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Learn about the Cherry Blossom Tree location & map in Tears of the Kingdom.

As you progress in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you will want to unlock all the secret caves spread throughout its vast world. To unlock these caves, the Cherry blossom trees hold the key to their opening. There are 8 cherry blossom trees spread across the Land of Hyrule, with each tree representing the specific area of caves that you can unlock. Once the fruit is deposited in the baskets of all these trees, every cave becomes evident. This guide will tell you where to find these trees and how to use them to unlock the caves.

Key Takeaways

  • The cherry blossom tree is the key to finding all the secret caves in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
  • There are a total of 8 cherry blossom trees in the Land of Hyrule. 
  • The first cherry blossom tree is on Satori Mountain, north of the Gerudo Skyview Tower and west of the Hyrule field.
  • You can find the second one in the Hebra Mountain range, west of Rito Village and north of Passer Hill.
  • The third tree is in the Eldin Mountain range on the left of Darunia Lake.
  • Nearby, Hyrule Castle Town ruins, right next to the Yamiyo Shrine, you can find the fourth cherry blossom tree.
  • The fifth tree is in the Zoro’s domain area, west of Zodabon Highlands, east of Maoikes Shrine.
  • You can find the sixth tree in the Ebon mountain range, south of Hateno Village.
  • The seventh tree is in the Faron region, and the last one is in the Gerudo region.
  • Near the Gerudo Skyview Tower, you can find the last tower.

What are Cherry Blossom Trees 

Cherry blossom trees are simple pink-colored trees that reveal all the hidden caves within a specific area. You can easily identify these trees through their pink color. When the players offer fruit in their basket, which is placed at the base of these trees, magic happens, and all the hidden caves become prevalent. 

Cherry Blossom Tree
Cherry Blossom Tree (Picture Credits: eXputer)

How Cherry Blossom Trees Help Find the Hidden Caves

To open up the caves, players need to go near these trees and put fruit in their basins placed on the base of the trees. Once the players do that, the Satori—a ghost horse—is summoned. When it shows up, all the caves become evident in the form of blue beams.  

What Are Blue Beams 

Blue beams are nothing but indicators of the entrance of the caves within a particular area. They are like temporary markers of the caves that go away when the players reach near them. 

Blue rays
Blue rays (Picture Credits: eXputer)

These rays permeate all around the region and are not limited to one particular area. However, their height is limited as they do not extend fully to the sky. Nevertheless, they last for quite a while. Having said that, once the players get close to these beams, they’ll start to get disappear. 

There are some beams you won’t be able to see because they are behind the mountains or might be blocked due to the player’s game vision. So, in order to check all of these beams, players can go to the nearby Skyview Tower and jump into the air to see all these blue pillars of light beams clearly. 

These caves have multiple entrances. So, you can get lost, but if you go right towards the beam, you’re sure to reach one of the entrance points of the cave. Also, every single cave has a bloopy outside its main entrance. Once you see it outside a cave, it indicates that you’re near its main entrance.

Satori Mountain Cherry Blossom Tree

The first Tears of the Kingdom cherry blossom tree is located on Satori Mountain. It’s located just north of the Gerudo Skyview Tower and west of the Hyrule field. This is the mountain where the sage resides in the Breath of the Wild.

First tree location
First tree location (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Hebra Mountain Cherry Blossom Tree

The second Tears of the Kingdom cherry blossom tree location is in the Hebra Mountain range. For map reference, this is at the west of the Rito Village, north of Passer Hill, and east of Dragon Bone Mire.

Second tree location
Second tree location (Picture Credit: eXputer)

Eldin Mountain Cherry Blossom Tree

Another cherry blossom tree location that will help you find the new caves is in the Eldin Mountain range area.  Below is the Tears of the Kingdom cherry blossom tree location map in the Eldin side mountain range.

Third tree location
Third tree location (Picture Credit: eXputer)

It’s on the left of Darunia Lake right on the edge of the Eldin Mountain overlooking Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower.

Hyrule Castle Town Cherry Blossom Tree

For the fourth tree location, players need to head to the east of the Hyrule Castle Town ruins, close to the Yamiyo Shrine, where a pink tree called cherry blossom tree is located nearby.

Fourth tree Location
Fourth tree location (Picture Credit: eXputer)

Zoro Domain Area Cherry Blossom Tree

Next, Tears of the Kingdom cherry blossom tree will be found in the Zoro’s domain area, which is on the west of the Zodabon Highlands, east of the Maoikes Shrine, and on the south of the Upland Zarona Skyview Tower. If you don’t find this location, go directly to the Zarona Skyview Tower; from there, you can see the pink tree.

Fifth tree Location
Fifth tree location (Picture Credit: eXputer)

Hateno Village Cherry Blossom Tree

The Sixth is going to be found in the South of the Hateno Village on the Ebon mountain range. Once you’re in the South of the Hateno village, you’ll easily spot the tree.

Sixth tree location
Sixth tree location (Picture Credit: eXputer)

Faron Region Cherry Blossom Tree

The location for the seventh tree is going to be in the Faron region, which is in the south of Hyrule between the Gerudo Desert and Necluda regions. The tree will be found in west of the Herin Lake, north of the lake of the Horse of the God and Ibara Butte on the Faron field.

Seventh tree location
Seventh tree location

Gerudo Cherry Blossom Tree

For the last one, head over to the Gerudo area. Go to the Gerudo Skyview Tower; from there, the pink tree is just a few miles away from the tower. Once on the building, you’ll directly see the cherry blossom tree right at the bottom of the tower. Go on, jump towards the tree. 

Final tree location
Final tree location (Picture Credit: eXputer)

Wrapping Up

The Tears of the Kingdom cherry blossom tree is the key to opening hidden caves in the vast world of Hyrule. Once the player deposits the fruit in the baskets of the cherry blossoms trees, blue beams will appear, which will indicate the caves within specific areas. With that said, if you’re still here, then you should give Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom All Editions and Games Like Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom guides a read before moving on.


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