Tears of the Kingdom: Spotting Spot Location [Walkthrough]

Spotting Spot Tears of the Kingdom guide explains how to get this quest, requirements for it & how to find the Spot Horse in the wild.

Spotting Spot is an early side quest in Tears of the Kingdom, where players hop onto the bandwagon for a mission to tame Spot, one of the best horses who is uniquely color-coated. Initiated by Lester at Lookout Landing, this quest requires a blend of stealth, patience, and a knack for horse taming, rewarding players with a valuable companion for their journey in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Key Takeaways
  1. Spotting Spot is a side quest early in Tears of the Kingdom, where you tame a unique horse named Spot.
  2. Initiated by interacting with Lester at Lookout Landing after progress in the main quest ‘Regional Phenomena’ and completion of ‘The Incomplete Stable’ side quest.
  3. The Spot horse is distinguishable by his white Stallion coat with gray dappling and stays close to Lookout Landing.
  4. Taming Spot requires a stealthy approach or an ice arrow, but it’s more recommended to sneak up on him.
  5. Completing the quest earns you 50 Rupees, a Swift Carrot, and the option to register Spot at the stable.
  6. Spot’s stats are well-balanced for early-game use. The horse comes with the following stats:
    1. 4/5 Strength
    2. 3/5 Stamina
    3. 3/5 Speed
    4. 2/5 Pull
    5. Wild Temperament.
  7. Despite Spot’s Wild Temperament and lower Pull stat, I recommend registering him due to his uniqueness and above-average stats.

What Is Spotting Spot?

Spotting Spot Side Quest [Images Credits: Gamer Guru]
One side quest worth noting early on is Spotting Spot in Tears of the Kingdom. It is a mission that combines elements of exploration, strategy, and animal taming. Here, players will embark on an exciting endeavor to locate and tame a special horse known as Spot.

Unique amongst the six rare horses found in the Tears of the Kingdom’s world, Spot stands out with its distinctive white coat adorned with gray dappling.

Spotting Spot Quest Requirements

Talk To Lester first

Before you can embark on the Spotting Spot side quest, certain prerequisites must be met:

  1. Firstly, you must make considerable progress in the main plot, specifically in the quest titled Regional Phenomena.
  2. This quest introduces players to several aspects and sets the stage for many of the side quests, including Spotting Spot.
  3. Next, you’ll need to complete another side quest named The Incomplete Stable.
  4. This mission involves restoring a rundown stable to its full functionality, essentially paving the way for your future horse-taming endeavors.
  5. Similar to the Foothill stable, the Mini Stable, is a crucial feature, providing a home base for your equine companions.
The Incomplete Stable Sidequest

The process of fixing the Mini Stable is straightforward. Once you’ve received the quest from either Lester or Karson, you’ll need to use the Ultrahand tool to mend the stable’s damaged roofing. Completion of this task not only unlocks the Spotting Spot quest but also sets up a vital asset for your journey.

Getting Quest From Lester

To initiate the Spotting Spot quest, you need to engage with Lester, the character residing at Lookout Landing. Lester worried about his missing horse Spot, will provide you with the quest details and instructions.

Spot, the subject of your search, stands out from the average horse with its unique features. He boasts a distinctive white coat interspersed with gray dappling, making him easily recognizable among other wild horses.

Lester assures that Spot, being somewhat timid, wouldn’t wander very far. Hence, your search for Spot should focus around the vicinity of Lookout Landing. Jumping onto this mission brings a blend of exploration and strategy, setting the stage for your horse-taming adventure.

How To Find Spot In Tears of the Kingdom?

Coordinates or map location for Spot horse in Tears of the Kingdom

Locating Spot is the crux of this quest. Based on what I have experienced in Tears of the Kingdom, Spot can be found south of Lookout Landing at coordinates -0332, -0043, and 0023.

To tame Spot, you’ll need to display caution and patience. Begin by pressing down on the L-stick to make Link crouch, thus reducing the noise of your approach. Then, slowly inch towards Spot. When you’re close enough, press the A-button to mount Spot, and then rapidly tap the L-button until he is tamed.

Spot Horse Tamed
  • If Spot proves elusive, consider employing stealth-enhancing tools.
  • The use of Sneaky Elixirs can significantly improve your stealth, making it easier to approach Spot undetected.
  • The Sheikah Set, a Stealth Armor, can also increase your stealth level, but obtaining it involves the completion of another side quest.
Important: An alternate strategy involves the use of an ice arrow, an arrow fused with Ice Fruit or White Chuchu Jelly. It temporarily immobilizes Spot, but caution is advised as a high-powered best bow could accidentally harm or even kill Spot. The preferred approach is still to approach and tame him stealthily.

What To Do After Taming Spot?

Bringing Spot back to Stable

Upon successfully taming Spot and bringing him back to Lookout Landing, Lester will reward your efforts.

  • You will receive 50 Rupees and a Swift Carrot as a token of his gratitude.
  • Moreover, Lester offers an additional reward – Spot himself.
  • Players are given the option to register Spot at the Mini Stable, making him a permanent companion on their journey.

This registration process also allows for the renaming of Spot. However, should players choose to, they can keep the original name. If your stable is already full, you’ll need to release one of your previously tamed horses to accommodate Spot. Registering Spot not only strengthens your equine roster but also deepens the immersive experience of Tears of the Kingdom.

Spot Stats

Spot horse Stats – Tears of the Kingdom

Understanding horse stats is crucial for making the most out of your equine companions in Tears of the Kingdom. Spot boasts his own unique stats:

  • Strength: 4/5
  • Stamina: 3/5
  • Speed: 3/5
  • Pull: 2/5
  • Temperament: Wild

This brings me to the end of the Spotting Spot guide. Before you leave the page, you must visit Tears of the Kingdom Silver Lynel, Fire Temple Walkthrough, all Outfit locations, and How To Get Camera & expand your knowledge about Tears of the Kingdom.


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