Tears of the Kingdom: Right Leg Depot [Puzzle Solution]

This guide features everything you need to know about the Right Leg Depot puzzle; where to locate it and how to complete it!

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a bunch of missions for Link to complete, one of which is the Right Leg Depot quest. The Right Leg Depot is one of four mini-dungeons found in the Construct factory. This guide will feature information on where to find the Right Leg Depot Tears of the Kingdom and how to solve its puzzle!

Key Takeaways
  • The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features a tonne of puzzles to complete, and part of a quartet is the Right Leg Depot.
  • The other three quests in this quartet are the following:
    1. Right Arm Depot
    2. Left Leg Depot
    3. Left Arm Depot
  • To get to the Right Leg Depot, follow the steps:
    1. Navigate to the coordinates 1152, -2084, and -0516.
    2. Using the Paraglider, glide onto the cliff and inside the cave. 
    3. Turn left at the top of the Ruins and jump off the bridge.
    4. Use the paraglider to glide, and below, you will find the Right Leg Depot Entrance.
  • Complete the quest by combining the box and the U-shape structure and sending it to the bottom using a Glider and a fan. 

Where Is The Right Leg Depot?

what the entrance looks like
The entrance to the Right Leg Depot.

Compared to its counterparts, the Right Leg Depot is at the very end and usually saved for the end. Getting to the location of this Depot is quite difficult, but nevertheless, a journey worth the hike.

Before You Start: Activate Lightroom before attempting this; it will make finding the Right Leg Depot that much easier.
  1. Turn Northeast from Mineru’s Statue and head on straight.
  2. Get to the coordinates 1152, -2084, and -0516. Now comes the difficult part: the Right Leg Depot is atop a cliff, and Link is on the ground.
  3. First of all, climb on a neighboring tree and then glide your way onto the cliff.
  4. Now on the cliff, the Depot is in the depths.
  5. Get on top of the Ruins, and you can use the Ascend ability to help your cause.
  6. Turn left, and continue till a bridge appears. Jump off the bridge and glide down where the Depot entrance is using your Paraglider

Once at the Depot entrance, interact with the Zonai console, which will, in turn, drop the Right Leg Block, and you have successfully made it inside the Right Leg Depot with the door closing behind you.

Right Leg Depot Puzzle Solution

Now inside the Right Leg Depot, there is no way out but ahead. Follow the steps below to complete this Right Leg Depot Tears of the Kingdom Puzzle.

  1. Lift the container that contains the Right Leg and place it on the elevator with yourself, then hit the fans, which will launch the elevator on the next landing. 
  2. At the next level, there will be a U Shaped piece; attach the container to this so that the open part of the U is opposite the box, balancing the newly formed structure.
  3. Move this box onto the elevator, and hit the fans to get to the next landing.
  4. At this level, there will be a Glider and some other fans.
  5. Attach your structure to the glider and a fan. 
  6. Send your structure to the main area, where you can disassemble it and reveal the right leg.
what the box with the right leg looks like
The box that contains the Right Leg.

Once you have successfully extracted the leg, put it up in the correct orientation and set it in place of the statue. You must complete all other missions in this quartet to complete the Guidance from Ages Past quest. The other quests in this are the Right Arm Depot, Left Arm Depot, and the Left Leg Depot.

You have finally completed the Right Leg Depot puzzle and are free to leave the depot you were previously trapped in. The chest is still there, so you can grab any loot before you leave. 

Final Thoughts

It is time to wrap up now; that is all there is to know about the Right Leg Depot Tears of the Kingdom puzzle! The puzzle is fairly easy to complete, and if the above steps were followed, you should have no issues whatsoever. 

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Let us know in the comments below if you would like more guides like this one or a specific one you may have in mind! 

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