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Learn about How To Get Camera in Tears of the Kingdom & start taking pictures of items, enemies, wild life to increase your compendium.

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the camera is not merely an accessory; it’s an essential tool for your journey. It allows you to document discoveries, capture unique moments, and keep track of significant objects or enemies in your Compendium. Acquiring the camera enhances your interaction with the Tears of the Kingdom’s world, enriching your exploration experience and providing you with valuable insights for your quests. It’s certainly a feature worth unlocking early in your adventure!

Key Takeaways
  • Players can use the camera in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom for various purposes such as taking photos, solving puzzles, documenting creatures and plants, interacting with characters, building a photo album, and sharing photos with friends or on social media.
  • In order to get the camera in Tears of the Kingdom, players need to walk through the following steps & get the camera upgrade from Robbie:
    1. Progress the storyline until reaching the first village, where the camera quest becomes available.
    2. Unlock the Paraglider at Lookout Landing to facilitate exploration into The Depths.
    3. Interact with researchers Josha and Robbie at the northern gate facing Hyrule Castle.
    4. Assist Robbie with the research in the Depths to activate the camera feature on your Purah Pad.
    5. Head south to the nearby Chasm in the Hyrule Fields, marking the location on your map for navigation.
    6. Use the Paraglider to safely descend into the Chasm.
    7. Inside the Chasm, find and converse with Robbie’s abandoned research assistant for more details about Robbie’s work.
    8. Follow Robbie’s trail of campfires leading into the Depths, using Brightbloom Seeds to light the way.
    9. Navigate to the Iayusus Lightroot in the Depths, which helps navigate through the region and cleanse tainted hearts.
    10. Engage in a conversation with Robbie at the research site, and help him collect Myriora Crystals found deeper in the Depths.
    11. Return the crystals to Robbie, who will then upgrade your Purah Pad, enabling the camera function.

Here are all the steps you need to follow to acquire the camera in the Tears of the Kingdom. The Camera is a vital tool in the game, allowing you to capture valuable information and even contribute to completing certain quests.

Setting Up For the Camera Quest

Camera Work in the Depths Quest – Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To start the quest for the camera, you first need to progress the storyline until you reach the first of the villages in the game. This is where the camera quest will become accessible.

Get the Paraglider first to begin the Camera quest

Upon reaching Lookout Landing, your next goal is to unlock the Paraglider, an essential tool for your adventure into the Depths, where your quest will truly begin. The Paraglider allows you to safely land in these treacherous terrains, opening up new exploration opportunities.

1. Interact With Josha & Robbie

Talk to Robbie and Josha

Once the Paraglider is unlocked, make your way to the northern gate facing Hyrule Castle. Here you will meet Josha and Robbie, the researchers. They will talk about their investigations into the Depths, a mysterious region beneath the Chasms that have recently opened up around Hyrule.

2. Assist Robbie in Research In The Depths

As you interact with Robbie and Josha, you will be entrusted with assisting Robbie with his research in the Depths. This challenging endeavor has its rewards, as Robbie will enable the Tears of the Kingdom Camera feature on your Purah Pad once the quest is successfully completed.

After receiving your mission, head south to the nearby Chasm located in the Hyrule Fields. Use your map to mark this location, ensuring you won’t lose your way during your journey.

Jump into the chasm & use a paraglider to land safely

With the location marked, your next step is to plunge into the Chasm. Remember to deploy your Paraglider before you hit the bottom, ensuring a safe descent.

3. Locating Robbie’s Abandoned Research Assistant

Inside the Chasm, you will find one of Robbie’s research assistants, who has been left behind. Speaking with the assistant will provide you with more insight into Robbie’s path and research.

To locate Robbie, you need to follow the trail of campfires that Robbie has left behind. This trail will lead you to him amidst the murky Depths.

Use Brightbloom to illuminate the Depths while exploring

However, it’s important to come prepared for your venture into the Depths. Ensure you have a good supply of Brightbloom Seeds given by Josha. These seeds will light up your path, ensuring you don’t get lost in the dark recesses of the Depths.

