Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Best Bows [Top 11]

Learn about the Best Bows in Tears of the Kingdom containing 11 top-tier ranged weapons for the best bow builds.

It is never enough to equip Link with the best weapons, such as the best bows in Tears of the Kingdom, so that he can have a fighting chance against tough bosses & save Zelda. With nearly 50 bows to nitpick & go with Link’s gear, it is vital that players only equip the best-ranged weapon in Tears of the Kingdom. That is why I have listed here 11 best bows you should try to get your hands on in the game as soon as possible & come up with the best bow build. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom features nearly 50 bows & not all of them are top-tier ones. 
  • In order to make the best bow build in Tears of the Kingdom, you need to have the following 11 best-ranged weapons that will allow Link to destroy enemies & bosses alike from a distance. Here are the best bows:
    1. Gerudo Bow: Exceptional for its extended range, making it ideal for hitting distant targets.
    2. Dragonbone Boko Bow: Its notable strength is in its high attack power, delivering considerable damage to foes.
    3. Swallow Bow: The Swallow Bow’s quick draw speed is a standout feature, allowing rapid, successive shots.
    4. Forest Dweller’s Bow: Uniquely, this bow can fire multiple arrows at once without consuming extra ammunition.
    5. Knight’s Bow: Renowned for its superior durability, it withstands prolonged combat and remains reliable.
    6. Dusk Bow: Its best aspect is the high base damage, making it a formidable weapon in any fight.
    7. Zonaite Bow: Notable for harnessing the player’s Energy Cell to increase arrow range, making it a sniper’s dream.
    8. Great Eagle Bow: The bow’s distinct triple-shot feature and high damage make it a unique asset in aerial combat.
    9. Steel Lizal Bow: Its highlight is its impressive durability and added elemental resistance, ideal for weathering storms of combat.
    10. Savage Lynel Bow: Known for its triple arrow firing feature and armor-piercing power, it’s deadly in close-range combat.
    11. Royal Guard’s Bow: Distinguished by its incredibly high attack power, it delivers unmatched damage despite its low durability.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Best Bows Comparison Table

Here is the complete list entailing all the best bows in Tears of the Kingdom being compared side by side with respect to Damage, Durability & Range.

S.NoBow NameDamageDurabilityRange
11Gerudo Bow254040
10Dragonbone Boko Bow243020
9Swallow Bow83040
8Forest Dweller's Bow153520
7Knight's Bow264820
6Dusk Bow304040
5Zonaite Bow305020
4Great Eagle Bow286040
3Steel Lizal Bow365020
2Savage Lynel Bow324520
1Royal Guard's Bow502030

11. Gerudo Bow

Gerudo Bow

The Gerudo Bow, adorned in golden hues, is a marvel of Gerudo engineering, balancing aesthetics with lethality. This is easily Tears of the Kingdom Best Bow for beginners, dealing a hefty 25 damage per shot, and boasts an impressive range, outclassing many of its counterparts. Its design, a tribute to both hunting and warfare, provides it a unique niche among the pantheon of bows in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

AcquisitionKara Kara Bazaar (bottom of the lake)
PlaystyleTactical, cautious, strategic
AdvantageSafer distance from threats, high-damage shots
Suitable forTaking down larger enemies and bosses
Notable FeatureIncreased range compared to other bows

How To Get Gerudo Bow

Securing the Gerudo Bow requires a bit of aquatic adventure. Nestled at the bottom of the lake in the Kara Kara Bazaar, Northeast of Gerudo Town, lies a chest housing this treasure. To reach it, players will need to employ their Ultra Hand ability, plunging the depths to retrieve the submerged chest. Though the journey may seem daunting, the reward of this superior bow is well worth the effort.

Why Do I Think Gerudo Bow Is The Best Ranged Weapon?

The Gerudo Bow’s superiority lies in its potent combination of power and range. While its damage output is admirable, placing it among the top-tier bows, it’s the increased range that truly distinguishes it. With this bow in hand, players can maintain a safer distance from threats, all the while raining down high-damage shots upon their foes. This strategic advantage can significantly alter the tide of battles, making the Gerudo Bow an invaluable asset for any aspiring hero.

