Tears of the Kingdom: How To Make Veggie Cream Soup

Learn what is the Veggie Cream Soup, why it's use is important, and how you too could obtain its ingredients!

Veggie Cream Soup The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is a soup, that requires Carrots/Pumpkins, Fresh Milk, and Rock Salt, and is essential for upgrading your Horse Pull stat, making it crucial for efficient in-game exploration.

Key Takeaways

Veggie Cream Soup in Tears of the Kingdom requires Carrots or Pumpkins, Fresh Milk, and Rock Salt.

  1. Carrots and pumpkins are purchasable at Hateno Village East Wind General Goods or found in nature.
  2. Fresh Milk can be bought in Hateno Village or obtained from completing the side quest “Dantz’s Prize Cows.”
  3. Rock Salt can be obtained from breaking rock walls, ore deposits, or purchased at Goron Gusto Shop in Goron City.

What Is Veggie Cream Soup In Tears of the Kingdom?

The Veggie Cream Soup isn’t just another culinary delight that Link can whip up; it holds immense importance in the gameplay, particularly when it comes to horse upgrading. Horse upgrading is an essential aspect of Tears of the Kingdom, as it allows for faster and more efficient exploration of Hyrule. One of the key factors for upgrading your horse’s Pull stat is the Veggie Cream Soup, making it a must-know recipe for all players.

Additionally, this soup provides Link with a nutrient-rich diet, important for maintaining his health and stamina throughout his adventurous journey.


Preparing Veggie Cream Soup in Tears of the Kingdom requires four key ingredients: Carrots or Pumpkins, Fresh Milk, and Rock Salt. Here’s a breakdown of what you need and where to find them:

  1. Carrots or Pumpkins: These vegetables are integral to your soup. These items can be easily found at various shops located throughout the region of Hyrule.
  2. Fresh Milk: This ingredient is vital to create the creamy texture that distinguishes Veggie Cream Soup. Fresh milk is sold at the Hateno Village East Wind General Goods store, offering customers the opportunity to purchase this product conveniently.
  3. Rock Salt: Lastly, Rock Salt is crucial to bring out the flavors of the vegetables and milk in your soup. Obtaining rock salt may pose a slightly greater challenge compared to other ingredients. To acquire rock salt, one can demolish rock walls or locate common ore deposits during their adventure.

With these ingredients in your inventory, you are one step closer to creating the Veggie Cream Soup. In the next sections, we’ll dive into the actual cooking process and how to use this delicious dish for horse upgrading.

All Ingredient Acquisition

Tears of the Kingdom Veggie Cream Soup
Hateno Pasture [Image Credits: eXputer]
Below are the ways through which you can obtain the ingredients for Veggie Cream Soup Tears of the Kingdom. Pumpkins, Carrots, and Fresh Milk can be found in the Hateno Village and Hateno Pasture respectively.

Carrots And Pumpkins

Hateno Village East Wind General Goods store is the one-stop shop for all your vegetable needs. Carrots and Pumpkins, key ingredients for the Veggie Cream Soup, are both readily available here.

While you can use any variety of Carrots or Pumpkins, each type might lend a slightly different flavor to your soup. Endura Carrots, for instance, can be found on Satori Mountain and can be an interesting choice to experiment with. Whether you opt for the convenience of buying from the store or choose to source them from the wild, make sure you have either a Carrot or a Pumpkin in your inventory.

Fresh Milk 

You can get Fresh Milk from Hateno Village. However, there’s an alternative way to procure Fresh Milk while also engaging in a fun side quest.

At the Hateno Pasture, you will find an NPC named Dantz who is having trouble getting his cows to produce milk. To resolve his predicament in the side quest “Dantz’s Prize Cows,” he needs three acorns. Fulfilling this requirement will not only lead to the completion of the quest but also result in a reward of a bottle of fresh milk upon delivering the acorns to Dantz.

Moreover, Dantz will continue to provide you with free milk in exchange for more acorns, making this an excellent method to obtain Fresh Milk regularly.

Rock Salt

Obtaining rock salt can be relatively more challenging compared to acquiring other ingredients. It may require more effort or exploration to find a sufficient supply of rock salt. You have the option of sourcing Rock Salt naturally by destroying rock walls or common ore deposits. These can be found in caves or along your journey throughout Hyrule. Keep in mind, though, that finding Rock Salt this way isn’t always guaranteed, and you might often find Flint or precious stones instead.

Alternatively, for a more assured way of getting Rock Salt, you can buy it at the Goron Gusto Shop in Goron City. Although this method may cost you a few extra rupees, it does save you the potential hassle and weapon damage of mining it yourself.

With all these ingredients procured, you’re all set to move on to the actual process of cooking the Veggie Cream Soup.

Therefore, mastering the Veggie Cream Soup recipe in Tears of the Kingdom is key for game progression. With detailed steps for procuring necessary ingredients and the benefits outlined, this guide equips players to effectively boost their horse’s Pull stat and enhance in-game efficiency.


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