How Many Korok Seeds Are In Tears of the Kingdom?

Uncover the mystery of Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom learn about their number, locations, and the rewards for finding them.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is here, and many of us were wondering how many Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom are there. Koroks are cute creatures first seen in Breath of the Wild, where there were 900 to discover. In Tears of the Kingdom, they are back, and finding them can give you rewards like more inventory space. Let’s explore how many Koroks the map hides in this new adventure!

Key Takeaways
  • Although the precise count of Koroks in tears of the kingdom is still unknown, it is expected to be around 900.
  • In Breath of the Wild, 900 Koroks were scattered throughout the map.
  • Unusual landmarks or features on the map often hint at the presence of a Korok.
  • Korok seeds are found in various ways, such as catching dandelions, popping balloons, and participating in tree stump races, which can help expand your inventory space.
  • Given the increased number of shrines in the sequel, it’s plausible to expect an increase in the number of Koroks.
  • Expanding your inventory space by collecting Korok seeds significantly enhances your gameplay experience.

The Total Number Of Koroks 

The exact number of Koroks is currently unknown, as the game just launched. But the players can expect their number to be around 900. In the previous game, Breath of the Wild, there were 900 Koroks. Given the increase in shrines in the sequel, there might also be an increase in Koroks.

Look out for unusual features on the map. These features include weird trees or mountain peaks, which may be hiding a Korok. Tear of The Kingdom features several Korok Seeds scattered across the kingdom, ready for you to discover.

Korok Seeds Tear Of The Kingdom
Korok Seeds

How To Find Koroks?

While the exact number of Koroks in Tears Of The Kingdom is still unknown, there are a variety of ways to collect Korok seeds, such as

  • catching dandelions
  • popping balloons
  • pulling chains
  • participating in tree stump races.

Korok Seeds serve a crucial purpose in Tears Of The Kingdom as they help you expand your inventory capacity. Maximized inventory space is one of the Korok seed’s rewards.

Summing Up

Zelda has re-introduced us to the delightful Koroks. As the players venture into this new adventure, the question of ‘how many Koroks in Tears of the Kingdom‘ remains an intriguing mystery. With the prior game boasting 900 of these charming creatures, it’s exciting to anticipate what the count may be in this sequel.

Korok’s discovery is both a thrill and a rewarding endeavor, as it paves the way for essential game enhancements such as inventory expansion. As you embark on this journey, remember to watch for Korok seeds, the key to unlocking your full inventory potential.

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