How To Get Autobuild In Tears of the Kingdom

Autobuild in Tears of the Kingdom is one of the 5 abilities that Link can use and here's how you can get it for yourself.

In Tears of the Kingdom, Link has 5 abilities that he can use with his Zonai arm. Four of these can be found after you have completed the Great Sky Island shrines. However, the 5th is actually hidden somewhere wholly different. The last ability is known as Autobuild. As the name suggests, it allows you to automatically build structures you have previously constructed and any structure you have the schematics for. This guide will help you how to get Autobuild in Tears of the Kingdom. 

Before You Start: You must complete the Great Sky Island‘s Shrines before you can get Autobuild. Because you must reach the surface before you can enter the Depths.

Key Takeaways
  • Autobuild is one of the 5 abilities used by Link in Tears of the Kingdom.
  • Autobuild cannot be found on the Great Sky Island, and you need to go to the Depths to find it.
  • You need to complete Robbie’s quest and follow the statues that you took a picture of during the quest.
  • After you follow all the statues, you can find the Central Abandoned Mine.
  • Activate the inactive Steward Construct, and he will give you the Autobuild ability.
  • Autobuild can be used in two methods. Either using your Ultra-hand history or using the schema stones you have found in the depths.
  • Schema Stones can be found by exploring and finding mines with inactive Steward Constructs sitting in them.

Autobuild Location

The exact location of Autobuild on the Depths Map.

As mentioned earlier, Autobuild cannot be found on the Great Sky Island. To get Autobuild, you must actually go down into the depths. The depths are the 3rd part of the map, and you can enter them by finding chasms on your map. Autobuild can be found quite early on in Tears of the Kingdom. You just need to start Robbie’s camera quest; once you have started the quest, you just need to complete it and talk to Robbie. 

The statues in Depths that Robbie tells you to take a picture of.

Here are all the steps to get Autobuild in Tears of the kingdom:

  1. Once you have talked to Robbie, he will tell you about the weird statues and ask you to take a picture of the m.
  2. These statues have a deeper meaning.
  3. The statues are actually pointing in a certain direction.
  4. There are other statues in the depths as well, but these specific statues are actually pointing towards the place containing Autobuild.
  5. Follow these statues, and you will find yourself outside the Abandoned Central Mine.
  6. Once you are at the Central Mine, you can enter it and see a few researchers and an inactive Steward Construct.
  7. If you activate the Steward Construct, it will give you the Autobuild ability.
  8. The researchers will now ask you to build a car using Ultra-hand.
  9. Once you do so, they will ask you to use Autobuild, and now you can use it in many different ways.

This is how you get Autobuild in Tears of the Kingdom.

How To Use Autobuild

autobuild schema stones
Schema Stones that can be used for Autobuild.

Autobuild can be used in 2 different ways. They are explained as follows.

Ultra-hand History

If you consider Ultra-hand your internet browser, then Autobuild is the browser history. Whenever you make anything with Ultra-hand, Tears of the Kingdom will save that structure’s data in Autobuild. So if you have all the materials of your previous build, then you can just use Ultrahand to make it again. Not only that but if you have Zonaites, you can spend them and make your previous structures from scratch with only the expanse of Zonaites.

Schema Stones

Schema Stones are basically blueprints for the Autobuild. Schema Stones lets you make pre-configured structures & Tears of the Kingdom devs have made sure of it. For example, once you fight Master Kohga in the Abandoned Central Mine, you get the Schema Stone for a Fan Plane. Then you can choose the materials provided by the Construct to make the Fan Plane. If you have enough Zonaites, then you can just make it yourself. 

Where Can You Find Schema Stones?

schema locations
The Steward Constructs that give you the Schema Stones.

Schema Stones are scattered around the Depths of the Hyrule Kingdom. But they are all scattered among specific locations. Just like the Abandoned Central Mine, you need to look for mines. There are a lot of mines that can be found in the Depths. Some of these might have Schema Stones, and some might not.

The ones that have the Schema stones are the ones that have inactive Zonai Steward Constructs sitting in them. You can also notice such Mines if you see anything related to Yiga Clan nearby. Since all the Researchers you find in these mines are Yiga Clan Members, you should also look out for them as there might be a Construct nearby as well. 


Autobuild is one of the 5 abilities that Link has in Tears of the Kingdom. The ability cannot be found in the Great Sky Islands. Autobuild allows Link to make structures that you made before using Ultra-hand and any structures you have found Schema Stones of.

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