Tears of the Kingdom BEST Armor Sets [Top 8]

Check out my expert guide on the best armor set pieces in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom & equip these to increase Link's survival and combat prowess in the game.

Equipping the best armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is a crucial part of your journey across Hyrule. Different armor sets provide unique advantages and attributes, enabling Link to survive various environmental conditions and enhancing his combat efficiency. By utilizing the right armor set, you’ll be prepared for any challenge, be it fighting formidable foes or exploring treacherous terrains, so here’s a list of my choices.

Key Takeaways
  • Zelda Tears of the Kingdom features 30 full armor sets and many individual armor pieces & outfits.
  • While armor sets are superior because equipping the full set gives a buff/perk boost, that does not mean the individual pieces are useless. 

My Picks For Best Armor Sets

Here is a breakdown for all 8 armor sets, how to get them & the best usage for each one of the sets.

No.Armor SetBest ForBest UsageHow to Get
8Froggy Armor SetThe Best Armor For Rain ClimbingBoost Slip ResistanceComplete the Potential Princess Sightings quest by speaking with Traysi at the Lucky Clover Gazette.
7Frostbite Armor SetThe Best Armor For Cold DmgBoost Attack Power in Cold WeatherTraverse snowy landscapes of Tabantha Frontier and Hebra Mountains.
6Zora Armor SetThe Best Armor For Efficient SwimmingEnhance Swimming SpeedFollow the main storyline to reach Zora's Domain, and then complete multiple quests.
5Climber Gear SetThe Best Armor For Climbing Long DistancesEnhance Climbing SpeedVisit various locations across Hyrule.
4Glide Armor SetThe Best Armor For No Fall DmgEnhance Aerial MobilityVisit Valor, Courage, and Bravery islands and complete Zonai Construct challenges.
3Armor of the Wind SetThe Best Armor For NostalgiaBoost AttackUse a Toon Link amiibo or venture to the Depths to find each piece of the armor.
2Ember Armor SetThe Best Armor For Fire DmgEnhance Attack in Warm ClimatesVisit YunoboCo HQ South Cave for Ember Headdress, Goronbi River Cave for Ember Shirt, and Cephla Lake Cave for Ember Trousers.
1Zonaite Armor SetThe Best And Most Versatile Armor In The GameEnhance Energy EfficiencyVisit the Sky Islands to find each piece of the armor.

8. Froggy Armor

 The Best Armor For Rain Climbing.
Froggy Armor
  • Why I Chose This: The enhanced Slip resistance is very valuable in traversing terrains during rainy weather.
Base Defense  Maximum Defense  Special Effects Location 
9 60 Slip Resistance  Froggy Set is a quest reward for doing all of Penn’s Side Adventures.

The Froggy Armor Set in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a distinctive three-piece set that consists of the Froggy Hood, Sleeve, and Leggings. Unique for its perk of boosting slip resistance, this armor set notably prevents Link from slipping while climbing in the rain.

  • Very helpful for climbing during rain.
  • By wearing a full set, you can never slip.
  • Requires completion of a quest line.
  • Does not provide slip resistance during jumping.

7. Frostbite Armor Set

The Best Armor For Cold Dmg.
Frostbite Armor Set
  • Why I Chose This: The Frostbite Armor allows you to turn the cold weather into a weapon, making it a great pick.
Base Defense  Maximum Defense  Special Effects Location 
6 48 Cold Weather Attack Lake Kilsie Cave, Bright Cap Cave, Hebra Headspring Cave

The Frostbite Armor Set in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is an intriguing three-piece set comprising the Frostbite Headdress, Shirt, and Trousers. Its key feature is the perk of boosting attack power in cold weather, which dovetails with a unique set bonus of faster charge attacks in cold conditions, coupled with an ice blast during these attacks. I’ve had a ton of fun blasting enemies with it.

  • Exceptionaly boosts the attack power in cold weather.
  • Faster charge attacks and ice blast during attacks in cold climate.
  • 3 set pieces are hidden in 3 different caves.
  • The armor does not provide cold protection.

6. Zora Armor Set

The Best Armor For Efficient Swimming.
Zora Armor Set
  • Why I Chose This: The Zora Armor is a necessity to explore watery environements more efficiently.
Base Defense  Maximum Defense  Special Effects Location 
9 60 Swim Speed Up Zora’s domain, Ancient Zora’s Waterwork, Floating Scales Island 

The Zora Armor Set 

is a versatile three-piece ensemble that includes the Zora Helm, Armor, and Greaves. Its primary perk is enhancing swimming speed, a critical skill in traversing Hyrule’s aquatic environments, with a bonus that lowers stamina drain during water dashes.

  • Enhances swimming speed, efficient for crossing long rivers.
  • Also reduces stamina consumption during swimming.
  • Getting the whole armor is unlocked behind a quest line.
  • Need to complete the Water Temple first.

