Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Domizuin Shrine Puzzle

Learn the easiest step you can follow to complete the domain puzzle of the Domizuin Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Domizuin Shrine is also known as the Domain Shrine of Tears of the Kingdom. Unlike other shrines, this one has a twist of a puzzle in it. There are a total of 152 Shrines in Tears of the Kingdom. These Shrines withhold many rewards inside them. Some are much easier to get to and open, while others are a bit tricky. The puzzle is well-built and can be a little hard to do on your own. In order to open the Domizuin Shrine, you must solve the puzzle correctly!

Key Takeaways
  • The Domizuin Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is situated just south of the Akkal Citadel Ruins.
  • As far as the coordinates for the place go, they are 3307,1442,0426.
  • You can use towers like Zorana Skyview Tower to glide onto the place.
  • The Shrine consists of a cubic puzzle that needs to be solved by using switches.
  • There are two switches the “Main Switch” outside and the “Interior Switch” inside.
  • There are about three total chests in the Domizuin Puzzle.
  • You get the Light Of Blessing at the very end of the puzzle.
Before You Start: In order to complete this puzzle, you will need to have the Ascend Ability with you, and you can only get that by first completing the Gutanbac Shrine.

Domizuin Shrine Location

Location Of Domain Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom – Location Of Domain Shrine

So there are a total of two ways that you can reach the Domizuin Shrine. One is the main location, of course, as it is situated just South of the South Akkala Citadel Ruins with coordinates “3307,1442,0426” This place will only be reached after going past the border of Lanayru Great Spring, which is situated on the Northeast side of the map.

You should use your horses or any other excessive Stamina wastage to get there. 

The other way to use your Paraglider is to get to the Domizuin Shrine location

Fast Travel using nearby shrines to the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower. The Upland Zorana Skyview Tower is also a great option to get there, but its door will be stuck. To open it, you must use a Splash Fruit arrow and shoot at the slime point on the door of the Skyview Tower.

Domizuin Shrine Puzzle

Domain Shrine Puzzle In Tears Of The Kingdom
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom – Prone Pathway Puzzle

Once you have entered the shrine, the words “A Prone Pathway” will appear because that is basically the name of this puzzle. It is a well-thought-out name for it because it is basically the answer to the last step of this puzzle. So this Prone Pathway Puzzle is basically this giant symbolic Cube.

This Cube can be considered a bigger version of the “Rubik’s Cube.” Cubic Puzzle In Domain Shrine In Tears Of The KingdomZelda Tears of the Kingdom – Cubic Puzzle

Hitting Switches

First Chest In Zelda
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom – First Chest

Okay, the puzzle begins with you moving forward and below the beige pillar. Use your Ascend Ability to ascend to the top of this pillar. At the top, you can move forward, and you will be presented with The Switch. These Switches with arrows on them are the main tools that will help you solve the Giant Cube Puzzle in front of you. These Switches help rotate the Cube side to side and up and down so that you can move and get chests.

The following switch in front of you is the “main switch.” This switch will start and restart the puzzle once it has been hit. You can basically use any of the best weapons you have to hit these switches, and they will do their job. First and foremost, you must hit the main switch so that the cube may move to reveal its main “Entrance Point.”

  1. Once inside, you will be presented with, yet another one of the se arrow switches on a floating platform.
  2. Hit it once, and then the whole cube or room will start to rotate and move to the next level.
  3. Once again, you have to hit the inner switch so it may rotate again, but this time there will be a chest here.
  4. Right in front of you will be the First Chest of the Domizuin Puzzle, containing a Zonai Charge.
  5. Zonai Charge can be considered a powerful lucky draw for items through different Zonai Device Dispensers.
  6. These Dispensers will provide you with random useable items that can help you to make new items.

Second Chest

Second Chest In Zelda
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom – Second Chest

Right on the same floor, there will be yet another chest that has an important item in it. But it will be inaccessible until you hit the Switch so that the cube may rotate. But there is a catch. You must be on the same platform as the chest because you won’t be able to reach it otherwise. A lot of people get stuck here and have to reset the entire thing. 

  1. To avoid wasting time, simply just stand in front of the second chest that is vertically stuck on a platform.
  2. Use a bow and arrow from your inventory and shoot the Interior Switch.
  3. You will automatically get transferred onto the same platform as the Second Chest.
  4. Now you may open the Second Chest as well and find out what is inside.
  5. The Second Chest in the Domizuin Shrine Puzzle will contain a Strong Zonaite Shield.
  6. Now if you are a little early into The Tears of the Kingdom, you will find this shield extremely useful.
  7. Then Shield Defences are good, and if you manage to fuse it with a Zonai Device, its energy consumption will be low.

Getting To The Top

Third Chest In The Legend Of Zelda
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom – Third Chest

Now Glide Down towards the third chest that will be vertically stood. Do not worry, though, since those will not prevent you from opening the chest itself. Upon opening the chest, you will find around 10x Arrows that can be used ahead. Now there is only one task that remains, getting to the top. There are plenty of ways to do so, but the most simple and effective way would be to use the “Main Switch”.

Shooting Arrow At Main Switch In Zelda
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom – Shooting Arrow At Main Switch
  1. Just like in the start, you will have to hit the switch you encountered first.
  2. Do not jump outside the cube and do it.
  3. You will have to use your bow and arrow and aim at the switch so it may rotate the cube.
  4. Aim a little higher if you have a low-level bow with bullet drop.
  5. Upon hitting the Switch, the Cube will rotate as it has all this long.
  6. Get onto the platform of the Interior Switch and hit the switch thrice.
  7. Jump off of the Interior platform, as it will be the last time you will use it in the puzzle.
  8. Get to the corner of the cube and use Ascend to get on top of the cube.
  9. From the very top, you will have to aim at the main switch again.
  10. Hit it, Thrice, so that the stairs alight with the right platform of the Cube so that you don’t fall.
  11. After that, you may simply interact with the Mystical Holographical Green Symbol.
End Of Puzzle In The Legend Of Zelda
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom – End Of Puzzle

Just like the rest of the shrines, you will receive another “Light Of Blessing.” As you keep on collecting these lights of blessings, you will be closer to opening the gate and saving Zelda and everyone. 

Wrap Up

So this is how you will be to quickly complete the Domizuin or Domain Shrine Tears of the Kingdom without much effort. If you just follow the extremely accurate steps in this guide, you will quickly get your rewards and move on to the next Shrine. Having trouble going past the Hyrule Castle? Check our guide over it. If you are wondering about how to get the Geredu Outfit, then wonder no longer! 


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