Recommended Playstyle

The Gerudo Bow excels in a playstyle that values safety and precision. The increased range allows for a more strategic approach to combat, enabling players to keep enemies at bay while picking them off from a distance. This is particularly beneficial against tougher, more dangerous foes, where getting too close could spell disaster.

10. Dragonbone Boko Bow

The Dragonbone Boko Bow, a single-shot weapon of choice among Bokoblins, is a formidable addition to Link’s arsenal. Enhanced with meticulously selected fossils, this bow packs a punch with an admirable base attack of 24. However, it requires mindful handling, given its flammable wooden composition and durability that’s somewhat lacking compared to other weapons.

Base Attack Damage24
Recommended PlaystyleAggressive and confrontational, relying on high-impact, single-shot strikes

How To Get Dragonbone Boko Bow

To acquire the Dragonbone Boko Bow, one must venture into the heart of danger: the enemy camp in the Forgotten Temple, located in the expansive Tabatha Frontier. The journey is fraught with risk, but the reward is great. This bow is not handed to Link on a silver platter; it must be wrested from the clutches of the Bokoblins themselves.

Why Do I Think Dragonbone Boko Is The Best Bow?

The Dragonbone Boko Bow’s appeal lies in its raw power and the thrill of its acquisition. Despite its modest durability and susceptibility to fire, its firepower makes it a worthy contender among the best bows in Tears of the Kingdom. Hand-crafted by Bokoblins, its robust 24-base attack makes a noticeable impact in battle, causing enemies to think twice before facing Link.

Recommended Playstyle

The Dragonbone Boko Bow’s high damage output lends itself well to an aggressive, confrontational playstyle. It’s a weapon for those who enjoy charging into the fray, taking down foes with high-impact, single-shot strikes. Given its lack of elemental abilities and moderate durability, tactical usage is crucial. Use it strategically to take down high-priority targets swiftly, minimizing the bow’s exposure to potential fire damage and ensuring its longevity in battles. 

9. Swallow Bow

Swallow Bow

The Swallow Bow is a revered Rito warriors’ weapon, specifically designed for superior aerial warfare. Its bowstring, engineered for quick draw, makes it faster than conventional bows.

Base Attack8
PlaystyleSpecially engineered for aerial combat, it allows for faster drawing speed

How To Get Swallow Bow

To acquire the Swallow Bow, you’ll need to use the Breath of the Wild Revali amiibo, which will spawn a chest containing this weapon. Utilize this amiibo and prepare to claim your airborne advantage.

Why Do I Think Swallow Bow Is The Best Early-Game Bow?

The Swallow Bow’s greatest strength lies in its speed. This feature, combined with its robust durability, makes it an exceptional choice for those who value agility over sheer power in combat.

Recommended Playstyle

Ideal for fast-paced aerial combat, the Swallow Bow is perfect & Tears of the Kingdom Best Bow for players who prefer a hit-and-run playstyle. The swift draw speed allows you to launch rapid attacks from the sky, keeping enemies at bay while maintaining mobility.

8. Forest Dweller’s Bow

Forest Dweller’s Bow

A true testament to Korok craftsmanship, the Forest Dweller’s Bow offers an innovative combat approach. With flexible wood for its body and strong vines for the bowstring, this bow fires not one but three arrows at once, delivering a combined base attack of 15×3. Its simplicity belies its effectiveness, making it an intriguing weapon in “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.”

Base Attack15×3 (Combined base attack of 45)
Bonus EffectShoots 3 arrows at once
PlaystyleExcels in facing multiple opponents simultaneously

How To Get Forest Dweller’s Bow

The path to the Forest Dweller’s Bow is a nature lover’s journey. Amid the tranquil beauty of Satori Mountain, near the serene Tama Pond, and the frosty expanse of N. Tabantha Snowfield, you’ll find this bow nestled in a chest. 

Why Do I Think Forest Dweller’s Bow Is The Best Triple-Firing Bow?

The Forest Dweller’s Bow is a force to be reckoned with, despite its unassuming appearance. Its unique ability to unleash a barrage of three arrows at once makes it an excellent weapon for crowd control. Even though individual arrows may have a slower velocity due to the vine bowstring, this is far outweighed by its potential for cumulative damage and area effect, marking it as one of the best bows in Tears of the Kingdom.

