Tears of the Kingdom: Best Arrow Farming Methods

Arrows play an important role in long-range combat, which is why you should learn the best arrow-farming methods in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom’s best arrow farm is something that all players should know about since arrows play the most important role in long-range combat. The new gameplay mechanics allows us to create various types of arrows by mixing different items with the arrows, which sometimes results in both creative and funny combinations.

Key Takeaways
  • Killing enemies that use bows and arrows is the best method of farming arrows during the early game.
    • Every enemy group and encampment will at least have one or two bow users.
  • Various Treasure Chests found in the open world of Tears of the Kingdom have a chance of dropping arrows in bundles.
  • Wooden Crates found around the world can be broken to get arrows, but each crate only drops a single arrow most of the time additionally. 
  • General Stores in villages and Merchants in stables sell arrows that can be bought for a certain price.
    • This is the best method of obtaining arrows during the endgame when you have a lot of money.
  • Experiment around with arrow combinations by fusing them with various items to boost damage and get elemental infusions.
    • Pick the arrows back up from the ground if you miss a shot additionally.
Important: You’ll either have to grind for arrows by opening chests and killing specific enemies, or you can purchase them from merchants.

Best Arrow Farming Methods

The methods of farming arrows known currently just involve grinding certain enemies or chests.

You can also, however, depend on money to buy arrows from shops or merchants. It all comes down to either fighting for the arrows or buying them from merchants.

Killing Enemies With Bows

ammo in the game
Farming Arrows By Killing Enemies With Bows (Image Captured by Us)

Every enemy that attacks you with a bow and arrows will most probably drop arrows upon defeat. You can take out these enemies without using your own arrows but instead with your best melee weapons. Save your arrows and gain more by defeating such enemies wherever you see them.

The bow and arrow enemies can either be Bokoblins or Soldier/Captain Constructs in the Sky Islands. All you have to do is just engage these enemies and quickly defeat them whilst running away from the enemies using melee weapons to save your own weapon durability.

Every time you run into a group of enemies, there will most definitely be at least one or two long-range attackers using bows and arrows. This is exactly why you should always be on the lookout for such enemies whenever you’re near an enemy encampment.

Opening Up Treasure Chests

tears of the kingdom best arrow farm
Getting Arrows By Opening Up Chests (Image Captured by eXputer)

Tears of the Kingdom is filled with treasure chests, hidden around the open world or shrines or behind puzzles that you’ll need to solve using the new Ultrahand ability. Some of these chests will drop arrows for you, and the best part is that arrows are dropped in bundles additionally.

Make sure to be on the lookout for any or all chests during exploration since there is a chance of obtaining a bundle of arrows. Even if you don’t get arrows, these chests always contain useful items for your journey, so opening up chests will not result in a loss.

Destroying Crates

tears of the kingdom best arrow farm
Obtaining Arrow By Destroying Crates (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

You have most probably come across wooden crates, which are shown in the image above. Much like the treasure chests, these are also scattered around the open world. And you can destroy these to get arrows as well, but each crate will probably drop a single arrow

Use stone hammers to quickly break these crates. Just fuse a boulder or a rock with a rusted sword or claymore, and do not waste the durability of your main weapons to break these crates additionally. 

Buying Arrows

tears of the kingdom best arrow farm
Buying Arrows From Stores And Merchants (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

The last method of getting arrows involves buying them from general stores found in each main area or village or from merchants found in each of the stables in Tears of the Kingdom. Buying arrows from merchants is probably the fastest method of getting arrows if you have a lot of money or Rupees.

If a merchant runs out of arrows, you can always sleep and pass the time until the arrows come back in stock which usually happens after a day passes. This is the most optimal method of getting arrows during the end game when you have a lot of money and items to sell.

Tips And Tricks For Using Arrows

ammo in the game
Creating Unique Arrow Types (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • As you already know, various items can be fused to arrows in order to increase damage or make elemental arrows.
  • Fire Fruit can be used to make fire arrows, whereas Bomb Flowers make arrows explode on impact dealing massive damage.
  • Soldier Construct Horns can be used to increase base damage additionally.
  • You can fuse a Keese Eyeball to an arrow, and it will hit the enemy no matter where you aim.
  • Fusing an arrow with something is always recommended to boost the damage you deal.
  • You can come up with various creative combinations if you experiment with this mechanic of fusing arrows with items.
  • If you miss a shot, always try to go and pick the arrow back up from the ground instead of just wasting it.


Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is one of the most creative games, which allows for complete gameplay freedom, and the new mechanics result in creative puzzle solving. You can still cook your favorite and best recipes which is an important part of the gameplay. Weapon durability is also back, and shrines also make a return. Hyrule Castle is now floating in the sky, and there are various Sky Islands that you can explore.

This concludes my guide on Tears of the Kingdom’s best arrow farm, which entails the best farming methods for arrows. I have not only explained all of the methods in complete detail but have also explained some tips and tricks for using arrows. I hope that the guide was helpful in stocking up arrows in Tears of the Kingdom. Let me know what you think about Zelda Tears of the Kingdom in the comments below!


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