Tears of the Kingdom: All Princess Sightings Quests

There are 12 of the Potential Princess Sighting quests in Tears of the Kingdom & you must not miss any for exciting rewards.

Tears of the Kingdom has 12 questlines that are part of the Side Adventures, and it can reward players with an armor set if they manage to complete it properly. Players might find it difficult to find where all the 12 Tears of the Kingdom Princess Sightings quests are located. Therefore an overview of all quests might be required. 

Important: Players cannot access any of the 12 quests before they talk to Penn in Lucky Clover Gazette.
Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 12 Potential Princess Sighting quests that can be triggered by talking to Penn at the Lucky Clover Gazette location. 

  1. Zelda’s Golden Horse is located in the Snowfield Stable area. 
  2. The Beckoning Woman quest is present in the Hyrule Field area. 
  3. The White Goats Gone Missing is located at the Tabantha Bridge Stable area. 
  4. As for The All-Clucking Cucco quest, it is present at the South Akkala Stable location. 
  5. The Missing Farming Tools are present in the Wetland Stables area. 
  6. The Serenade To A Great Fairy is located in the Eldin Canyon area. 
  7. The For Our Princess quest, is at the Foothill Stable location. 
  8. The An Eerie Voice questline will be towards the Highland Stable area. 
  9. The Beast And The Princess are present towards the New Serenne Stable location. 
  10. The Blocked Well quest is at the Gerudo Canyon area. 
  11. The Princess Zelda Kidnapped is located at the Dueling Peaks Stable. 
  12. Lastly, the Gourmets Gone Missing is at the Riverside Stable location. 

All Princess Sightings Quests In TOTK

Here’s a list of every Princess Sightings Quests In TOTK:

QuestObjective Location Coordinates How to Unlock Reward
Zelda's Golden HorseFind the Golden HorseSnowfield Stable North Tabantha Snowfield-1644, 2579, and 0233Listen to Penn in Snowfield StableRoyal Saddle, Royal Bridle, Energizing Elixir, 100 Rupees
The Beckoning WomanFollow and defeat the disguised Yiga Footsoldiers Outskirt Stable, Great Plateau -1410, -1295, and 0032Speak to Penn in Outskirt Stable50 Rupees, Lucky Clover Gazette Fabric
White Goats Gone MissingFind Chork's White GoatsTabantha Bridge Stable -2909, 0523, 0169Talk to Penn in Tabantha Bridge Stable50 Rupees
The All-Clucking CuccoInvestigate the story about a prophecy-speaking CuccoSouth Akkala Stable 3165, 1717, 0201Speak with Penn in South Akkala Stable70 -100 Rupees
The Missing Farming ToolsTake Izra from Wetland Stable to Floret Sandbar down the Hylia River Lanayru Wetlands - Wetland Stable0874, -0159, 0025Talk to Penn in Wetland Stable70 -100 Rupees
Serenade To A Great FairyRestore the Stable Trotter's Wagon and take them to the Great fairy TeraEldin Canyon - Woodland Stable1046, 1148, and 0022Talk to Penn in Woodland StableClothing enhancement of your choice
For Our PrincessDefeat the Monster Forces inside the Foothill Monster DenEldin Canyon - Foothill Stable2579, 1153, and 0147. Talk to Penn in Foothill Stable50 Rupees
An Eerie VoiceInvestigate an Eerie voice on Fural PlainFaron Grasslands - Highland Stable0504, -3444, and 0047.Talk to Penn in Highland StableFroggy Sleeve, 50 Rupees
The Beast And The PrincessFind the truth about DondonsHyrule Field - New Serenne Stable-1348, 0734, and 0085Talk to Penn in New Serene Stable100 Rupees
The Blocked WellBreak into and defeat the monsters in Gerudo Canyon WellGerudo Highlands - Gerudo Canyon Stable-2813, -2237, and 0029. Speak with Penn in Gerudo Canyon Stable50 Rupees
Princess Zelda KidnappedFind and rescue Princess ZeldaDuelling Peaks Stable 1324, -1964, 0304Talk to Penn at the Top of Dueling Peaks Stable70-120 Rupees
Gourmets Gone MissingGive Agus and his company a meat and Rice bowlHyrule Field - Riverside Stable0387, -1043, and 0016Talk to Penn Under a Tree in Riverside StableRaw Gourmet Meat, Hylian Rice, Rock Salt, 70-120 Rupees

Starting The Quest 

Now, first things first, to start the Tears of the Kingdom Princess Sightings quest, you would need to head over to the Lucky Clover Gazette area, which can be seen on the map if you manage to open up your map. 

