Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Where Is Foothill Stable

Discover Zelda Tears of the Kingdom's Foothill Stable, a haven in Eldin Canyon with lodging, horse services, and captivating quests.

Set amidst the grandeur of Eldin Canyon, Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Foothill Stable is an inviting location for adventurers. This hub offers amenities like horse tending, lodging, and engaging quest lines. Easily accessible from key landmarks, the stable is a beacon of comfort amidst the wilderness of the Tears of the Kingdom.

Key Takeaways
  • Like the Foothill Stable, Zelda Tears of the Kingdom features various immersive stables across its game world.
  • The Foothill Stable is in Eldin Canyon, south of Kisinona Shrine and east of Skyview Tower.
  • Players can teleport to the Kisinona Shrine and head south to reach the Foothill Stable.
  • Different paths involve journeying northwards, starting from Upland Zorana Skyview Tower, or east, originating from Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower.
  • The Foothill Stable offers intriguing characters, Pony Points, lodging facilities, and horse registration services.
  • Engaging in side quests, such as the “Potential Princess Sightings,” adds depth to the gameplay.
  • Foothill Stable is filled with unique quests, characters, and equine-focused activities.

Locating Foothill Stable

Nestled between the stunning landmarks of Kisinona Shrine and Skyview Tower, the Foothill Stable can be found just south of the Shrine and slightly towards the east of Eldin Canyon. The exact map coordinates read (2596, 1144, 0147), leading you directly to the Foothill Stable.

Navigating Your Way To The Stable

  1. Getting to the Foothill Stable Location is fairly straightforward.
  2. Players with the Kisinona Shrine unlocked can teleport there and then head south, running down the mountainside.
  3. For those exploring the area for the first time, starting points can be Upland Zorana Skyview Tower, traveling north, or Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower, journeying east.
Tears of the Kingdom Foothill Stable Foothill Stable Location
Foothill Stable Location (Credit: WoW Quests)
  1. The region, dominated by towering peaks, has paths that can make the vertical climb easier.
  2. One can also use the Eldin Canyon Tower to propel themselves into the sky and fly straight to the Stable, simultaneously enjoying an aerial view and avoiding ground-based adversaries.

What Is Inside The Foothill Stable?

The warm and inviting Foothill Stable is home to a few intriguing characters. As you arrive, you’ll have the opportunity to meet Gaile, who not only looks after dogs but also happens to be the owner of the stable, Ozunda. Interacting with Ozunda, especially on your first visit, rewards you with a Pony Point, a beneficial boost for your equine adventures.

Tears of the Kingdom Foothill Stable Interact With Ozunda
Interact With Ozunda (Credit: WoW Quests)
  • Moreover, Ozunda also offers lodging facilities for a small fee of either 20 or 50 rupees, depending on the comfort level of the room you select.
  • For those wishing to register their wild horses, Ozunda can facilitate this process, allowing you to call upon and mount them at your leisure.
  • But remember, taming wild horses takes a careful strategy, and it’s advisable to master it before embarking on your journey to the Foothill Stable.

Side Quests & Extra Activities

While the staple activities of the Foothill Stable are rewarding, there are more adventures to discover. In the context of the quest line known as “Potential Princess Sightings,” the character Penn is observed making his presence known at the stable. Engaging with Penn will initiate the “For Our Princess” mini-quest, adding a new layer to your gameplay.


Whether you’re a seasoned horse tamer or just a beginner in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the Foothill Stable location presents unique characters, quests, and activities, amplifying your gaming experience.

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