TOTK: How To Get Master Sword [All Methods]

The Master Sword got plunged into the Light Dragon's head, but its location is hard to find if you don't know where to look.

The Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom is lost at the start. Then Link has to locate it and retrieve it. It isn’t that easy to find. For that, you’ll need to complete a bunch of quests and have to fulfill some requirements. I’ve discovered how to get Master Sword TOTK and will help you in getting it too.

Before You Start: The Guide contains minor spoilers for the main story of TOTK. So proceed with caution.
Key Takeaways
  • The Master Sword is the legendary Sword belonging to Link in Tears of the Kingdom.
  • It is lost in the Prologue of Tears of the Kingdom.
  • The Master Sword is plunged into the head of the Light Dragon, flying above the Hyrule region.
  • To get it, players will need to complete the Trail of the Master Sword or Dragon’s Tears quest.
  • After completing the quest, players will have to launch themselves up high and get the Master Sword.
  • To get the Master Sword, players need two full Stamina Wheels.

Where Is The Master Sword Located?

The Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom is plunged in on the head of the Light Dragon. It is the same Light Dragon that you’ll often find flying above in the skies of Hyrule.

So, if you want to know How to get Master Sword TOTK, you must first locate the Light Dragon. Once you have located it, you will have to get on it in order to take out the Master Sword that is plunged into its head.

The how to get Master Sword Location TOTK
The Master Sword. [Image Credit: eXputer]

Getting The Master Sword

For now, I’ll assume that you have completed one of the two methods that I have mentioned below and are now tracking the Light Dragon. With that, I’ll discuss how you can utilize the resources and get to the Light Dragon and get the Master Sword.


Before you can jump on and try to get Master Sword, you need to make sure that you have enough resources to get started. Here is what you need.

  • Two Full Stamina Wheels
  • I completed either Trail of the Master Sword or Dragon’s Tears quest.

Once you have completed the quest and have two full stamina wheels, you can go and get the Master Sword. If you don’t have two full stamina wheels, you can check it out here in the guide Stamina.

Acquiring The Master Sword

Once you know where the Dragon is, you will have to get near its location and then use one of the three methods to get on top of it.

  • Using Skyview Towers launch pad.
  • Using Flying Zonai Machines.
  • Dropping from Floating Islands.

When you’ve made it on top of the Light Dragon, you’ll have to get to its head. Get to the Master Sword and interact with it. If you have two full Stamina Wheels, Link can remove the Master Sword. If not, you will fail and will have to try again.

get Master Sword out of light Dragon ToTK
Taking the Master Sword out of the Light Dragon. [Image Credit: eXputer]

Locating The Master Sword

All being said, there are two different methods that you can use to get to the Light Dragon. Using these methods, you can locate the Light Dragon easily as they will end up putting a marker on the Light Dragon. Not only that, the Light Dragon usually flies up high in the sky. Once you have completed the quest, the Light Dragon will now fly at a lower altitude.

The Deku Tree Cleansing

The first method includes interacting with the Great Deku Tree. For that, you will have to first make progress in the main questline in TOTK. There will come a quest named the Trail of the Master Sword. During the quest, you will have to cleanse the Great Deku Tree and then use its guidance to locate the Light Dragon.

The second method can be a little tedious. So the players that are looking at How to get Master Sword TOTK early, then the Deku Tree method is best for them.

Getting In Korok Forest

To cleanse the Great Deku Tree, you will have to first get into the Korok Forest. There is no direct path if you try to enter the Forest. You will get transported back to your initial location. For that, you will have to find an alternate method. So, head to the Woodland Stable.

From there, head along the road going north. You will come across a Chasm in the Minshi Woods that will lead you underground. Jump in it and make sure to have your glider ready. Once you’ve safely landed, you can head in the North-West direction to the Lightroot. Make sure to use the Bringbloom Seed to light your way.

Chasm location.
The Chasm location to enter Korok Forest. [Image Credit: eXputer]
Keep heading ahead until you make your way to the Rikonasum Lightroot. You should examine it as it will make the area near you clear. Then, go to the Pillar that is a few steps behind you. There, use Ascend to get back to the Hyrule region. You will find yourself in the Korok Forest.

Cleaning The Deku Tree

When you interact with the Deku Tree, you’ll find that it is corrupted and needs cleansing. For that, you will have to locate the Deku Tree chasm and jump down. You’ll find yourself in a big room that is corrupted.

