Tears of the Kingdom Hearty Truffles [Location, Uses, Benefits]

Learn how to discover, harness, and master the potent Hearty Truffles in Tears of the Kingdom Effectively.

Hearty Truffles, a unique ingredient in Tears of the Kingdom, play a crucial role in Link’s survival and strength. As a powerful food source, Hearty Truffles restore health and provide temporary extra hearts, proving indispensable in challenging boss battles and quests.

Key Takeaways
  • Hearty Truffles in Tears of the Kingdom enhance Link’s stamina and vitality.
  • These unique mushrooms replenish health and provide temporary extra hearts.
  • Hearty Truffles are typically found in caves, gorges, and marshlands across Hyrule Surface.
  • Specific caves like Mount Dunsel, Retsam Forest, and Mount Floria are rich in Hearty Truffles.
  • Hearty Truffles are essential to progress the storyline in the “Out of the Inn” quest.
  • Cooking with Hearty Truffles leads to health-restoring meals and additional buffs.
  • Big Hearty Truffles, though rare, provide a more significant health boost when cooked.
  • Utilizing Hearty Truffles efficiently enhances gameplay and survival in Hyrule.

What Are Hearty Truffles In Tears of the Kingdom?

Hearty Truffles are distinctive mushrooms; a grayish-brown hue and rounded shape characterize their appearance. These truffles are of immense importance due to their capacity to replenish Link’s health and grant temporary extra hearts. They are precious in combat and are utilized in various recipes to prepare nourishing meals, thus significantly aiding in Link’s survival and advancement.

Tears of the Kingdom Hearty Truffles Hearty Truffles
Hearty Truffles (Credit: Quick Tips)

Where To Find Hearty Truffles

Hearty Truffles are found in specific environments and locations throughout the Hyrule Surface. Hearty Truffles thrive in humid climates and dark, secluded locations. They are typically found in caves, gorges, or swampy areas, which provide the perfect conditions for these mushrooms to grow.

Specific Locations

Throughout the Hyrule Surface, Hearty Truffles can be found in several regions. A location of interest is the ancient remnants situated to the west of the Lookout Landing in the Central Hyrule territory.

However, they’re also spread across other zones, such as Hebra Mountains and East Necluda, offering plenty of opportunities to harvest these valuable ingredients. Certain caves are particularly abundant in Hearty Truffles, making them ideal locations for a focused search.

Mount Dunsel Cave

This cave, located near Lurelin Village, is a treasure trove of Hearty Truffles. Its underwater entrance poses a slight challenge, but the rewards are plentiful. As you navigate past two Shock Likes, a Hearty Truffle is tucked away on the left, waiting to be discovered.

Tears of the Kingdom Hearty Truffles Mount Dunsel Cave
Mount Dunsel Cave (Credit: Trophygamers)

Retsam Forest Cave

Situated above Hateno’s pasture farm, the entrance to Retsam Forest Cave welcomes you with a Hearty Truffle. Besides being a reliable source of Hearty Truffles, this cave also houses a shrine, adding to its strategic value.

Mount Floria Cave

The challenge of reaching this cave, located north of Mount Floria atop a waterfall, is offset by the presence of Hearty Truffles. Inside the cave, amidst a large enemy encampment, you’ll find the Hearty Truffle nestled between two ores, making this challenging journey a rewarding one for those in pursuit of these rare mushrooms.

Remember, these locations offer only a portion of Hearty Truffle spawns. The world of Hyrule is vast, and Hearty Truffles can be found in many other nooks and crannies.

Out of the Inn Quest

The Out of the Inn quest is a vital side quest in Tears of the Kingdom, which involves the use of Hearty Truffles. As part of the quest, Dai assigns players to find a Hearty Truffle to awaken Ollie, the slumbering inn owner found resting on a Stone Slab. This quest also introduces players to the A Trip through History side quest.

Tears of the Kingdom Hearty Truffles Out of the Inn Side Quest
Out of the Inn Side Quest (Credit: Quick Tips)

Role Of Hearty Truffle In The Quest

The Hearty Truffles are crucial for completing the Out of the Inn quest, as they serve as the key to waking Ollie up and progressing the storyline.

Step-by-step Quest Walkthrough

  1. Speak to Dai about awakening Ollie with a Hearty Truffle.
  2. Head to Kakariko Village and climb to the peak of the waterfall.
  3. Enter the Kakariko Village Cave through a small hole in the waterfall.
  4. Inside the cave, find the Hearty Truffle near the molehill, along with other materials.
  5. Return to Ollie and place the Hearty Truffle beside him to awaken him.
  6. Remember to pick up the Truffle, as it can be cooked for increased max hearts.
  7. Talk to Dai at the inn, and he’ll reward you with a Sticky Elixir for preventing slippage

By completing the Out of the Inn quest, players progress the story and learn about the valuable uses of Hearty Truffles.

Cooking With Hearty Truffles

Cooking with the Hearty Truffles can provide players with essential benefits that enhance their in-game experience.

Cooking & Its Benefits

In Tears of the Kingdom, cooking allows players to create meals that restore health and provide additional buffs, such as increased attack power, defense, and more. Cooking with Hearty Truffles can result in meals that temporarily increase max hearts, providing a significant advantage in battle.

Specific Recipes

There are various recipes you can create using Hearty Truffles:

  • Hearty Tomato Mushroom Stew: Hearty Truffle + Hylian Tomato (Full recovery + 1 Heart)
  • Steamed Mushrooms: Hearty Truffle + Any vegetable (Heals 5 Hearts)
  • Hearty Fruit and Mushroom Mix: Hearty Truffle + Apple (Full recovery + 1 Heart)
  • Hearty Meat and Mushroom Skewer: Hearty Truffle + Raw Meat (Full recovery + 2 Hearts)
  • Hearty Mushroom Skewer: Hearty Truffle + Hateno Cheese (Full recovery + 2 Hearts)
  • Fruit and Mushroom Mix: Hearty Truffle + Fruits that aren’t apples (Heals 5 Hearts)
  • Hearty Salty-Grilled Mushrooms: Hearty Truffle + Rock Salt (Full recovery + 2 Hearts)

Experimenting with these recipes and Hearty Truffles will help players discover their favorite combinations and maximize the benefits they receive from cooking.

Comparison Of Normal & Big Hearty Truffles

Normal Hearty Truffles and Big Hearty Truffles differ in the number of temporary hearts they provide when used in cooking. While normal Hearty Truffles grant one or two extra hearts depending on the recipe, Big Hearty Truffles offer a more significant boost, providing an additional two hearts on top of the existing benefits. This means that a meal cooked with a Big Hearty Truffle will grant up to four temporary hearts instead of just two, further enhancing the player’s survivability during challenging encounters.

Final Tips & Tricks

Finding and using Tears of the Kingdom Hearty Truffles most efficiently can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. Here are some final tips and tricks:

  • Explore caves and chasms in Hyrule Fields and West Necluda for Hearty Truffles.
  • Keep Hearty Truffles for the “Out of the Inn” quest and pick them back up after waking up Ollie.
  • Utilize the Hearty Truffles for cooking to restore and boost maximum hearts.
  • Big Hearty Truffles, although rarer, provide significant extra hearts in cooking for challenging battles.
  • Use Hearty Truffles to attract wildlife and sell them for a good price at markets in Hyrule

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