of your aerial capabilities. Not only does it enhance your mobility in the sky, but it also entirely eliminates stamina drain while flying. This is a game-changer in Tears of the Kingdom, allowing you to freely explore the vast skies of Hyrule without worrying about stamina limitations or fall damage, thanks to the set’s bonus.

This level of mobility offers a strategic advantage, be it in evading ground-based enemies or reaching otherwise inaccessible areas. For its unparalleled advantages in exploration and survival, the Glide Armor Set stands as an unparalleled choice in Tears of the Kingdom.

3. Armor of the Wind Set

Armor of the Wind Set

The Armor of the Wind Set, inspired by the legendary sea-traveling hero, Toon Link, is a delightful throwback in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It includes the Cap of the Wind, Tunic of the Wind, and Trousers of the Wind, bestowing an Attack Up bonus to its wearer.

How To Get

To snag this nostalgic set, you have two options: using a Toon Link amiibo or venturing to the Depths. If you’re up for the adventure, each piece of the armor is tucked away in various chasms and mines. Find the Cap at Tingle Island Chasm by following the provided coordinates and navigating through the boulder walls. The Tunic is hidden in Cuho Canyon Mine, marked on a treasure map found on the sky islands. The Trousers are located in Cresia Pit Mine, requiring a dash of creativity to cross a body of water in a restricted area.


  • Grants an Attack Up set bonus.
  • Nostalgic and thematic design.


  • Requires either a specific amiibo or adventurous descent into the Depths.
  • Navigation to each piece can be complex and requires careful traversal.

Armor of the Wind Set Best Feature

The Armor of the Wind Set isn’t just a homage to a cherished hero but a practical choice for combat & is why I believe this is another Tears of the Kingdom best armor set. Its Attack Up set bonus gives Link an edge in every skirmish, increasing his striking power and thereby improving his chances of survival.

Additionally, the water-resistant Trousers offer a unique bonus, making this set particularly useful in aquatic regions. Despite the initial challenge in obtaining the set, its blend of nostalgia and practicality makes it a rewarding and robust choice for Tears of the Kingdom players.

2. Ember Armor Set

Ember Armor Set

The Ember Armor Set in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is an essential companion in hot environments. Comprising of Ember Headdress, Ember Shirt, and Ember Trousers, this set amplifies your attack in warm climates while providing you with a fiery finishing move for your combos.

How To Get

Getting the Ember Armor Set is an adventure on its own. The Ember Headdress can be found in YunoboCo HQ South Cave. For the Ember Shirt, make your way to Goronbi River Cave, southwest of Goron City. Be sure to have your Flamebreaker Armor handy for this fiery journey! Lastly, find the Ember Trousers in Cephla Lake Cave, with its entrance guarded by two locals. You’ll need to start a side quest to access the cave and the armor piece inside.


  • Increased attack power in hot environments.
  • Fireblast at the end of combos or during charged attacks.


  • Base defense is relatively low (2 points).
  • Necessitates Flamebreaker Armor for acquiring Ember Shirt.

Ember Armor Set Best Feature

The standout feature of the Ember Armor Set is the way it uses the environment to your advantage. This set turns the oppressive heat of the Gerudo Desert or the scorching terrain around Goron City into the best weapon, infusing your attacks with fire. Moreover, the fire blast during combos provides Link with an explosive finisher, keeping enemies on their toes.

The set’s unique environmental synergy makes it incredibly useful in the scorching landscapes of Tears of the Kingdom. Despite the initial low defense, this set’s benefits, especially when upgraded at the Great Fairy Fountains, can greatly increase Link’s survivability and offensive power in warmer areas.

1. Zonaite Armor Set

Zonaite Armor Set

The Zonaite Armor Set is by far Tears of the Kingdom best armor; no comparison whatsoever. It is a distinct ensemble that includes the Zonaite Helm, Waistguard, and Shin Guards. This special armor enhances energy efficiency when using Zonai devices, with a bonus that doubles Energy Cells recharge speed.

How To Get

Acquiring the Zonaite Armor Set involves exploring the Sky Islands. The Zonaite Helm is in the Lightcast Island, in the Tabantha Frontier Sky area; a puzzle involving lightbeam projectors awaits you. For the Zonaite Waistguard, head over to the Yansamin Shrine on East Necluda Sky, bypass lasers, and use a Splash Fruit to traverse lava and access the chest. Finally, the Zonaite Shin Guards are hidden near Sky Mine in the Akkala Sea Sky region, where a journey through trampolines and floating islands leads to your prize.


  • Enhanced energy efficiency with Zonai devices.
  • Energy recharges at double speed.


  • Obtaining the set involves navigating through challenging puzzles and environments.

Zonaite Armor Set Best Feature

The Zonaite Armor Set’s striking feature is its innate synergy with Zonai devices, making it a crucial asset in Tears of the Kingdom. By significantly boosting energy efficiency and doubling recharge speed, this armor allows Link to harness Zonai technology with unprecedented proficiency, improving his survival and combat capabilities.

Moreover, its impressive maximum defense rating of 84, after upgrades, provides a substantial buffer against enemy attacks. Despite the complexity involved in acquiring it, the enhanced energy control makes this set worth every bit of effort.

Final Remarks

This brings me to the end of Tears of the Kingdom best armor set & pieces guide. Before you move on to the next read, consider visiting Games Like Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, All Editions, Plot & Ending, and Ganondorf Guides.


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