The BEST Secrets In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom [Top 17]

Tears of the Kingdom has a lot of secrets, and here are the 17 BEST secrets you can find while playing, as well as some tips.

Tears of the Kingdom has a huge open world with many secrets in every corner as well as hidden tips or tricks that you might discover by yourself too. These secrets include some nostalgic references to some very new gameplay additions. There are way too many to cover in one place, so here are the 17 BEST Tears of the Kingdom Secrets that you can find in it. 

Key Takeaways
  • Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has a lot of different secrets hidden in its intriguing and vast world. Here are all of them:

  • While cooking, Link starts humming soundtracks from older Zelda games.
  • If you want to make an old recipe that you made before, then you must check the Recipe book.
  • Bubbul Gems can be exchanged by finding a man named Koltin.
  • You can also check your completion tracker on your map once you have completed the game once.
  • Lightroots are located just below Shrines on the surface, and their names are also reversed. 
  • If you complete one of the dungeons, you can go to the Shelter and find the Royal Hidden Passage as well as the horned statue
  • You can find the secret Majora’s Mask in the depths, and wearing it will not make enemies notice you.
  • Korok Mask can be found in the depths as well. It will indicate if a Korok is nearby.
  • Midna’s Helmet is also found in the depths. It gives Link Gloom resistance. 
  • In Tears of the Kingdom, you have the ability to use your scope while gliding, and it slows time as well. 
  • There is a secret disassembly shop in Tears of the Kingdom, and it lets you separate any fused items. 
  • You can fuse materials with weapons to survive harsh weather.
  • You can fix any damaged weapon with the help of Octorocks.
  • Go back to the Shrine of Resurrection to find a dark secret lurking within it. 

17. Link Humming Old Zelda Games OST

Link cooking food while humming.

Just like in Breath of the Wild, cooking is essential for you in Tears of the Kingdom. Every time Link starts to cook; you see a very small animation before the food is ready. During this animation, you can hear a few jingles, just like in Breath of the Wild.

However, in Tears of the Kingdom, you can hear very little sound of something else. That something else is actually Link humming during the cooking animation. If you hear it attentively, you can recognize that Link is actually humming Older Zelda games songs. Songs such as Saria’s song and the Main Zelda Theme can be heard. You can go ahead and check out this cute little secret right now.

16. Recipe Book

recipe book
The recipe book is where you can check all your saved recipes.

While we are on the topic of cooking, there is another new addition to the cooking as well. You can actually check out the recipes of the food you have cooked before. Not only that, but if you find a food you haven’t seen before, the recipe will be added to the database. To check the recipes, all you have to do is go to the Food Menu. Then Press the X button, and you can access all the different recipes you have discovered before. 

15. Bubbul Gems And Koltin

bubbul gems
Koltin and Bubbul Gems.

If you have one exploring the caves, then you must have found a whole lot of secrets. One of the main things you should find while exploring caves is Bubbul Frogs. Bubbul Frogs are small monsters that stick to the walls and try to run away from you. They do not do any damage with their attacks and are generally Harmless.

However, you should kill them as soon as you see them. They only need to be shot once in the head to kill them. Once they die, they drop a rare item called Bubbul Gems. These gems might seem like collectibles at first but in truth; there’s more to their secret. 

In fact, these gems are actually tradeable, and you can trade them with Koltin. Koltin is a dwarf-like man that you can find roaming around Hyrule with his brother and his balloon shop. The easiest way to find Koltin is as follows.

  1. Make your way to the Woodland Stable
  2. Go to the back and look for the balloon cart.
  3. Talk to Koltin’s brother, and then Koltin comes out of a cave and exchanges 1 Bubbul Gem with a Bokoblin Mask.

14. Bubbul Gem Collection Tracker

bubbul gem secret
The cave in the left circle has no tick meaning the Bubbul Frog is still alive.