Lucky Clover Gazette
Lucky Clover Gazette (Image Credits Exputer)
  1. After you head over to the area, you want to make your way over to Penn Twice, and all you need to do is to interact with them to start the quest. 
  2. Traysi will also be standing next to Penn, but you need to talk to Penn to kickstart the quest. 

Zelda’s Golden Horse 

One of the first Tears of the Kingdom Potential Princess Sightings questlines includes that of Zelda’s Golden Horse, which connects to the rest of the quests included in the 12 total quests. 

Snowfield Stable
Snowfield Stable (Image Credits Exputer)
  1. Make your over to the Snowfield Stable area, which is located in the Hebra Mountains, and it can be seen if you open up your map and locate the area. 
  2. The coordinates for the area are -1644, 2579, and 0233. 
Head over to the Northern end to attempt to locate the Golden Horse
When you encounter Frost Gleeok, either murder it or run past it. 
Go to the Golden Horse and attempt to tame it. 
Go back to Penn and Harlow

After the quest has been done, you can get rewards that include the Royal Bridle, Royal Saddle, and Energizing Elixir, as well as 100 rupees

The Beckoning Woman 

Now, when it comes to the second quest, it is known as the Beckoning Woman questline. 

  • The quest is located in the Outskirt Stable area, which is accessible after you make your way over to the Hyrule Field region, and the coordinates for the area are -1410, -1295, and 0032. 
    Outskirt Stable
    Outskirt Stable (Image Credits Exputer)
  • You will need to interact with Penn, who is present in the Outskirt Table area, if you want to start the side questline. 
  • The rewards for the quest are 50 rupees and the Lucky Clover Gazette Fabric. 
Make your way over to Ralera, who should be present right by the fork under the tree, and she will ask for your help. 
After that, you want to Follow Ralera and make sure not to trigger the enemies present here. 
After that, you want to head up the cliff
Go towards the Coliseum Ruins area and then glide down. 
Murder the Yiga Soldiers

White Goats Gone Missing 

Moving on, the third of the Tears of the Kingdom Princess Sightings quest includes that of the White Goats Gone Missing questline. 

  • Regarding the quest’s location, it is present towards the Tabantha Bridge Stable area, which is located in the Hyrule Ridge area, and the coordinates for the area are -2909, 0523, 0169. 
    Tabantha Bridge Stable
    Tabantha Bridge Stable (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Once again, like all quests, you need to interact with Penn, who is in the Tabantha Bridge Stable, to start the quest. 
  • You will get 50 rupees to complete the quest, and below listed are the objectives. 
Make your way over to Chork, and he will tell you that his goats have gone missing. 
Make your way over to the Hylian Pine Cones trail, which will instantly allow you to go to the goats. 
There is a bottle that needs to be examined here. 

The All-Clucking Cucco 

The fourth quest that is related to the Potential Princess Sightings side questline is The All-Clucking Cucco questline. 

  • To access the quest, you need to head to the South Akkala Stable area, located in the Akkala Highlands area, located at the coordinates 3165, 1717, 0201. 
    South Akkala Stable
    South Akkala Stable (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Penn is once again located in the South Akkala Stable area and can be interacted with to start the quest. 
  • The rewards for the quest include 50 rupees. 
Head over to the tree by the hill and go to the All-Clucking Cucco
The All-Clucking Cucco can be interacted with as it is present underneath the tree. 
Make your way to the South Akkala Stable now, and climb to the top. 
Bring back three logs for the All-Clucking Cucco. 
Fight the Cucco

The Missing Farming Tools 

Another one of the quests that can be accessed includes that of The Missing Farming Tools. 

  • The quest is located in the Wetland Stables area, which can be accessed after you’ve made your way to the Lanayru Wetlands as seen on the map and the coordinates for the area 0874, -0159, 0025.
    Wetland Stable
    Wetland Stable (Image Credits Exputer)
  • As mentioned before, Penn will be waiting for you in the Wetland Stable area, ready to hand over the quest to you. 
  • You can get between 70 and 100 rupees if you complete the quest. 
The first objective includes talking to Izra
After that, you need to help Izra make her way over to the Floret Sandbar by building a boat
Go through the stream and follow it. 
When the boat reaches the dock, stop there and interact with Magda and Izra. 

