Tears of the Kingdom: 10 Best Builds [Our Picks]

Learn about Tears of the Kingdom Best builds that showcases the ten most insane builds, including contraptions, bridges, mechas, and more!

Tears of the Kingdom has probably granted players way too much freedom with what they can create and call a “vehicle.” While countless non-serious builds exist, some of the Tears of the Kingdom Best Builds can be tried! 

Important: Players should know that most creations are done for fun and are not practical for actual progress!
Key Takeaways
  • In Tears of the Kingdom, a build can refer to a specific setup or combination of in-game tools, equipment, and tactics used by the player to achieve certain gameplay goals or styles.
  • For instance, a build can involve creating a specific vehicle like “The Bully,” which is a machine designed to ram into enemies.
  • Making a build is beneficial as it allows players to tailor their gameplay experience, effectively handle challenges, and utilize the game’s mechanics creatively for fun, exploration, or combat. 

Best Builds In Tears of the Kingdom

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, a build refers to player-created constructs or vehicles using in-game resources and mechanics.

To make a build, one needs to gather the necessary resources and design and assemble the construct or vehicle based on their desired function or aesthetics, using examples such as the Broken Mech Build or the Infinite Height Ladder.

Here is an overview of all ten builds, what they are & their purpose in Tears of the Kingdom:

No.Build NameBest ForDescriptionPurpose
1Broken Mech BuildBest Mobile-Firepower Hybrid Build.Giant mechaDefeat enemies
2Destruction In A CarBest Build For Combat Versatility.Destructive vehicleAttack enemies and bosses
3Comforting BuildBest Visually Distinct Build.Aesthetic constructionRelaxation
4Human-like RobotBest Innovative Robot Like Build.Autonomous robotExploration and intimidation
5Wing LauncherBest Dual Functionality Build.Flying vehicleTravel and flight
6Never Ending BridgeBest Build For Travel.Long bridgeEasier navigation
7Caged Death BuildBest Build For Gruesome Enemy Eliminations.Trap for enemiesAssassinating enemies
8The DoohickeyBest Build For Dual Transport Ability.Unusual vehicleLand and water traversal
9The BullyBest Build For Crowd Control.Aggressive vehicleHarassing enemies
10Infinite Height LadderBest Build For Accessing Unreachable Areas.Never-ending ladderReaching high places

Broken Mech Build 

Best Mobile-Firepower Hybrid Build.
TOTK Mech Build
Mech Build
  • Why I Chose This: The creativity and innovation of this build plus the sheer firepower it provides.

One of the most insane Tears of the Kingdom Mech Build that you can come across is where someone managed to make a giant mecha that was able to absolutely *annihilate* any enemies in sight. Most of the builds that are mentioned below were covered by Versilify

  • Reddit user CheahNz shared Soulbanana’s impressive mech build, initially unassuming but revealing unique features.
  • The tall mech allows climbing inside, driving, and engaging in combat against nearby foes.
  • Operators ascend from the bottom to control it from the top platform.
  • Despite moderate speed, it offers innovative mobility.
  • It can also launch bombs for added firepower.
  • Building such a mech would require significant power resources.
  • Massive size.
  • Elimination of enemies with ease.
  • Versatile movement capabilities.
  • A high amount of power resources.

Destruction In A Car 

Best Build For Combat Versatility.
TOTK Destruction In A Car
Destruction In A Car
  • Why I Chose This: The basic design with the ability for versatile combat and passive combat capabilities.

Now, if you’re into creating a Tears of the Kingdom Vehicle Build that can rip through and run over anything, this might be the one for you. A Reddit post by Admiral_Agito shared this car build that Idonum posted. 

  • Initially appearing simple, the car resembles two stacked boxes with destructibles attached for shooting enemies or structures.
  • However, upon closer inspection, its effectiveness becomes apparent as it can run over opponents, rendering them useless.
  • With front blasts, users can tackle tougher enemies and bosses effortlessly.
  • Once in their arsenal, users can sit back and watch bosses succumb to the deadly hits from the car’s front, securing a significant advantage.
  • Allows for great crowd control capabilities.
  • Versatile combat.
  • Lacks in long-range combat scenarios.

Comforting Build 

Best Visually Distinct Build.
TOTK Comforting Build
Comforting Build
  • Why I Chose This: The simple and minimalistic design which provides a relaxing atmosphere.

Moving on, while Destruction-based Tears of the Kingdom Best Builds might be the way to go here and there, there comes a time when you might want to kick back, relax, and not worry about too much going on. This is where this simple but aesthetic build by Cubeius comes into play.

  • As can be seen, there’s nothing crazy about the build itself, as the structure is extremely simple, just a few logs and a simple platform, but the entire atmosphere that the Reddit user has managed to create is the goal here. 
  • Simple design that is visually appealing.
  • Limited functionality compared to other builds.

Human-like Robot 

Best Innovative Robot Like Build.
TOTK Human-Like Robot
Human-Like Robot
  • Why I Chose This: The way this build mimics a walking robot on top of the gigantic size.

Next up, another interesting build you might have come across is the one where people are simply building robots using structures that can stand up independently and easily start walking around the ground without further assistance. 

  • Reddit user JJ_07 showcased an awe-inspiring structure in Tears of the Kingdom, towering over other creations.
  • Initially inert, the robot springs to life in mere seconds, traversing the lands independently.
  • Its rapid activation and movement evoke both amazement and a sense of awe due to its immense size.
  • This build stands out as one of the best in Tears of the Kingdom, infusing a hint of intimidation with its colossal presence.
  • Massive size.
  • Allows for independent movement capabilities.
  • Challenging to control because of its complexity.

