Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Dandelion [Puzzle Walkthrough]

This guide will be featuring all the information you could ever need about Tears of the Kingdom Dandelions, especially how to use them!

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is filled with little trinkets and collectibles around the map, and one of them includes a bright yellow flower. This is the Tears of the Kingdom Dandelion, a flower native to the southeast but still can be found around the map. The Dandelion itself is a puzzle that will reward you with a Korok Seed after solving, so it is worth taking the time out to solve and complete!

Key Takeaways
  • The Legend Of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features many collectibles and trinkets scattered around the map.
  • Among them, players can discover a Dandelion, a bright yellow flower usually found in the southeast region but can be found all over the map.
  • The Dandelion is a puzzle, and solving the puzzle will land you a Korok Seed as a reward. 
  • The Korok seed can be used to increase your inventory and the number of items you can store.
  • To solve the Dandelion puzzle, you will have to follow a set of steps
    1. Strike the Dandelion flower with the weapon of your choice.
    2. Anticipate where the flower will drop.
    3. Make sure to get to the position the flower will drop before it hits the ground. If it hits the ground you will have to start again from step 1.
    4. Press ‘A’ on your Switch when the flower hits the floor and pick up the Seed.
    5. A Korok will appear and give you a Korok seed as a reward.

What Is the Dandelion In Tears of the Kingdom?

dandelion physical form
What a Dandelion looks like in Tears of the Kingdom.

Although many items are considered to be either collectibles or crafting materials, a Dandelion is neither of them. This bright yellow, somewhat shiny flower is actually a puzzle. That is right, a puzzle! Solving this puzzle will grant you a Korok Seed. These seeds can only be gained by solving one of the many Korok puzzles around the map, and the Dandelion is one of those.

A Korok seed can upgrade your inventory and even increase the amount of ammo you can store on your person! Once you solve the Dandelion puzzle, take the seed to Hestu, and he will help you. 

Tears of the Kingdom Dandelion Puzzle Solved

To obtain a Korok seed from the Tears of the Kingdom Dandelion, you need to actively engage in solving a Dandelion puzzle. Don’t worry; it’s a straightforward process involving just a few simple steps. You can follow the instructions below to secure your Korok seeds!

First of all, approach the Dandelion while equipping one of your preferred weapons. Refer to the guide on the Best Weapons in Tears of the Kingdom to choose the most suitable weapon for the task at hand. Then strike the Dandelion with the weapon of your choice. This should cause it to shoot up into the sky and descend slowly back toward Earth.

dandelion after being struck by a weapon
How the Dandelion will look after it has been struck.

As soon as it touches the ground, a Dandelion seed will briefly appear and then vanish, respawning as the original flower.

  1. To obtain the Tears of the Kingdom Dandelion seed, you must strike the flower and anticipate its landing spot.
  2. Reach that spot before the seed touches the ground. It’s important to note that Link won’t automatically pick up the seed, and you must press the ‘A‘ button on your Switch to collect it.
  3. Each time you strike the Dandelion, it will land in a different location, so pay close attention to its trajectory while it’s airborne.
  4. Although it may seem challenging, you’ll have a few seconds to predict its landing spot and get there just in time.
  5. Once you successfully retrieve the Dandelion seed, a hidden Korok will spawn before you and say aloud, “Ya Ha Ha! You found me!” The Korok will reward you with a Korok seed before continuing its journey.

By following these steps, you will acquire a Korok seed. Take this seed to Hestu, who will help you increase your inventory and other perks associated with the Korok seed.

Final Thoughts

This is all there is to know about Dandelions and what you can do with these pretty flowers. You may want to check out other guides, such as How To Cook & Best Recipes in Tears of the Kingdom, and find yourself a yummy meal to enjoy after a hards day of work, in the game, obviously.

Let us know in the comments below if you would like more guides like this one!

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