Recommended Playstyle

The Forest Dweller’s Bow invites a playstyle that thrives on chaos. With its three-arrows-per-shot feature, it’s ideal for those who revel in facing multiple opponents simultaneously. This bow allows Link to scatter his enemies with a wide-area attack, turning group confrontations into an opportunity rather than a challenge. Its high durability also makes it a reliable ally in prolonged skirmishes. However, its slower arrow speed demands careful aim and timing to maximize its potential. 

7. Knight’s Bow

Knight’s Bow

The Knight’s Bow, a symbol of Hyrule’s stalwart defenders, is a robust metallic weapon built to endure. With a solid base attack of 26, this bow stands slightly above its peers in terms of raw power. Its exceptional durability reflects the steadfast spirit of the knights it once served, making it a reliable companion in “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.”

Base Attack26
How to GetCan be acquired in the Gerudo Desert or Akkal Highlands
PlaystyleReliable and durable, lacks special firing quirks

How To Get Knight’s Bow 

In the sun-scorched expanse of the Gerudo Desert or the rugged terrain of Akkala Highlands, the Knight’s Bow awaits. Its metallic glint catches the eye, a beacon for those brave enough to traverse these hostile lands. For those daring to venture into these challenging environments, the reward of the Knight’s Bow serves as a worthy prize.

Why Do I Think Knight’s Bow Is The Best Durable Bow?

The Knight’s Bow’s strength lies in its straightforward reliability and resilience. Without any peculiar firing quirks, it provides reliable, predictable performance in every encounter, making it one of the Tears of the Kingdom Best Bows. Its commendable base attack power, paired with its high durability, makes it a reliable tool for any situation. While it may not offer flashy special effects, its consistency is a boon that should not be underestimated, making it one of the finest bows available.

Recommended Playstyle

The Knight’s Bow is well-suited to a playstyle that values endurance and reliability. Its high durability makes it an excellent choice for long battles and rigorous exploration. The lack of firing quirks means players can rely on it to perform consistently, regardless of the situation. Whether you’re facing a horde of enemies or a single, powerful boss, the Knight’s Bow’s steadfast performance is a constant you can rely on. Its moderate range and solid base attack mean it can be used effectively in both close and long-range combat situations.

6. Dusk Bow

Dusk Bow

The Dusk Bow, a legendary weapon steeped in royal lore, is a formidable force in “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom”. With a history tracing back to a courageous princess battling twilight beasts, this weapon boasts an impressive 30 damage per shot, making it a standout among ranged tools. Its heavy, intimidating design reflects the power it wields, and its extraordinary range makes it an excellent choice for long-distance engagements.

Base Attack30
PlaystyleHigh damage per shot, long-range arrows

How To Get Dusk Bow

To claim the Dusk Bow, you must venture to the pinnacle of Hyrule Castle. There, a crack in the tower’s peak hides this treasure. Reach it by soaring on your glider from the Lookout Landing tower or by scaling the castle’s heights. Remember, this weapon reappears after each Blood Moon, providing multiple opportunities to secure it. Alternatively, the Twilight Princess Zelda Amiibo from the Super Smash Bros Series can summon a special chest potentially housing the Dusk Bow.

Why Do I Think Dusk Bow Is A Powerful Bow?

The Dusk Bow’s exceptional power and range make it a standout in any arsenal. Its historical significance, tied to a princess who braved twilight beasts, adds a sense of prestige. This bow, resilient and forceful, delivers consistent, high-damage, long-range shots, making it an invaluable tool in any battle.

Recommended Playstyle

For optimal usage of the Dusk Bow, adopt a tactical, long-range combat style. With its superior range, you can strike foes from safe distances, controlling the battlefield while minimizing risk. This bow is perfect for those who prefer a strategic approach, picking off enemies from afar before they can close the distance. Additionally, with its high base damage, the Dusk Bow can turn the tide of battle, delivering devastating blows when needed.

5. Zonaite Bow

The Zonaite Bow, a product of Zonai craftsmanship, harnesses the energy from the player’s Energy Cell to propel arrows with remarkable power and distance. Its design, resplendent in green and gold, exudes an aura of aggression. This single-shot bow inflicts an impressive 30 damage, making it one of the most potent ranged tools in “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom”.

