Tears of the Kingdom: Blue Nightshade [Locations & Uses]

Learn how to upgrade the Stealth Armor set by using Blue Nightshade in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Blue Nightshade Tears of the Kingdom is a unique material in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This plant grows in serene regions of Hyrule and emits a gentle glow during the nighttime. It serves various purposes, including cooking, armor upgrades, weapon fusion, and a side quest. In this guide, I will provide The most common locations where Blue Nightshade can be found.

Key Takeaways

  • Blue Nightshade is an uncommon flower in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
  • It can be generally found around the serene regions of Hyrule.
  • Apart from that, Blue Nightshade can also be found in:
    1. Rutile Lake 
    2. East Hill
    3. Farosh Hills
    4. Great Fairy Fountain
  • Players can use Blue Nightshade to upgrade the Stealth Armor set.
  • It is also required to complete the side quest “A Gift of Nightshade.

Where To Find Blue Nightshade

Blue Nightshades
Blue Nightshades

Kicking off things with the most common location of Blue Nightshade, it can usually be found around the regions of Hyrule. However, there are other areas as well where Blue Nightshade can be found. And in this section of the guide, I will mention all the locations individually.

  • Rutile Lake
  • East Hill
  • Farosh Hills
  • Great Fairy Fountain

Rutile Lake 

Rutile Lake is a location in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It is a small lake located in the Central Hyrule region, south of Satori Mountain and north of the Great Plateau. You can easily find the Blue Nightshade close to Rutile Lake. An image of the location is provided below.

Rutile Lake
Rutile Lake Location

East Hill 

East Hill is located close to Telta Lake. It is a grassy and rocky terrain that offers a view of the Akkala Citadel Ruins and the Akkala Skyview Tower. It is a hilly area in Central Hyrule, east of Hyrule Field and south of Akkala. This is the second area where the Blue Nightshade can be found. Other flowers like Silent Princess and Sundelion can also be found here.

East Hill
East Hill Location

Farosh Hills

It is a hilly area located in the Faron region, south of Lake Hylia and east of the Faron Woods. The Farosh Hill area has various plants and animals, such as Palm Fruit, Hearty Durians, Mighty Bananas, Hightail Lizards, Restless Crickets, Blue Sparrows, and Seagulls. Not only the Blue Nightshade but the lightning dragon can also be found in the Farosh Hills.

Farosh Hills
Farosh Hills Location

Great Fairy Fountain

Great Fairy Fountains are locations where Link can meet the Great Fairies and upgrade his armor. They are found near stables and have different names and themes. Hyrule has four Great Fairy Fountains, each with a different name and appearance.

  1. You will be able to find the Blue Nightshade in the area close to the Great Fairy Fountain of the Kakariko Village.
  2. Climb the nearby mountain top in Kakariko village, and you will be able to find the Blue Nightshade along with Silent Princess and Endura Carrots.
Great Fairy Fountain Kakariko Village
Great Fairy Fountain Kakariko Village

Blue Nightshade Uses

Blue Nightshade can be very useful as it improves your stealth ability. Apart from that, players can also use Blue Nightshade to upgrade the Stealth Armor Set. However, the use of Blue Nightshade doesn’t end here. Blue Nightshade can be used for the following purposes in the game:

  1. Cooking
  2. Armor Upgrades
  3. Weapon Fusion
  4. Side Quest Completion


Use Blue Nightshade as an ingredient to prepare dishes that enhance stealth for a specific duration. For instance, combining five Blue Nightshades creates a dish that grants 10 minutes of improved stealth. You can also combine Blue Nightshade with other ingredients possessing stealth effects, such as Silent Princess or Sneaky River Snail.

Armor Upgrades

Enhance the Stealth armor set using Blue Nightshade at the Great Fairy Fountains. The first upgrade requires three Blue Nightshades per piece, while the second requires five Blue Nightshades. Wearing the upgraded Stealth set enhances your stealth and movement speed during nighttime.

Weapon Fusion

Fuse Blue Nightshade with weapons, arrows, or shields. When fused with a weapon, it adds one point of attack power, increasing its damage output. Fusing Blue Nightshade with arrows or shields does not have any known effects.

Side Quest Completion

Use Blue Nightshade to fulfill the requirements of the side quest “A Gift of Nightshade,” involving the presentation of a Blue Nightshade to a woman named Prima at Lover’s Pond. Completing this quest rewards you with 100 rupees and a silver rupee.


With all the locations provided above, my guide on Blue Nightshade Tears of the Kingdom comes to an end. In this guide, I have discussed the most common locations where Blue Nightshade can be found and have also listed a few uses of the Blue Nightshade as well.

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