Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Clues To The Sky [Walkthough]

During the clues to the sky quest in Tears of the Kingdom, all you have to do is Find King Dorephan and Just Shoot Tear Drop Shaped Rocks!

Clues to the Sky is one of six tasks that must be accomplished for the principal mission titled Regional Phenomena in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The Clues to the Sky quest centers around locating King Dorephan, who has mysteriously disappeared. I will provide all the necessary info in this Tears of the Kingdom Clues to the Sky Islands guide!

Key Takeaways
  • “Clues to the Sky” is a major quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, part of the storyline.
  • The quest involves discovering the Land of the Sky Fish, a mystical location that requires puzzle-solving, exploration, and combat skills.
  • The quest begins automatically after the completion of the preceding quest, ‘The Broken Slate‘.
  • The starting point of the quest involves finding King Dorephan, who isn’t marked on the Totk map.
  • After receiving King’s Scales from King Dorephan, the next task is to speak to Sidon at Mipha Court, who guides the player to the Land of the Sky Fish.
  • The Land of the Sky Fish is a floating island to the east of Mipha Court, which isn’t directly marked on the Totk map but can be spotted in the distance.
  • On the island, players need to find a group of floating rocks forming a “teardrop” shape and shoot an arrow with King’s Scale through it.
  • The quest ends with a triggered cutscene after shooting the arrow, marking the completion of the Clues to the Sky quest.

Clues To The Sky

The Clues to the Sky quest is a prominent part of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, an expansive game that continues the beloved Legend of Zelda series. This quest is integral to the storyline, offering players an exciting adventure full of puzzles, exploration, and thrilling combat. In this quest, players embark on a mission to discover the Land of the Sky Fish, a mystical location that requires a combination of keen observation, quick thinking, and precise actions to reach.

  • This quest forms part of the larger narrative arc involving the Zora, one of the primary non-human races in the Zelda universe, known for their aquatic abilities and architecture.
  • The quest is automatically triggered after completing the preceding quest, ‘The Broken Slate.’
  • Look for a “droplet” among “floating rocks” and shoot it with an arrow bearing “the mark of the king.”

Starting Location

The quest objectives, outlined in a riddle provided at the end of the previous quest, are as follows:

  1. Find King Dorephan: King Dorephan’s location isn’t marked, and you’ll need to find him based on clues received during the quest.
  2. Talk to Sidon: Once you have spoken to King Dorephan and received the King’s Scales, your next objective is to return to Mipha Court and speak to Sidon, who will give you the next part of the quest.
  3. Find Land of the Sky Fish: Sidon will direct you to investigate the Land of the Sky Fish, a floating island to the east of Mipha Court. This place isn’t directly marked on the map, but you can spot it in the distance when you talk to Sidon. 

Finding King Dorephan

King Dorephan tears of the kingdom clues to the sky Dorephan
King Dorephan

In order to get King’s Scales, you have to meet King Dorephan. Here are the detailed steps:

  1. Start at Zora’s Domain: Head back to Zora’s Domain, the home of the Zora people. This is where you’ll locate the throne room, which is crucial for this quest section.
  2. Listen in on the Children: You’ll notice young kids playing around the throne as you approach the throne room. They’ll say King Dorephan is hiding in a cave below a waterfall between Ploymus Mountain and Zora’s Domain. This clue is vital to locating King Dorephan.
  3. Locate the Cave: The clue you received points to a location at Lulu Lake. There, you’ll find a cave entrance next to a waterfall. For simple access, you may glide to Lulu Lake from Ihen-a Shrine.
  4. Meet King Dorephan: Drop down into the cave to reach the Pristine Sanctum, where you’ll find King Dorephan sitting on his throne. Speak with him, and he’ll give you five King’s Scales required for the last section of the Clues to the Sky quest.

Talking To Sidon

Sidon tears of the kingdom clues to the sky

After acquiring the King’s Scales from King Dorephan, the next objective in the Clues to the Sky quest is to talk to Sidon. Here are the steps:

  1. Return to Mipha Court: With the King’s Scales in your inventory, make your way back to Mipha Court. 
  2. Find Sidon: Sidon is located in the same place where you spoke to him earlier.
  3. Speak to Sidon: Once you’ve found Sidon, engage in a conversation with him. He will ask you to share your findings from your encounter with King Dorephan.
  4. Receive New Objective: After you’ve spoken to Sidon, he will give you a new task: to investigate the Land of the Sky Fish. 

Head To The Land Of The Sky Fish

King's Scale tears of the kingdom clues to the sky
King’s Scale

Identify the Land of the Sky Fish; after your conversation with Sidon, you need to identify the Land of the Sky Fish. It is a flying island that is located to the east of Mipha Court. You can see it in the distance when you’re chatting to Sidon. 

  1. Observe the Falling Rocks: Look up at the sky and watch for falling rocks. The rocks you’re looking for leave a green trail as they fall. They always drop near the flying island, changing their exact location with each drop.
  2. Use the Recall Ability: When you see a rock land, approach it and stand on it. Then, use the Recall ability. This ability will turn back time and raise the rock back into the air with you standing on it.
  3. Glide to the Island: Jump from the cliff at its highest point and glide towards Sky Fish Island. On the map, this is also known as the Floating Scales Island.
  4. Find the Droplet Formation: Stand at the top of the island and look towards the southwest. A collection of floating rocks in the shape of a “teardrop” or “raindrop” will be visible. 
  5. Shoot the Droplet Formation: Aim your bow, attach one of the King’s Scales to an arrow, and shoot it through the raindrop shape formed by the floating rocks. 

Completion Of The Clues To The Sky

Finding the Land of the Sky Fish and solving the final mystery is required to complete Tears Of The Kingdom clues to the sky. Here are the steps:

  1. Locate the Sky Fish Island: After speaking to Sidon, he points you to the Sky Fish Island, a floating island located to the east of Mipha Court. You can see this island in the distance while talking to Sidon, identifiable by the brown waterfall dropping from its “mouth.”
  2. Sky Fish Island: look up in the sky for falling rocks that leave a green trail behind them. Proceed to the location where one of these stones descends. Position yourself on the settled stone and activate the Recall power on it. This action rewinds time, causing the rock to ascend skyward with you aboard. Once it attains its highest point, leap off and sail towards the Sky Fish Island, also called the Floating Scales Island on the map.
  3. Find the Floating Rocks: Once you’re on the island, stand at the top in the middle of it. When viewed from the right angle, drifting rocks in the southwest resemble the shape of a “tear” or “raindrop.” You may need to shift around a little before the rocks correctly line up.
  4. Complete the task by aiming your bow, holding to connect something to your arrow, selecting King’s Scale from the item wheel, and then shooting the arrow through the raindrop form.
  5. End of the Quest: This action will trigger a cutscene, signaling the end of the Clues to the Sky quest. If you run out of King’s Scales, you can return to King Dorephan for more.


This is it from my side. I hope you learned how to complete Tears of the Kingdom clues to the sky quest. Feel free to check out our take on Tears of the Kingdom Master Mode and Tears of the Kingdom Purah.


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