Base Attack30
PlaystyleSniper-like power shots from a safe distance, powerful single-shot bow

How To Get Zonaite Bow

To secure the Zonaite Bow, journey to the Kikakin Shrine. Hidden within its depths, you’ll find a chest containing this formidable weapon. Remember, mastering the bow’s unique properties, like its energy-driven range, can make all the difference in your adventures.

Why Do I Think Zonite Bow Is The Best Sniper Bow?

The Zonaite Bow is a standout for its combination of impressive damage, durable construction, and unique energy-driven range. This Tears of the Kingdom Best Bow build will enable you to strike with sniper-like precision from distances that would be impossible with other bows. Plus, the ability to fuse materials to arrows for increased damage or added effects, such as explosions or freezing, enhances its versatility.

Recommended Playstyle

The Zonaite Bow shines in the hands of those who thrive in a patient, sniper-like playstyle. With its remarkable range, you can launch high-impact shots from significant distances, making it a perfect tool for ambush tactics or for picking off enemies from a safe location. Its ability to slow time when fired mid-air further emphasizes this playstyle, allowing for precise shots even in high-pressure situations. The power shots, available after a longer charge, are excellent for initiating fights or taking down more potent foes.

4. Great Eagle Bow

Great Eagle Bow

The Great Eagle Bow is a legendary weapon; its reputation echoed through the tales of the Rito Champion, Revali. With a staggering damage output of 28×3 and a robust durability of 60, this bow stands unrivaled in both strength and endurance. Its use in combat mimics the speed and ferocity of a gale, making it a formidable tool in aerial combat.

Base Attack28×3 (Combined base attack of 84)
How to GetFound in Rito Village as part of the Rito Gear archetype
PlaystyleVersatile bow with high damage output, supreme in aerial combat

How To Get Great Eagle Bow

To acquire this legendary bow, you must journey to Rito Village. Its acquisition, however, requires an offering of three Diamonds, symbolizing the high value and superiority of the Great Eagle Bow. This cost may seem steep, but the unrivaled damage output and versatility of the weapon justify the investment.

Why Do I Think Great Eagle Bow Is The Best Legendary Bow?

The greatness of the Great Eagle Bow lies in its unparalleled strength, endurance, and versatility. The bow, capable of delivering three arrows simultaneously, provides a damage output that no other bow can match. This feature, combined with its extreme durability, ensures that the bow remains effective and reliable in prolonged battles. Moreover, its unique ability to slow down time while firing in the air provides a tactical advantage, enabling accurate shots and strategic gameplay.

Recommended Playstyle

When it comes to the most effective playstyle for the Great Eagle Bow, it’s all about embracing the air. Mimic the Rito Champion, Revali, and take to the skies, raining down a hail of arrows onto your enemies. The bow’s ability to lose arrows with the speed of a gale makes it a superior weapon for aerial combat. The time-slowing mechanic while in the air also allows you to take your time, line up your shots and aim with precision, even under pressure.

3. Steel Lizal Bow

Steel Lizal Bow

The Steel Lizal Bow, favored by the proficient Lizalfos marksmen, is a robust weapon renowned for its sturdiness. With a nature-inspired, bone-like structure and metallic reinforcements, this bow blends durability with good damage output. Its unique metallic properties also make it impervious to fire damage and enable it to attract lightning for added elemental damage.

Base Attack36
PlaystyleStrong choice with good damage output, protects against fire damage and hot climates.

How To Get Steel Lizal Bow

To acquire the Steel Lizal Bow, head west of the Korok Forest to Mekar Island, a location frequented by Lizalfos. These formidable creatures are known to wield this bow, making them an ideal target for those seeking this unique weapon. Remember, patience and precision are key in hunting these expert marksmen.

Why Do I Think Steel Lizal Bow Is The Best Marksman Weapon?

The Steel Lizal Bow’s excellence lies in its perfect balance of durability and damage output. With a base attack of 36, it can deal significant damage to enemies. Moreover, the bow’s metallic components, while adding a bit of weight, significantly boost its durability, making it a reliable choice for prolonged battles & excellent pick in the long list of Tears of the Kingdom Best Bow.