There are tons of caves and wells that can be explored in Tears of the Kingdom. In many of these caves and wells, you can find Bubbul Frogs. But you might get confused about which Cave you have explored and which you still need to explore.

That is why the game made a very sneaky little addition to the map. Whenever you kill a Bubbul Frog and collect the Gem inside the cave, there will be a small tick mark on the explored cave. This way, you won’t get confused and only explore caves that you have yet to explore completely. 

13. Completion Tracker

The completion tracker is encircled on the right side of the map.

Tears of the Kingdom is a very long game. There are tons of puzzles, shrines, quests, and hidden secrets in the game, which is why it is a very time-consuming game. To ease some of your problems, the devs of Tears of the Kingdom have added a Completion Tracker in the game. You can see this tracker on your map at the right, just above the in-game time.

In addition to the tracker on the map, they added a counter as well in the Adventure Log, and it can be seen next to the headings. The Tracker feature is only available once you have ended the game at least once. So if you want to see your progress, you must end the game first.

12. Shrines And Lightroots 

shrines and lightroots secret
Shrine of Gerudo Town [Left] | Lightroot below Gerudo Town [Right]
A very cool secret involves the surface and the Depths. You might have noticed that the surface and Depths have some geographic correlation. For example, any water body on the surface in the depths is covered by an unclimbable wall.

Well, there is more than just that little relation. If you are at a Lightroot, then check the surface map, and every time, there will be a shrine there. Not only that, but the Lightroot’s name is also a fully reversed version of the Shrine

11. Horned Statue And The Royal Hidden Passage

horned statue secret
Royal Hidden Passage [Left] | Horned Statue [Right]

Before You Start: You must complete at least one part of the Regional Phenomena Quest before you can access these two secrets. 

If you have completed one of the Dungeons and are on your way back to tell Purah, then you must also go to the Shelter. In the shelter, you will now be able to see a new passage right behind the ladder. You can also start a side quest by talking to Robbie’s wife. She will tell you that she is hearing strange noises from the hole in the wall.

  1. Once you have entered this small passage, there will be two breakable walls, one in front of you and one on the right.
  2. If you break the one in front of you will enter the Royal Hidden Passage.
  3. If you break the one on your right, you will see the horned statue in front of you.
  4. The game will give you the option to “Pray” to the horned statue.
  5. Once you do, it will steal one of your hearts.
  6. But if you talk to it again, it will give it back to you.

The statue is very useful as it can allow the exchange of Stamina and Heart Vessels.

10. Secret Majora’s Mask

Majora's Mask
The location of Majora’s Mask on the map and the details of its abilities.

If you have been playing Tears of the Kingdom for a while and want more tips, another one is how different outfits and references from older Zelda games have been added as secrets. They may be hidden in chests, locked behind challenges, or require you to complete quests to unlock them. One such item is the Majora’s Mask itself, which is very useful.

  • The Majora’s Mask is locked behind a Coliseum challenge. In the depths, there are a lot of coliseums that can be seen on the map as circled structures. Each of these coliseums has a special item hidden in them.

The Majora’s Mask can be found in the Floating Coliseum, which can be found just a little below the center of the depths. However, I should warn you that this is a very tough challenge. The challenge includes you fighting five different Lynels one after another. Even one Lynel is a very strong opponent, so be fully prepared. 

  • Once you have defeated all the Lynels, the chest in the center of the colosseum can now be opened.
  • Once you open it, you will be rewarded with the Majora’s Mask.
  • The mask is very useful as it hides Link’s presence from monsters.
  • It is so effective that even if you look the monsters straight in the eyes at a 2 feet distance, they will only look at you and not attack you. So fighting the 5 Lynels is worth it. 

9. Secret Korok Mask

Korok Mask
Korok Mask Location and details of its abilities.

Just like the Majora’s Mask, the Korok Mask can also be found in one of the colosseums of the depths. Korok Mask can be found in the Forest Colosseum. Forest Colosseum is located in the Depths area below the Korok Forest. The challenge here is fighting a Black Hinox. The Black Hinox is a much more fierce version of the Normal Hinox. Just keep your distance and shoot an arrow in the eye to blind him and kill him slowly. 