Enemies will spawn, and they will spread the corruption. You will have to use ranged attacks to deal damage to them. After you’ve defeated these minor enemies, the Phantom Ganon will appear. It will get closer to you to attack you. Your goal is to keep your distance and attack it. For that, you can use the Bomb attachments of arrows.

Phantom ganon
The Phantom Ganon corrupts the Deku Tree. [Image Credit: eXputer]
You’ll have to be careful when attacking the Phantom Ganon. Because if it hits you once, you’ll lose a chunk of your health. So your goal is to deal as much damage as you can while keeping your distance. It won’t be long before you defeat it.

Getting Master Sword’s Location

Once you’ve done so, you can go back to the Deku Tree by using the Ascend. Once you make it to the Deku Tree, it will show you the location of the Master Sword. It is the current location of the Master Sword, meaning that the Light Dragon is flying in that area. Plan accordingly, and you can get to the Light Dragon. 

Master Sword location early TOTK Deku Tree
The Deku Tree reveals the Light Dragon’s location. [Image Credit: eXputer]

Using Dragon’s Tears Quest

Another method, which doesn’t include you fighting powerful enemies, is collecting all of the Dragon Tears. In it, you will instead have to go to different locations and try to locate the Dragon Tears and collect them.

It is a tedious method. That’s why most players prefer using the 1st method, as it isn’t as hard. Anyways, here is how you can collect all of the Dragon Tears. But, if you are looking for How to get Master Sword TOTK without Deku Tree, then you’ve come to the right place.

Location of Dragon Tears Master Sword TOTK
The Dragon’s Tears. [Image Credit: eXputer]
To start the quest, you’ll have to complete the Impa and the Geoglyphs quest. Once it is completed, it will start the Dragon Tears quest. Then you’ll have to meet Impa in the Forgotten Temple. There, you will have to go to the Mayausiy Shrine and communicate with her. Once you’re done talking, you’ll have to start locating all of the Dragon’s Tears.

All Dragon Tears Locations

There are a total of 12 Dragon’s Tears. But you won’t unlock the 12th before unlocking all 11 before it. Once you’ve interacted with all 11, there will be a cutscene, and the 12th will be unlocked.

Dragon TearLocationCoordinates
1stNear Impa on North Hyrule Plane-1412, 0966, 0123
2ndOn the Tabantha Hills-2551, 1888, 0319
3rdSouth of Eldin Canyon1826, 0739, 0090
4thNorth of Faron0694, -1309, 0053
5thGerudo Highlands-3178. -1697, 0418
6thSouthwest of Hyrule Ridge3096, -0077, 0211
7thSouth East of East Nebula3323, 3566, 0004
8thNorth Tanantha Tundra1962, 3622, 0236
9thTalus Plateau4467, -0307, 0074
10thCentral Hyrule-0649, -2683, 0068
11thNortheast of Great Hyrule Forest0894, 2951, 0362
12thRist Peninsula4534, 2142, 0000

When you have located all 12 Dragon Tears, you can then locate the Light Dragon and, with it, the Master Sword. You can then go ahead and get the Master Sword using one of the methods I’ve mentioned above. Keep in mind that this is a long and tedious method. You will have to spend a lot of time locating each of the 12 Dragon Tears.

Light Dragon’s Location

Once you have completed one of these quests, you can now locate the Light Dragon with the Master Sword on it. Now remember, you can never be certain where to locate the Light Dragon as it seems to spawn at different locations.

For Me, it was around the Great Sky Island. But different players on Reddit have mentioned where you can find the Light Dragon. Some have mentioned that you can find the Light Dragon flying above the Hebra, Gerudo, Necluda, or Akkala regions.

Identifying Light Dragon

If you can’t seem to recognize which one is the Light Dragon with Master Sword, then there is a trick for it. You will have to first get near the Light Dragon. Once you get near it, it will have a Golden and Blue glow coming out of its head. That is the glow of the Master Sword. With that, you can determine that it is indeed the Light Dragon.

Another way to locate the Light Dargon is to use the Camera that Link will acquire later in the story. Using the camera, if you point at the flying Dragon, the camera will show its name on top of it. That will help you identify the Light Dragon.

The Master Sword will come in handy in your Best Builds because it is the Best Weapon that you can have. It will come in handy if you are trying to defeat different Bosses. The high damage of Master Sword won’t leave you disappointed.

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