Serenade To A Great Fairy 

Next up, the sixth quest that involves being part of the Tears of the Kingdom Potential Princess Sightings quest is the Serenade To A Great Fairy Questline. 

  • The quest is located in the Woodland Stable area in the Eldin Canyon area, and the coordinates are 1046, 1148, and 0022. 
    Woodland Stable
    Woodland Stable (Image Credits Exputer)
  • You will need to interact with Penn, located in the Woodland Stable area, if you want to start the questline. 
  • The rewards for completing the quest include any enhancement for your clothing. 
Head over to the area where a broken wagon needs to be repaired using the Ultrahand ability. 
Combine a horse with the wagon that has been repaired and then head back over to the musicians. 
After that, you want to sit the musicians into the carriage, through which you should be able to take them to the Great Fairy. 
Lastly, all you need to do is have a great time while listening to the performance. 

For Our Princess 

The next quest on our list is the seventh quest in the Potential Princess Sightings questline and is the For Our Princess quest. 

  • The quest is in the Foothill Stable area, which is present whenever you make your way over to the Eldin Canyon area, and the coordinates for the location are 2579, 1153, and 0147. 
    Foothill Stable
    Foothill Stable (Image Credits Exputer)
  • If you complete the quest, you can gain 50 rupees as a reward. 
Head to the cave with a hanging skull towards the entrance
While near the cave, you should come across Sango and Drant with whom you can interact. 
Head into the cave, and traverse cautiously since you don’t have your items
Take the Solider’s Spear and Traveler’s Claymore and then murder the rest of the enemies and head back to Sango and Drant
Go back to Foothill Stable. 

An Eerie Voice 

The next quest in question is known as An Eerie Voice. 

  • It is located in the Highland Stable area, which is further present towards the Faron Grasslands area, for which the coordinates are 0504, -3444, and 0047.
    Highland Stable
    Highland Stable (Image Credits Exputer)
  • You can get Froggy Sleeve and 50 rupees for completing the quest. 
You want to interact with Penn once it has become nighttime. 
After that, you want to go to the Floral Plains area, and you need to follow Penn there. 
There is a voice that will be extremely Eerie, and you need to locate it, which will be present inside a well. 
Interact with Sagessa, and you want to talk to her. 

The Beast And The Princess 

When it comes to The Beast And The Princess questline is located in the New Serenne Stable area that is coordinated at -1348, 0734, and 0085. 

Serenne Stable
Serenne Stable (Image Credits Exputer)
Start going to the Subtropical Region in the West Necluda Area. 
Head past the lake and then find a way to interact with Cirma

The Blocked Well 

As we are coming to a close with the Tears of the Kingdom Potential Princess Sightings questlines, the next one is The Blocked Well

Gerudo Canyon Stable
Gerudo Canyon Stable (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The quest is present in the Gerudo Canyon Stable, found after you make your way over to the Gerudo Highlands area, for which the coordinates are -2813, -2237, and 0029. 
  • The reward for completing the quest is 50 rupees. 
Head down to the well that is close by, and then you want to climb the well and head down it. 
Some rocks can be broken, and you want to break them
There will be enemies that you need to fight and take out, therefore, do that. 
A Like Like will also be present here, and a few more enemies must be defeated. 

Princess Zelda Kidnapped

The second last quest is Princess Zelda Kidnapped in the Princess Sightings questlines. 

  • The quest is in the Dueling Peaks Stable area in the West Necluda area. 
    Dueling Peaks Stable
    Dueling Peaks Stable (Image Credits Exputer)
  • You will get anywhere between 70 to 120 rupees if you complete the quest. 
Make your way over to the Dueling Peaks
Free Zelda, who has been held inside a cage. 
Murder the Yiga Footsoldiers. 

Gourmets Gone Missing 

The final quest includes that of the Gourmets Gone Missing, which can be found in the Riverside Stable in the Hyrule Field area, for which the coordinates are 0387, -1043, and 0016. 

Riverside Stable
Riverside Stable (Image Credits Exputer)


And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Tears of the Kingdom Princess Sightings, and with that, let’s wrap up the guide! While you’re here, why not read up on the Orochium Shrine Tears of the Kingdom since it details how to solve the puzzles in the shrine?

Apart from that, the Tears of the Kingdom Hearty Durian guide will showcase the location and its alternatives!  Lastly, the Giant White Stallion Tears of the Kingdom guide details how to catch it!

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