Tears of the Kingdom: Gloom Hands [Strategy & Weaknesses]

Your best chance is to climb to higher ground where gloom hands can't reach you in Tears of the Kingdom & you can bomb arrows at them.

Gloom hands are one of the most annoying enemies in Tears of the Kingdom. They strike along trajectories that are practically impossible to evade, and just when you think you’ve annihilated them, they regain a portion of their health and re-emerge from the Gloom, relentlessly attacking you repeatedly.

Key Takeaways
  • Gloom Hands in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” are tough foes found in gloom pools across Hyrule, draining Link’s health with a grab.
  • Strategies include climbing to higher ground, using Area of Effect ranged attacks, and targeting their eyes.
  • Freezing them with Ice Fruit or Ice Arrows incapacitates Gloom Hands and stops their regeneration.
  • Bomb Flower Arrows, made by combining Bomb Flowers with arrows, deal high damage and have a wide area of effect.
  • Wearing Gloom Resistant Armor reduces damage over time from Gloom Hands.
  • Defeating all Gloom Hands in an area leads to a battle with the formidable Phantom Ganon.

What Are Gloom Hands In Tears of the Kingdom? 

Players are introduced to a unique and unsettling enemy known as the Gloom Hands. These entities, also referred to as Gloom Spawn or Red Hands, are manifestations of the malevolent Gloom that permeates certain areas of the Totk world, specifically in the surface layer of Hyrule.

Encountering Gloom Hands

 Great Hyrule tears of the kingdom gloom hands
Great Hyrule

They are scattered throughout Hyrule, usually hiding out of sight until you unwittingly approach them. As you traverse Hyrule’s diverse landscape, you may notice an unusual pool of gloom that seems out of place. This is the first indication that a Gloom Hand encounter is imminent.

The next moment, the ground opens up, and the Gloom Hands crawl out from the gloom pool, immediately charging toward you. The suddenness of these encounters, combined with the eerie appearance of the Gloom Hands, contributes to the tension and surprise.

  • The areas with a high concentration of Gloom Hands include the Lost Woods and the Korok Forest, where the gloom status effect is prevalent.
  • Gloom hands locations are typically darker and filled with a sense of foreboding, enhancing the player’s anticipation of danger.
  • It’s worth noting that the Gloom Hands are deceptively fast.
  • They can cover the ground quickly and grab hold of you before you can react, making these encounters particularly dangerous.
  • If they manage to grab you, they will inflict gloom damage, gradually draining your heart.

Best Strategy To Beat Gloom Hands

Beating Gloom Hands in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom requires a combination of strategy, quick reflexes, and the right gear. Below are some tried-and-true tactics that can help you overcome these fearsome foes:

Take the High Ground

Since Gloom Hands have limited vertical mobility, one of the best strategies is to climb to higher ground. This prevents them from reaching you and allows you to attack them from a safe distance.

Use AOE-Ranged Attacks

 Gloom Hands typically attack in groups, so it’s beneficial to use Area of Effect (AOE) ranged attacks that can damage multiple enemies simultaneously. Fusing bomb flowers or elemental chuchu jellies into your arrows can produce a highly effective AOE effect against Gloom Hands.

Target the Eye

Each Gloom Hand has an eye in its palm, a significant weak spot. Aim your attacks there to deal the maximum amount of damage.

Fast Reflexes

 If a Gloom Hand does manage to grab you, quickly shake your analog sticks to break free from their grip. If you’re fast enough, you can escape without losing any hearts.

Eliminate All Gloom Hands Quickly

 Gloom Hands can regenerate if not all of them are defeated quickly. Use your AOE attacks and focus on eliminating all the Gloom Hands in a group as fast as possible to prevent them from respawning.

Freezing the Gloom Hands

As the Gloom Hands are creatures of darkness and gloom, they are vulnerable to being frozen. This is because when frozen, the Gloom Hands are incapacitated, unable to move or attack, providing the player a significant advantage in the battle.

  • It is essential to note that the Gloom Hands can recover and respawn if not adequately defeated.
  • This means that even if you’ve managed to deplete their health, they can still come back to life if not dealt with properly.
  • This is where freezing them becomes crucial.
Ice Fruit tears of the kingdom gloom hands
Ice Fruit

Using Ice Fruit

 It’s a unique item that, when used, freezes your foes, rendering them incapable of attacking or moving. This proves particularly effective against Gloom Hands due to their vulnerability to cold and unique ability to regenerate.

Some Pro-Tips Which Helped Me

Bomb Flower Arrows can be a crucial tool when battling against Gloom Hands. These explosive arrows are incredibly effective due to their high damage output and a wide area of effect, which makes them perfect for handling groups of Gloom Hands.

Bomb Flower tears of the kingdom gloom hands
Bomb Flower

Creating Bomb Flower Arrows

To create a Bomb Flower Arrow, you first need to find a Bomb Flower. These can be found throughout Hyrule, often growing on rocky cliffs or near Bomb Flower farms. Once you have a Bomb Flower, you can fuse it with an arrow in your inventory.

Using Bomb Flower Arrows

 As soon as you notice a group of Gloom Hands emerging from a pool of gloom, prepare your Bomb Flower Arrow. Aim towards the middle of the group to maximize the damage, then release the arrow. The resulting explosion will harm all Gloom Hands in the vicinity, significantly reducing their health.

Acquiring Gloom Resistant Armor

Wearing Gloom Resistant Armor helps mitigate the harmful effects of gloom, reducing the damage you take over time. This allows you to withstand longer encounters with Gloom Hands or navigate areas heavily infested with gloom.

Sundelion tears of the kingdom gloom hands
  • Acquiring this protective gear often involves completing specific quests or challenges in Totk.
  • Certain armor sets, and food items in Totk resist the gloom status effect.
  • Equipping this gear or preparing sundelion dishes can help mitigate the damage if a Gloom Hand manages to grab you.

Using Ice Arrows: Much like the Ice Fruit, these chilling projectiles have the power to freeze enemies, making them especially potent against the Gloom Hands’ unique regeneration ability. Remember, timing is key when using Ice Arrows.

  • You must quickly switch to your best weapon under the melee category and strike the frozen Gloom Hands before they can thaw and recover.
  • Also, given the rarity of Ice Arrows, it’s important to ensure your shots count.

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I hope you now know how to kill Gloom hands from this how to beat Gloom hands. The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom guide. Bomb arrows and Ice fruit are key. Feel free to check out our take on Tears of the Kingdom Ending and Tears Of The Kingdon Tukarok Shrine.


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