Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: How To Do The Broken Slate

Find Toto Lake In Zora's Domain, Meet Jiahto And Simply Clean The Slate By Splash Fruit And It's Done!

One of the captivating main story quests in Tears of the Kingdom is known as “The Broken Slate.” This mission is part of the extended “Sidon of the Zora” quest line and takes you on a remarkable journey through Zora’s Domain, specifically to Toto Lake. The adventure unfolds with a quest to find a lost item and solve an age-old mystery. In this the Broken Slate Tears of the Kingdom guide, I will help you unravel the code written on the Broken Slate!

Key Takeaways
  • In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the quest to find Toto Lake and start “The Broken Slate” quest begins with a conversation with Sidon.
  • Sidon introduces you to your task and points you toward Toto Lake, where the broken slate resides.
  • Toto Lake, located northwest of Zora’s Domain, can be reached using the Upland Zorana tower to the west.
  • Assistance can be sought from the character Dunma, who stands by the water’s edge if you have difficulty locating Toto Lake.
  • Once at Toto Lake, you meet Jiahto, who shares the problem of the broken, unreadable slate covered in sludge.
  • A splash fruit from your inventory can be used to clean the sludge off the slate, revealing the broken piece.
  • The Ultrahand tool from your inventory is necessary to pick up the cleaned slate and reposition it back in the cave.
  • The slate must be correctly oriented (rotated twice downward) to fit into the wall of the cave.
  • After successfully placing the slate, Jiahto reads the cryptic messages, pointing towards a mysterious puzzle that hints at “a bridge to the sky” and “marks of the king,” among other things.
  • The next step in the quest involves consulting King Dorephan about the meaning of the cryptic messages on the restored slate.

What Is The Broken Slate Quest About ?

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the adventure to find Toto Lake and the start of “The Broken Slate” quest begins with an engaging conversation with the character Sidon.

As part of this main story quest, Sidon reveals how he has been purifying water, thereby making it impossible for him to accompany you on your journey. Instead, he points you towards Toto Lake, located in the west, which is where your adventure to find the broken slate begins.

  • Once you finally reach Toto Lake, your next encounter will be with Jiahto, who resides in a small cavern near the lake.
  • Upon meeting him, he shares his woes about a broken ancient slate that he longs to read correctly.
  • The ancient slate is located outside the cave, covered in sludge, and it is this artifact that is the key focus of “The Broken Slate” quest.

Directions To Toto Lake

Toto Lake the broken slate tears of the kingdom Toto Lake location
Toto Lake location

Toto Lake is located in the northwestern region of Zora’s Domain, with precise coordinates being (3406, 0882, 0400). To reach Toto Lake, it’s recommended to make use of the Upland Zorana tower situated to the west of Zora’s Domain. Zora Armor is must have since you have to activate the tower. Once the tower is activated, you can easily glide down to Toto Lake.

  • However, if you find difficulty navigating to the location, there is an additional character, Dunma, who can assist you.
  • You will find Dunma by the water’s edge, and she can help guide you toward Toto Lake.

Engaging With Jiahto

Jiahto the broken slate tears of the kingdom

After reaching Toto Lake and locating Jiahto’s cavern, your quest shifts towards deciphering the ancient, broken slate. As you engage with Jiahto, he communicates his troubles with the slate: its damaged state makes it impossible for him to read.

  • When you step outside the cavern, you’ll spot the slate, covered in a thick layer of sludge, on the side of the cave.
  • This sludge is the cause of Jiahto’s inability to interpret the slate, and it’s up to you to clear the slate in order for him to read its mysterious inscriptions.

Retracing The Broken Slate

Splash Fruit the broken slate tears of the kingdom
Splash Fruit

The next stage of “The Broken Slate” quest in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” involves removing the sludge that covers the ancient slate. To accomplish this, you’ll need a splash fruit. This item can cleanse the mud off the slate, revealing its details. Splash fruits are typically found in your inventory. Simply aim for the dirty slate and throw the fruit at it to utilize one. The resulting splash will wash away the sludge, revealing the broken piece of slate. But your task doesn’t end here.

  1. The cleaned slate needs to be picked up and repositioned. To do this, you’ll use Ultrahand, another best item from your inventory.
  2. Use the Ultrahand to pick up the slate.
  3. With the slate in your possession, you’ll need to bring it back to the cave where Jiahto is waiting.
  4. But there’s a catch: the slate won’t fit unless it’s correctly oriented. You’ll need to rotate the slate twice downward.
  5. Once the slate is oriented correctly, you can place it into the wall, completing this part of the quest.

Interacting With Jiahto Post Quest

After successfully cleaning and replacing the ancient slate in its place, return to Jiahto in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom”. He will be overjoyed to see that the slate is now readable, and his reaction will trigger a fascinating sequence in Tears of the Kingdom. Jiahto, intrigued by the revelations from the slate, will start to share its contents. The slate appears to be loaded with messages, with terms like “bridge to the sky,” “marks of the king,” and “a droplet”. 

  • Upon reading the restored slate, Jiahto suggests consulting with King Dorephan about its meaning.
  • King Dorephan, being the wise ruler of the Zoras, might provide insights into the puzzle and help
  • Link decipher the meaning behind these mysterious words. This gives a sense of direction to your next steps in Tears of the Kingdom.


This is it from my side. I hope you now know everything about the broken slate Tears of the Kingdom and how to solve it. Feel free to check out our take on Tears of the Kingdom clues To The Sky, and Tears of the Kingdom Zora Greaves.


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