Tears of the Kingdom Royal Hidden Passage [Location & Unlock]

Unlock the secrets of the Royal Hidden Passage, where players stumble upon the enigmatic Horned Demon statue.

Located within Central Hyrule is the Royal Hidden, where players come across a significant discovery: the Horned Demon statue. This intriguing statue provides players with the to respec their Hearts and Stamina.

Key Takeaways

The Royal Hidden Passage is located south of the Hyrule Castle Town Ruins, accessible by descending a ladder leading to the Emergency Shelter.

  • Jerrin, the quest giver for the “Who Goes There?” side adventure, can be found in the Emergency Shelter.
  • Progress by smashing rocks or using Bomb Flowers.
  • Horned Statue behind rocks on the right; interacting advances the quest.
  • Statue exchanges Link’s Hearts or Stamina for a fee (100 Rupees), with an option to reclaim (120 Rupees).
  • Return to Jerrin to complete the quest after interacting with the Horned Statue.

Royal Hidden Passage Location

location tears of the kingdom royal hidden passage
Royal Hidden Passage Tears of the Kingdom location – [Image by eXputer]
  • To locate the Royal Hidden Passage, head to the south of the Hyrule Castle Town Ruins.
  • Descend the ladder leading downwards to reach the entrance of the Emergency Shelter. 

In the event that the ladder is inaccessible, it is advisable to engage in conversation with Scorpis, who will open the entrance of the Emergency Shelter, thereby granting access to the passage.

Upon arrival at the Emergency Shelter, you will encounter Jerrin, who can be observed engaged in sweeping activities. Jerrin serves as the quest giver for the side adventure titled “Who Goes There?” 

Behind Jerrin, a noticeable opening is seen in the wall, after the completion of the “Who Goes There?” quest. This entrance leads to the Royal Hidden Passage.

“Who Goes There?” Quest

royal hidden passage Emergency Shelter
Emergency Shelter – [Image by eXputer]
Jerrin shares her experiences of occasionally hearing the frightening voice, like of a demon, coming from the opening in the wall.

  1. Progress forward in the Royal Hidden Passage until you encounter a blockade of rocks.
  2. Use a bludgeoning weapon such as a Rock Hammer to smash the rocks and clear a path.
  3. Alternatively, you can use a Bomb Flower to explode the rocks and create a passage, taking caution of the explosion.
  4. If you have access to Yunobo Avatar’s charge ability, you can use it to remove the debris and open the way forward.

The Horned Statue

horned statue royal hidden passage
Horned Statue at Royal Hidden Passage – [Image by eXputer]
  1. Head towards the right side to locate the Horned Statue concealed behind the rocks.
  2. Clear a path through the rocks to access and interact with the statue.
  3. Interacting with the Horned Statue serves two purposes: advancing the “Who Goes There?” side adventure and allowing you to exchange Link’s primary stats (Hearts and Stamina) for a nominal fee.
  4. Similar to Breath of the Wild, the Horned Statue offers the ability to respec your character‘s build, enabling you to rectify any perceived mistakes in your upgrade choices.

Respecing In Tears of the Kingdom

The Horned Statue will request either a Heart or Stamina essence from you as payment.

  1. Upon giving an essence, you will receive 100 Rupees as compensation.
  2. You have the option to continue giving more essences to the statue if desired.
  3. Alternatively, you can choose the “I want one back” option.
  4. Selecting this option allows you to choose whether you want a Heart or a Stamina segment returned to you.
  5. The cost for reclaiming an essence is 120 Rupees, but considering the initial payment of 100 Rupees from the statue, it effectively costs you only 20 Rupees.

Back To Jerrin

After interacting with the Horned Statue, you can return to Jerrin to complete the quest.

  1. Inform Jerrin about your encounter with the statue.
  2. This will mark the completion of the “Who Goes There?” quest.
  3. With the quest completed, you can continue your adventure in the Royal Hidden Passage or explore other areas of the game.

In conclusion, discovering the Horned Demon statue in the Royal Hidden Passage in Central Hyrule provides players with the opportunity to respec Link’s Hearts and Stamina. Read our guide Best Weapons and defeat the enemies easily which you may encounter while exploring Royal Hidden Passage. Moreover, our Beginners Guide on Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has covered tips and tricks useful for even veteran players. 

And if you’re into lore, then you must read Zelda Tears of the Kingdom ending. However, beware that there are spoilers if you haven’t completed the game.


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