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We'll help you fix the different crashing issues you're facing while playing Tears Of The Kingdom on Your PC through Emulator

Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild was a console-seller title that was extremely well-received by critics and players. Tears of the Kingdom takes the successful DNA of its predecessor and massively improves on it through cool new powers, weapons, environments, and mechanics. However, players have reported Tears of the Kingdom crashing while trying to run it on PC through emulators like Ryujinx. We’ll explore effective solutions for each platform and let you resolve this crashing issue, so you can enjoy this masterpiece uninterrupted. 

Important: This article is for education purposes only. We’re not promoting or encouraging the use of any third-party emulators, nor we’re providing links to any cracked games.
Key Takeaways
  • Players have been facing crashing on their PC while playing Tears of the Kingdom through emulators like Ryujinx or YUZU
  • This is happening due to various reasons, including using the wrong configuration in the emulator, using the wrong version of the emulator, or antivirus messing with the emulator’s operation. 

  • Try the following fixes to help resolve the Tears of the Kingdom crashing issue
    • Use The Proper Settings in Emulator
    • Use Custom Build of Ryujinx Emulator
    • Whitelist Ryujinx Installation Directory In Your Antivirus

How to Fix Tears Of The Kingdom Crashing on PC? 

If you’re playing Tears of the Kingdom on PC, chances are you’re playing it on one of the switch emulators (i.e., either YUZU or Ryujinx). Now, players emulating the game have been encountering unexpected crashing issues in Tears of the Kingdom. Let’s check some fixes out. 

Use The Proper Settings in Emulator

Now most of the players have been facing crashes due to using either default or improper configuration in Ryujinx or Yuzu. It’s best that you try configuring your emulator with my suggested settings to see if the crashing subsidies or not. We’ll be showing settings for Ryujinx in our example, but similar settings can also apply to YUZU. 

  1. First, launch Ryujinx Switch emulator from either desktop or by searching for it in Windows Search. 
  2. Now go to its settings by clicking on the Options section on the top. 
    Using Vulkan API in Ryujinx
    Use These Graphics Settings (Image by eXputer)
  3. When you’re in the Settings section, click on the Graphics tab and change the following settings:
    1. Use Auto in the Graphics Backend Multi-Threading.
    2. In the Graphics Backend (which is your preferred graphics API), use Vulkan
    3. In the preferred GPU, select your dedicated GPU here instead of your Intel iGPU. 
    4. Make sure to enable Shader Cache for error-free gameplay. 
    5. Disable the Texture Recompression setting. 
    6. Make sure to set your resolution scale to either native. If you have a powerful GPU, you can set it to twice the size of your native resolution. Don’t select anything lower than your native resolution.
  4. After you’re done with the graphics settings, head over to the System settings tab.
    Ryujinx System Settings
    Use These System Settings (Image by eXputer)
  5. In the system settings, use the following combination of settings:
    1. Enable VSync, as it helps regulate the Tears of the Kingdom FPS and prevent any crashes due to instability. 
    2. Enable PPTC (Profiled Persistent Translation Cache) as it helps improve performance and stability. 
    3. Disable the option Enable Guest Internet Access since you won’t be playing Tears of the Kingdom online. 
    4. Enable the option FS integrity Checks to ensure the game launches without any hitches. 
    5. Make sure that you disable all options under Hacks, as these might be enabled by default. Hacks are known to cause crashing issues in Tears of the Kingdom.
  6. Once you’re done applying the settings, make sure to click save. 

Once everything is saved and ready, try launching Tears of the Kingdom through your emulator and see if the Tears of the Kingdom crashing issue is occurring or not. These settings will help you overcome this problem. 

Use Custom Build of Ryujinx Emulator

Ryujinx Custom Build
Custom Build for Ryujinx (Image by eXputer)

Although, I would recommend that you use the latest build of Ryujinx to play Tears of Kingdom. However, if you’re facing frequent crashes on it, try using an alternate build and run the game on it. Simply visit this repository and download this custom build for Ryujinx Emulator. We’ve verified that it’s malware-free, but make sure to scan the files before installing it as a precaution. 

Once you’ve downloaded the files, simply extract and install the emulator. Make sure to apply the settings we’ve discussed in the previous fix here, too. Now try launching Tears of the Kingdom with this build, and hopefully, you won’t have to face any crashes from here on out. 

Whitelist Ryujinx Installation Directory In Your Antivirus

Exclude a Folder from Scanning in Windows Security
Add an Exception (Image by eXputer)

Antivirus can be a little sensitive in sending our false positives and deleting files it deems as suspicious when it comes to emulators. It can also restrict the emulator’s access to your system resources which can lead to the crashing issue in Tears of the Kingdom. 

To resolve this issue, all you need to do is open up your antivirus software and go to its settings. Inside the security settings, you’ll see an option called either whitelist or exclusions. Here, you need to add a folder and browse to where you’ve installed Ryujinx. Now select the Ryujinx folder and add it to the exclusions. 

This will prevent the antivirus software to meddle in the emulator’s functioning or restrict its access within the system. Hence, you’ll be able to run Tears of the Kingdom on PC without crashing issues.

Did You Solve The Crashing Issue? 

Here are the best ways you can solve the Tears of the Kingdom crashing issue on your PC through an emulator. The game still isn’t fully compatible and optimized for emulators, so I suggest either waiting until the Yuzu and Ryujinx get better at running the game. Alternatively, you can enjoy the game by simply borrowing a Switch from a friend. 


Is Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom officially released on PC?

No. The game isn’t been officially released on PC. However, you can try to play it on third-party emulators on PC, e.g., Ryujinx and Yuzu.

Is Tears of the Kingdom running at 60 FPS on PC?

On some hardware configurations, you can manage to run the run Tears of The Kingdom at 60 FPS on emulators.

If you’ve resolved the crashing issue on your PC, level up your gameplay with the following Tears of the Kingdom guides:

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