4. Heading Towards The Layusus Lightroot

Interact and light up the Iayusus Lihghtroot

Armed with your Brightbloom Seeds, move towards the Iayusus Lightroot, a major landmark in the Depths. These Lightroots play a critical role in navigating through the Depths.

Upon reaching the Iayusus Lightroot, interact with it. This interaction will illuminate the nearby area, making your journey through the Depths easier. Additionally, it will cleanse any of your hearts that have been tainted by Decay, a debilitating status effect common in the Depths.

After activating the Iayusus Lightroot, it will light up the area, making your path through the Depths clearer and easier to navigate. The Lightroot will also cleanse any Decay effects on your heart, restoring your health.

5. Finding Robbie

With your surroundings brightened, you will see Robbie to the left of the Lightroot. As you interact with him, he’ll guide you on how to use the camera function on your Purah Pad. He’ll then instruct you to take a photograph of a nearby statue as part of your first camera trial. This action signifies that the camera is fully functional and ready for use in your quest.

6. Completing Camera Quest

Camera Featured Unlocked

Remember that the Camera function also unlocks the Compendium tab on your Purah Pad. The Compendium keeps records of your photographed objects, creatures, and enemies. It’s a handy tool for future reference.

After this task, you’ll need to head back to Lookout Landing. Fast travel makes this journey much quicker. Once back at Lookout Landing, seek out Josha and share your photograph with him to complete the quest. Josha rewards you with x5 Zonaite for your efforts, marking the conclusion of the Camera quest.

Now, you have access to the Camera and can use it freely throughout your adventure in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. This feature can be helpful in future quests, so it’s recommended to familiarize yourself with the camera’s function early on. 

How To Use Camera In Tears of The Kingdom

Robbie will provide a brief tutorial on how to use the camera, explaining its many uses and features. With this new tool at your disposal, you can now document your journey, solve puzzles, and more!

Opening or launching the camera in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is a straightforward process. You need to press the L button to bring up your ability wheel, where you’ll find the camera function. Once you select it, the camera interface will appear on your screen, allowing you to frame your shots and capture

1. Taking Photos

Firstly, the camera feature enables you to take photos in the game. You can use the camera to capture beautiful landscapes, breathtaking views, and memorable moments in the kingdom. Accessing the camera is simple: open your Purah Pad and select the camera option. You can then adjust your frame, focus on your subject, and snap your photo. It’s an excellent way to document your adventure and keep track of your progress.

2. Solving Puzzles

Some puzzles in Tears of the Kingdom require the use of your camera. In some cases, you may need to take a picture of a specific object or location, which can then be used as a reference or a clue for solving a puzzle. You might also encounter puzzles that involve deciphering the content in a photo or using the camera’s zoom feature to spot hidden clues in the environment.

3. Documenting Creatures & Plants

The kingdom is teeming with diverse flora and fauna. Some of these organisms might only appear under specific conditions, and capturing their image with your camera can be a thrilling challenge. Some creatures and plants are integral to certain quests and missions – keeping a photographic record of these unique beings can be immensely helpful.

4. Character Interactions

You can also use your camera during interactions with other characters. Some NPCs might ask you to take their picture, or you could need to show them a picture to trigger a conversation or a quest. Furthermore, you can take photos with your favorite characters, providing a fun way to enhance your connection with the game’s cast.

5. Building A Photo Album

All the photos you take will be stored in your Purah Pad, creating a photo album. This album serves as a record of your journey, and you can revisit it anytime to reminisce about your adventures. You can organize your photos, delete unnecessary ones, and keep only those that are significant or hold sentimental value.

6. Sharing Photos

Finally, Tears of the Kingdom also features a photo-sharing option. This feature allows you to share your favorite shots with your friends or on your social media platforms, showcasing your adventures and the beautiful sights you’ve seen.

Wrapping Up

That is pretty much everything I had to entail about how to get Camera in Tears of the Kingdom. Before jumping to another page, visit Tears of the Kingdom Best Fusions, Fuse Material, best shields, and best horses guides & learn valuable insight about Tears of the Kingdom.  


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