Wing Launcher 

Best Dual Functionality Build.
TOTK Wing Launcher
Wing Launcher
  • Why I Chose This: The way this build allows for dual functionality as a vehicle as well as a launcher.

Ever seen a literal Wing Launcher being built in Tears of the Kingdom? Neither have I as of now, but somehow the Reddit use YerlerDermernd made it possible, and they made it look excellent as well. 

  • Wing launchers are notoriously difficult to construct due to their complex structure.
  • This particular wing launcher stands out as it allows the user to ride a vehicle underneath the wings.
  • By tilting the launcher, users can position it for takeoff and drive the vehicle to any desired location.
  • Once parked, users can launch themselves into the sky from atop the launcher, achieving perfect positioning for a soaring flight.
  • Unique design.
  • Versatility.
  • Requires significant resources to make.

Never Ending Bridge 

Best Build For Travel.
TOTK Long Bridge
Long Bridge
  • Why I Chose This: Allowing coverage of vast distances easily with the ability to overcome terrain obstacles.

Moving on, another build that isn’t necessarily catered to just focusing on vehicles is this one where someone was able to build an insanely long bridge that reached as far as the eye could see, and it was hilarious. 

  • Reddit user Acetiefighter ingeniously tackled challenging terrain, devising a creative solution to reach the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower.
  • Faced with a daunting gap to the tower, they sought to avoid a lengthy detour for tower activation.

They assembled an infinite wooden bridge using countless pieces, extending it endlessly. Utilizing their Ultrahand ability, they positioned the bridge precisely on the mountainside near the tower. With the bridge in place, they effortlessly traversed it, reaching the tower with ease.

  • Provides efficiency in traveling scenarios.
  • Great problem-solving capabilities.
  • Is time-consuming and requires a significant number of resources.

Caged Death Build 

Best Build For Gruesome Enemy Eliminations.
TOTK Caged Death
Caged Death
  • Why I Chose This: The intensive scenarios this build provides while annihilating enemies.

On the more brutal side of the Tears of the Kingdom Best Builds,if you’re bored of killing enemies the easier way, why not assassinate them in the most gruesome, brutal way you can imagine? Well, this poster sure did. 

  • Reddit user Nintenglo devised a deadly trap known as the “death cage” designed to ensnare and eliminate enemies.
  • The build is straightforward, consisting of a simple box with some sides exposed, placed upside down on the target enemy.
  • After capturing the target, the box is set ablaze, causing the enemy to burn and ultimately perish.
  • As the fire spreads, it leads to the enemy’s demise, culminating in a final explosion that shreds the box and releases a blast of fire.
  • Eliminate enemies with ease.
  • Usage of traps for targeted enemies.
  • Limited versatility and requires heavy resource investment.

The Doohickey 

Best Build For Dual Transport Ability.
TOTK The Doohickey
The Doohickey
  • Why I Chose This: The ability of this build to travel both on land and water.

For the next contraption, it is quite literally named The Doohickey, which is just an absolute abomination of a creation; ranking it to be one of the most insane yet most creative builds I’ve come across while playing Tears of the Kingdom. 

  • The main idea is that if it works, then it works, and there is no further argument. 
  • The main way this build was carried out was by using a raft that would typically be able to stay afloat on water and then attach wheels to each side of it. 

The gadget features wheels connected to two additional wheels, enabling movement on land despite significant instability. Additionally, the two wheels can serve as makeshift paddles for water traversal, offering versatility in different terrains.

  • While the creation is inventive, traveling long distances on it would be challenging due to its slow speed.
  • Posted by Reddit user Raccoon, the build showcases creativity despite its practical limitations.
  • The innovative design and versatility.
  • Instability.
  • Slow speed.

The Bully

Best Build For Crowd Control.
TOTK The Bully
The Bully
  • Why I Chose This: The ability to take on loads of enemies while traveling.

Next up, perhaps this has to be one of the Tears of the Kingdom Best Builds since it not only combines the aspect of riding a vehicle to explore and get to know unknown lands in Tears of the Kingdom, but it also brings in the aspect of bullying your opponents to death, hence being named the bullet by the Reddit user Dreamonto. 

  • The machine is ridden like a vehicle to reach any destination.
  • Next, approach the chosen enemy or boss and ram into them, causing them to fumble and be pushed around, unable to retaliate effectively
  • Approach the desired enemy or boss and ram into them using a spring-based mechanism, causing them to be pushed around and vulnerable.
  • Great for combat and traversing scenarios.
  • Allows great crowd control capabilities.
  • Requires a high skill level to operate.
  • Limited offense.

Infinite Height Ladder 

Best Build For Accessing Unreachable Areas.
TOTK Infinite Height
Infinite Height
  • Why I Chose This: Allowing access to areas that players weren’t able to access before provides more excitement.

Another cool idea you can try out is the infinite ladder, and though it might not be the most practical idea, it is still one that BloodTrain has invented on Reddit.

  • The primary method involves taking one wooden plank, using the rewind time option, and then carrying up another plank to ascend higher.
  • However, this process is tedious and requires significant trial and error to execute successfully.
  • Provides indefinite height.
  • Allows for traveling to places that couldn’t be accessed before.
  • The constant stacking of wooden planks can be a tedious process.
  • Limited practicality due to its slow nature.


And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Tears of the Kingdom Best Builds, so let’s wrap up this guide! While you’re here, you might want to check out the Tears of the Kingdom Best Items guide, which details what items to buy or sell! The Tears of the Kingdom Cooking guide is also a must-read!

Apart from this, the Tears of the Kingdom Best Recipes guide will show you some of the best recipes you should know!

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