5. Climber Gear Set

The Best Armor For Climbing Long Distances.
Climber Gear Set
  • Why I Chose This: The Climber Gear is an ally of every explorer looking to reach the summit of a landscape, thus it’s an important entry on my list.
Base Defense  Maximum Defense  Special Effects Location 
9 60 Climb speed up Ploymus Mountain Cave, North Hyrule Plain Cave, Upland Zorana Byroad

The Climber Gear Set is a unique trio of the best items: the Climber’s Bandana, Climbing Gear, and Climbing Boots. These enhance your climbing speed, providing an edge in Tears of the Kingdom’s vertical exploration. Whenever I wished to climb the tallest of peaks, the Climber’s Gear had my back.

  • Increases the speed of climbing, making vertical exploration easy.
  • Decreases the stamina cost of climbing by 50% at upgrade 2.
  • Does not provide resistance to slip during rain.
  • Easily replaceable once you upgrade your stamina.

4. Glide Armor Set

The Best Armor For No Fall Dmg.
Glide Armor Set
  • Why I Chose This: The Glide Armor Set’s enhanced aerial mobility and no fall damage make it an ideal choice for taking to the sky.
Base Defense  Maximum Defense  Special Effects Location 
6 48 Skydive Mobility Up  Bravery Island, Courage Island, Valor Island

The Glide Armor Set is a trio comprising the Glide Mask, Glide Shirt, and Glide Tights. This set is all about enhancing your aerial mobility and negating stamina consumption during flight, making the vast skies of Hyrule your playground.

  • Increases aerial mobility, and reduces stamina consumption for flight.
  • Provides complete immunity to fall dmg at upgrade 2.
  • Very low defense, only suitable for gliding.
  • Not necessary to upgrade above 2 as no bonus is provided.

3. Armor of the Wind Set

The Best Armor For Nostalgia.
Armor of the Wind Set
  • Why I Chose This: The heartwarming trip down memory lane is enough to earn this Set a position on my list.
Base Defense  Maximum Defense  Special Effects Location 
9 60 N/A Amiibo

The Armor of the Wind Set, inspired by the legendary sea-traveling hero, Toon Link, is a delightful throwback to the saga. It includes the Cap of the Wind, Tunic of the Wind, and Trousers of the Wind, bestowing an Attack Up bonus to its wearer. I’m a sucker for nostalgia, and this was the most charming armor set for me.

  • Provides Attack Up bonus with all 3 pieces.
  • Good maximum defense of 60.
  • Can be obtained through Amiibo or in Depths.
  • Provides no extra set bonus except Attack Up.

2. Ember Armor Set

The Best Armor For Fire Dmg.
Ember Armor Set
  • Why I Chose This: The Ember Armor can make short work of enemies weak to fire dmg, especially in hot weather.
Base Defense  Maximum Defense  Special Effects Location 
6 48 Hot weather Attack YunoboCo HQ South Cave, Goronbi River Cave, Cephla Lake Cave

The Ember Armor Set is an essential companion in hot environments. Comprising of Ember Headdress, Ember Shirt, and Ember Trousers, this set amplifies your attack in warm climates while providing you with a fiery finishing move for your combos.

  • Increases attack power in hot climates.
  • Further provides a fire attack move at the end of combos.
  • Does not provide resistance to heat.
  • Increases stamina drain at upgrade 2.

1. Zonaite Armor Set

The Best And Most Versatile Armor In The Game.
Zonaite Armor Set
  • Why I Chose This: The energy efficiency of Zonaite Armor opens endless possibilities and makes it the best set.
Base Defense  Maximum Defense  Special Effects Location 
12 84 Energy up  Light Cast Island, Yansamin Shrine, Sky Mine

The Zonaite Armor Set is by far best armor; no comparison whatsoever. It is a distinct ensemble that includes the Zonaite Helm, Waistguard, and Shin Guards. This special armor enhances energy efficiency when using Zonai devices, with a bonus that doubles Energy Cells recharge speed. I know I’ve spent endless hours having fun with its energy bonuses, it’s just that entertaining.

  • Improves the efficiency of Zonai devices.
  • Comes with the high maximum defense of 84.
  • Very difficult to obtain in early game.
  • Upgrade materials are somewhat difficult to obtain.

Other Honourable Mentions

Here are some additional Armor Sets in Elden Ring that I haven’t included. You may want to consider using them based on your preferences.

  • Stealth Armor Set: Offers faster-running speed and stealth bonus but each piece has lower defense than the other sets.
  • Fierce Deity Armor Set: Gives access to fierce deity swords but it is harder to upgrade.
  • Archaic Armor Set: A very good option but cannot be further updated.

My Opinion On The Best Armor Sets

After having spent countless hours in both Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, I found that the armor sets in these games are all very situational. Various armors are tailor-made for a particular situation, like the Miner Armor for navigating dark areas, Snowquill for the cold, Flamebreaker for the heat, and Climber’s Gear for, well, climbing.

If I have to talk about my personal preference, I think I had the most fun with the Phantom Set and the Zonaite Set. The Phantom Set though can’t be upgraded, provides a very solid balance between offense and defense. And you can’t understate the strengths of the Zonaite set, being able to use your energy as freely as it allows you to is enough to make it one of if not the best Armor.</p>


his brings me to the end of best armor set & pieces guide. Before you move on to the next read, consider visiting Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom All Editions, Plot & Ending, and Ganondorf Guides.


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