Once you have defeated the Black Hinox, the chest in the center will now be unlocked. The reward in the chest is the Korok Mask. If you are looking to get 100% completion, then you must collect all the Korok Seeds. The Korok Seeds can be difficult to find, which is where the Korok Mask comes in. The special ability of the mask is to help you locate Koroks. Whenever you are near a Korok, it will start to shake and make Korok noises. 

8. Secret Midna’s Helmet

Midna's Helmet
Location of Midna’s Helmet and its details.

Midna is one of the main characters from Twilight Princess. Many fans love her, and you can find her Helmet in Tears of the Kingdom. The secret helmet is a bit tricky to find. You must make your way to the Island on the bottom right of the map. Once you are on that Island, find the chasm and fall into the depths. There you will find a Lightroot as well as the Lone Island Colosseum.

The challenge of the Lone Island Colosseum includes you fighting hordes of Bokoblins. It is a much easier challenge than the former two, and once you have defeated them, your reward is Midna’s Helmet. The Helmet is very useful for exploration in the depths as it provides Gloom Resistance. If you upgrade it with the help of the Great Fairies, you can increase the Gloom resistance, making it a very useful armor piece. 

7. Gliding Scope

glider scope
Opening scope while gliding.

As you already know, Tears of the Kingdom has a lot of utilization of the Sky, so much so that the Map collection makes you jump into the sky to collect information.

After you have acquired your map details, you start falling down. During your dive down, you can see a lot of structures both in the sky and on the surface. So the devs put a secret little addition to the Purah pad. Now when you open the scope mid-air, you can actually see everything in slow motion. It allows you to mark any points of interest you want to visit later.

6. Secret Disassembly Shop

disassembling secret
Pelison and his shop in Tarrey Town.

Fuse is one of the main abilities of Link in Tears of the Kingdom. Fuse allows you to join different materials to your weapons to increase the weapon’s damage and durability. However, there is one small problem. The same ability does not allow you to separate two fused items. The only way it can happen is by destroying the fused materials. It can be extremely wasteful as the fused material can be very useful. 

Fortunately, there is a secret shop in Tears of the Kingdom that can help you with this. If you head to Akkala Highlands, you can find Tarrey Town right next to the Hudson Construction Site.

Right next to the bridge to the entrance, there is a shop with items in it, and next to it, you can see a little Goron named Pelison. If you talk to Pelison, he asks for 20 rupees and will disassemble any two fused items for you. That’s how you can save any precious item you want without destroying it. 

5. Depths And The Statues

depths statue
The first type of statue you see in the Depths.

While exploring the depths, you must have come across various statues. These statues act as guideposts that show you the way to a specific place in the Depths. If you have completed Robbie’s quest, then you already know about one of those statues. These Statues specifically lead to the Central Abandoned Mine

Once you complete the Central Abandoned mine, the Steward Construct tells you about another statue. The statue is that of a woman with a sword looking in a specific direction.

These statues will lead you to the Abandoned Gerudo Mine. There are also Zora Statues that can be seen in the depths, which also lead you to yet another Big mining area. They are especially helpful for completing the Master Kohga and Yiga Clan Side Adventure.

4. Fuse And Weather Conditions

fuse and weather conditions
Shield and Magic Rod fused with Ruby to survive the harsh Hebra Weather.

In Breath of the Wild, if you had an elemental rod on Link’s back or his hand, harsh weather would not affect him. A similar case can be seen in Tears of the Kingdom. If you fuse any elemental rocks with a Magic Spectre or Magic Rod, you will be okay in harsh weather.

However, there is one more secret detail that you might have missed. You can actually fuse elemental rocks with your shield, and it will work the same way as it does with Magic Rods. So if you want to go to Hebra mountains without spending rupees on warm clothes, then all you need to do is attach a Ruby to your shield.

