Tears of the Kingdom: How To Throw & Best Materials

Learn from me about throwing materials for damage in Tears of the Kingdom, and get unique effects, and strategic gameplay in unexpected situations.

Tears of the Kingdom throw material is a simple process that many players seem to miss out on. By enabling the player to toss diverse items, it opens up new avenues for combat, whether it’s to inflict damage on foes or trigger unique effects. That is why I have listed the complete process related to throwing materials and what good is it for in this guide.  

Key Takeaways
  • Different materials have varied effects on enemies, like causing fire damage or freezing them.
  • Throwing materials is achieved by selecting from inventory and aiming at a target.
  • Red Chuchu Jelly can be thrown for fire damage.
  • In throwing mode, the R button and the D-Pad are used to select and throw items.
  • Fire Fruit acts like a bomb when thrown.
  • Chu Chu Jelly has an explosive, elemental damage effect.
  • Weapons can also be thrown for critical damage, though it decreases their durability.
  • Certain items have significant effects when thrown, like the Bomb Flower for explosions or Muddle & Buds for distracting enemies.

How To Throw Materials In Tears of the Kingdom

how to through materials [Image Credits: eXputer]
For players needing a hands-on lesson in throwing materials, the Yamiyo Shrine in Central Hyrule serves as a perfect teacher. While it’s beneficial to learn about this mechanic early in the game, the Yamiyo Shrine provides a structured approach to mastering it.

Let’s delve into the process of throwing materials in Tears of the Kingdom.

The steps I am mentioning are straightforward but require a good grasp to execute properly in the heat of battle.

  1. Access your inventory.
  2. Choose the material you want to throw.
  3. Your character will now hold the material as if it were a throwable weapon,
  4. Aim at your desired target.
  5. Launch the material toward your target.

To activate the throwing mode in Tears of the Kingdom players must press and hold the R button, which is the right shoulder button. While in this mode, even if you’re holding a weapon, your character will start aiming to throw it. But the true magic happens when you select a material to throw, such as the Fire Fruit, which acts like a bomb when tossed.

Once you’re in the throwing mode, pressing and holding the “up” button on the d-pad will take you to the menu where you can select a material to throw. While aiming at your target, let go of the R button to throw the selected material. Mastery of this mechanic may require some practice, but it can significantly enhance your combat efficiency.

Why Throw Material In Tears of the Kingdom? 

I believe the throwing mechanic in Tears of the Kingdom is much more than a simple combat tool. Its potential for tactical depth is immense, allowing players to experiment with unique combinations and strategies. The game is celebrated for its dynamic combat system, and the throw mechanic is a testament to this, offering players multiple ways to approach different situations.

What Are The Best Throw Materials In Tears of the Kingdom 

best throw materials [Image Credits: eXputer]
In Tears of the Kingdom, numerous items from your inventory can be used effectively as throwable weapons.

Here are some of my best ones:

  1. Bomb Flower: This classic item is great for taking out groups of enemies or for manipulating the environment, such as by blasting open a path.
  2. Muddle Buds: These flowers, commonly found in the Depths, will make enemies turn on each other when thrown at them, causing confusion and opening opportunities for you to strike.
  3. Chuchu Jelly: Available in various colors, these can be thrown at enemies to cause different elemental effects like fire, freeze, or shock.
  4. Shock Fruit: Useful for stunning opponents, their effectiveness is significantly amplified when thrown into the water.
  5. Brightbloom Seeds: Mainly useful in the Depths, these seeds light up the path between Lightroots, saving your arrows in the process.
  6. Hylian Pine Cone: When thrown into a fire, these create an upward draft that can be used for paragliding, especially useful in labyrinths.
  7. Boomerangs: When powered up and thrown with the R button, they can mow down enemies, and adding a Keese eyeball turns them into homing boomerangs.
  8. Dazzlefruit: Acting like flash grenades, these can be used to temporarily blind and stun groups of enemies, allowing you to make your move.
  9. Puffshrooms: Throwing these mushrooms creates a smokescreen that can be used for stealth or confusion during battles.

My Take On Throwing Feature

“Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” introduces a feature allowing players to throw various materials as weapons or effects. The thrown materials can damage enemies, disrupt the environment, or solve puzzles. This feature adds a new tactical dimension to the gameplay, requiring strategic use of materials for effective problem-solving. You can use the feature to your advantage and progress through the gameplay more efficiently.

This brings me to the end of Tears of the Kingdom throw material guide. For more amazing stuff you can visit our guides Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: How To Cook,  How To Get Rupees, and Great Sky Island Shrines.


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