Recommended Playstyle

When it comes to harnessing the full potential of the Steel Lizal Bow, you’ll want to adopt a balanced playstyle that combines both offensive and defensive strategies. Its substantial damage output allows for aggressive attacks, while its high durability ensures that you can withstand a protracted fight. Leverage the bow’s metallic properties to your advantage – in thunderstorm conditions, draw lightning to your bow and electrify your enemies with a well-aimed shot. Also, the bow’s resistance to fire damage makes it a perfect choice for combat in fiery environments or against fire-wielding adversaries.

2. Savage Lynel Bow

Savage Lynel Bow

The Savage Lynel Bow, forged from unique Death Mountain steel, is a force to be reckoned with. This armor-piercing weapon boasts a damage output of 32 per arrow, but its distinguishing feature is its ability to simultaneously release three arrows, effectively tripling its attack. Designed for close combat, the bow’s arrows fan outwards horizontally, making it a lethal choice when facing larger foes or clusters of adversaries.

Base Attack32
PlaystyleSpecialist armor-piercing bow, fires 3 arrows at once, deadly at close range

How To Get Savage Lynel Bow

To secure the Savage Lynel Bow, one must best the formidable Lynel. This powerful enemy can be found lurking in the Central Hyrule Depths and Hyrule Field. Defeating Lynel is no easy task, but the reward is well worth the effort. Be prepared for a challenging battle, as Lynel is known for its strength and resilience.

Why Do I Think Savage Lynel Bow Is The Best Raw Power Bow?

The Savage Lynel Bow stands unrivaled in terms of raw power and versatility. Its unique three-arrow firing capability can deliver massive damage in close combat, making it an absolute game-changer. Furthermore, its impressive stopping power, capable of penetrating even the thickest armor, makes it a true bane to armored foes. This, combined with its respectable durability, makes it a top-tier weapon in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Recommended Playstyle

When wielding the Savage Lynel Bow, a close-combat, aggressive playstyle is recommended. The bow’s tri-arrow feature excels in close quarters, where all three arrows can hit the target, maximizing damage. Moreover, its armor-piercing capability makes it incredibly effective against heavily armored enemies. Utilize its wide arrow spread to control crowd situations, delivering significant damage to multiple adversaries simultaneously. In one-on-one situations, aim for your enemy’s weak points to capitalize on the bow’s piercing power.

1. Royal Guard’s Bow

Royal Guard’s Bow

The Royal Guards Bow, a masterpiece of Sheikah technology, is a formidable weapon conceived to combat the Great Calamity. This prototype bow delivers an unparalleled damage output of 50, making it the most potent bow in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Despite its lower durability, the bow’s high rate of fire and exceptional damage more than compensate for this shortcoming.

Base Attack50
PlaystylePrototype bow with high rate of fire and firepower, low durability

How To Get Royal Guards Bow

To lay hands on the Royal Guards Bow, one must venture into Princess Zelda’s study. Nestled on the desk within this royal sanctum, the bow awaits its next master

Why Do I Think Royal Guards Bow Is The Best Bow?

The Royal Guards Bow is a paragon of lethal efficiency. Its unmatched firepower and swift firing rate outshine its durability flaw. This bow enables players to deliver swift, crushing damage to adversaries, transforming even the direst battles into swift victories. Its high damage output, paired with a quick rate of fire, makes it an extraordinary asset in any player’s arsenal.

Recommended Playstyle

The Royal Guards Bow suits an aggressive, rapid-fire playstyle. Its high damage output and quick rate of fire make it ideal for players who favor a fast-paced, offensive approach. While its durability might be lower, the sheer power it wields makes it a game-changing weapon when used strategically. Target enemies from a distance, capitalizing on the bow’s rate of fire to maintain constant pressure.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have learned about all the Tears of the Kingdom Best Bows, which one are you going to get first? Do you have any other favorite bow that we have not listed above? If yes, then why not let us know more about it in the comments section below? Also, before leaving the page, you must read Tears of the Kingdom: How To Get Cold Resistance, How To Get Autobuild, Sunset Fireflies, and Dandelion Puzzle guides. 


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