3. Fuse And Master Sword

master sword secret
Master Sword fused with Sliver Bokoblin’s horn.

Fuse is a very useful ability as it increases both the damage and durability of your weapons. But some people might question if you can Fuse Master Sword with any materials. Well turns out you can fuse it, and it is a very cool little detail.

If you fuse the restored Master Sword with any materials, the Master Sword will not take its shape. Instead, it will make an illusion around the blade whenever you remove it. However, the illusion is only there for a few seconds, and then it fades away. After that, you can just see a few Zonai scripts on the Sword. 

2. Secret Method Of Repairing Weapons

secret repair method
Damaged Zora Spear [Left] | Fixed Zora Spear [Right]
This might be the most useful secret anyone can know about Tears of the Kingdom. You already know that the weapons-breaking mechanic is back in Tears of the Kingdom. Not only that, but the weapons are even less durable than they were in Breath of the Wild. Unless you fuse your weapons with material, they break easily, even if they aren’t rusted.

However, there is a secret mechanic that can fix them. If you played Breath of the Wild thoroughly, you already know the Octorock strategy of repairing rusty weapons. That same mechanic is back, but it is much, much better than before. You see, in Tears of the Kingdom, if you feed the Octorocks your almost broken weapons, they can make them new. In addition to that, they add modifiers like ATK up, Durability up, and so on.

Important: The Octorocks mentioned here are only Octorocks of the Eldin Region. Meaning only the Octorocks found near Death Mountain can be used to repair weapons. They are the only Octorocks that can suck air in before throwing rocks. It also does not work multiple times for one weapon, so you must kill them for them to respawn on a blood moon.

octorok fixing
Octorock fixing the Zora Spear.

Following are the steps you need to follow to repair your weapons.

  1. Make your way to the Death Mountain area near Goron City. 
  2. Find the Octorocks near the water bodies or in the Goron Mining area
  3. Get close to the Octorock and drop your damaged weapon in front of it. 
  4. Get back and let it suck up your damaged weapon. 
  5. When it throws your weapon back at you, it is completely repaired. 

1. Secret Of The Shrine Of Resurrection

shrine of resurrection secret
Shrine of Resurrection.

When you start Breath of the Wild, Link wakes up at a place called the Shrine Of Resurrection. The Shrine Of Resurrection is located in the middle of the Great Plateau. The same place can be found in Tears of the Kingdom. However, you do not start Tears of the Kingdom from the Shrine. You need to travel back to the area yourself. 

When you arrive at the place, you can see that leaves cover it. Once you burn the leaves and enter the shrine, you can see that all the Shiekah Equipment has disappeared. And in the end room, you can just see a small hot spring that regenerates your heart. Not only that, but there is also a Bubbul Frog just hanging in the room.

However, that is not the secret of the shrine at all.

  • Once in the end room, you just need to get to the wall in front and look down.
  • Here you will see a hole in the ground. If you fall down this hole, you will see something quite surprising.
  • There is a Yiga Clan’s hideout in that hole in the ground.
  • You can see the banner on one of the walls, and there is a chest in the room as well as a Mighty Banana.
  • If you pick up the banana, 2 Yiga clan warriors will pop out of the air to fight you, so it is quite a bizarre little secret you can find in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom has many secrets and small tips you can find on your own accord. You need to explore the world thoroughly to find them all, but there are a few that you can consider the best. Some of the best ones include being able to repair your damaged weapons, fusions, and even a dark secret about the shrine of resurrection. You can also find Midna’s Helmet as well as a Korok Mask and the Majora’s Mask itself.

There are also many new gameplay details in the game, such as the Glider scope, the completion tracker, and the recipe book. You have new tradeable items, hidden royal passages, and even a Horned goddess statue. Lastly, there are cute and wholesome secrets as well, like how Link hums Old game soundtracks while cooking.

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