Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Master Cycle Guide

Our Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Master Cycle guide will showcase the rumors and theories surrounding the Master Cycle!

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has brought many different ways for players to travel across the lands, including creations that have baffled many people. But the iconic Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Master Cycle is nowhere to be seen here; therefore, players might want to know why the idea was scrapped or if there was ever an idea. 

Important: Players should know that the Master Cycle never made it to this game despite several rumors.
Key Takeaways
  • Master Cycle, a notable motorbike in Breath of the Wild, allowed swift travel.
  • Obtained primarily through completing Champion’s Ballad DLC.
  • Despite rumors, Master Cycle didn’t make it to Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.
  • In Breath of the Wild, the Master Cycle increased travel speed, offering unique one-wheel capability.
  • Zelda Tears of the Kingdom introduced Ultrahand Ability, enabling item attachment for creative freedom.
  • Players explored alternatives like unicycles, cars, hot air balloons, and mechas in lieu of the Master Cycle.

What Is The Master Cycle? 

  • Essentially, it is a motorbike you could attain, and it would become your main mode of transportation across the land. 
  • However, the main caveat was that the Master Cycle was only made available in Breath of the Wild and was not brought over into the sequel, which was a major shock to many players. 
    Master Cycle
    Master Cycle (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The main way to get your hands on the master cycle in Breath Of The Wild was by completing The Champion’s Ballad DLC, one of the final parts of Breath Of The Wild, which was handed out as a reward. 
  • Before being handed out as a reward to Breath Of The Wild players, Eiji Aonuma proposed incorporating a master cycle into the Breath Of The Wild game.
  • The idea was rejected but eventually got accepted as a way to grant it to the players for completing the DLC and could be kept for as long as the players wanted. 

Can You Find The Master Cycle In Tears Of The Kingdom?

Not only was it the main mode of transportation, but it also made traveling much faster than simply running on foot, and it would save a ton of time. Before Tears of the Kingdom’s release, it seemed like rumors were going on, especially in the popular Reddit forums discussing whether the Cycle would appear as a dungeon or a reward in Tears of the Kingdom. 

  • However, as it turned out, at the time of release, there had not been any official discussion on whether the devs would bring the Master Cycle, and they eventually decided to leave it behind. 
    Master Cycle Prediction
    Master Cycle Prediction (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, one of the main reasons why Nintendo might have decided to leave the Master Cycle back in Breath Of The Wild is simply the ability to create new and improved ways to travel around the area, including the Ultrahand ability.

  • The Ultrahand ability allows you to take any item you want to stick to another object or item, and you can pick up the object and then stick it. 
  • This has single-handedly allowed players to create their wildest versions of vehicles and gadgets to get around. 

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Master Cycle, and with that, let’s wrap up this guide! While here, why not check out the Tears of the Kingdom Best Armor and the Bubble Gem Tears of the Kingdom guide, which showcases how to obtain the Bubble Gem? The Right Leg Depot Tears of the Kingdom guide entails information regarding the puzzle solutions for the Right Leg Depot. 

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