Tears of the Kingdom Silver Lynel: Locations & Boss Fight

Learn the Silver Lynel's location in Tears of the Kingdom, how to defeat & the valuable loot drop you can get after slaying this beast.

In the expansive realm of Tears of the Kingdom, finding locations, and facing Silver Lynel, the game’s most formidable foe, is of paramount importance. Triumphing over this beast not only presents a thrilling challenge for players but also unlocks valuable loot drops, essential for crafting powerful potions, using the best fusions with the best items, and upgrading Link’s gear.

Key Takeaways
  • Silver Lynel is a formidable boss in Tears of the Kingdom, notable for its imposing horns and unique purple markings.
  • Silver Lynel boss possesses a daunting 5,000 HP, testing the courage and skills of even the bravest Zelda players.
  • The boss features variations for more complex gameplay; these may manifest during specific in-game events.
  • Defeating Silver Lynel yields valuable loot drops, including the following items, all of which can be used in creating potent potions or sold for a high price:
    1. Silver Lynel Hoof
    2. Silver Lyenl Mace Horn
    3. Silver Lynel Guts
  • Silver Lynel can be found at 12 specific locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, each with unique coordinates.
  • A successful strategy against Silver Lynel involves adequate preparation, an understanding of its attack patterns, and effective combat tactics.
  • Strong weapons, the best armor sets, and enhancement elixirs are recommended for this fight, along with ample healing items.
  • Silver Lynel has various attack patterns, including a Spear Charge, Triple Fireball, Swipe Attack, and Shockwave Stomp.
  • Despite being a challenging opponent, Silver Lynel can be defeated with careful planning, understanding, and the right strategy.

What Is Silver Lynel In Tears of the Kingdom?

Silver Lynel in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Silver Lynel, a monstrous creature in Tears of the Kingdom, stands as one of the game’s mightiest foes. Majestic yet menacing, it surpasses even its lethal counterparts with its robust horns and distinct purple stripes. This creature, imbued with an intimidating 5,000 HP, tests the mettle of the bravest adventurers in the game.

Silver Lynel offers variations for a more challenging gameplay experience. You may encounter it in its normal form or in more potent variants during specific in-game events. These evolved forms not only bolster its already formidable power but also make each encounter unique and rewarding.

Silver Lynel Boss Loot Drops

Silver Lynel Loot Drops

The loot drops of Silver Lynel makes it one of the most sought-after creatures in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Here is the list of items that you can get after defeating the boss.

  • Silver Lynel Hoof: These are used in creating potions that increase your strength or durability. They can also be sold for a decent price.
  • Silver Lynel Horn: These powerful items can be used in a variety of elixirs, offering you enhanced abilities like improved stealth, speed, or attack power.
  • Silver Lynel Guts: A rare material that can be used in advanced recipes or sold at a high price.
  • Other materials that drop from the boss are the following:
    1. Silver Lynel Mace Horn
    2. Arrow x10

All Silver Lynel Boss Locations

I have listed Silver Lynel locations and their respective coordinates in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom in the following table:

All 12 LocationsCoordinates
Silver Lynel Location 1-0588, -3834, 0050
Silver Lynel Location 2-2831, 1818, 0305
Silver Lynel Location 32471, -0557, 0114
Silver Lynel Location 4-2726, -2241, -0468
Silver Lynel Location 51038, -0302, -0469
Silver Lynel Location 64263, 2721, -0577
Silver Lynel Location 71549, -3533, -0512
Silver Lynel Location 8-1613, 2568, -0682
Silver Lynel Location 91029, 1158, -0474
Silver Lynel Location 10-0177, 1169, -0515
Silver Lynel Location 11-1143, -1220, -0452
Silver Lynel Location 12-1143, -1220, -0452
Important: Please note locations 11 and 12 shares the same coordinates as they are fought in the Floating Coliseum.

Silver Lynel Boss Fight Strategy

Silver Lynel moveset

The Silver Lynel in Tears of the Kingdom is a formidable opponent known for its brute strength and agility. With the right strategy and preparations, however, this tough boss can be vanquished. I have broken down my strategic guide into three main sections: preparing for the fight, understanding the Silver Lynel’s attack patterns, and the combat strategy itself.

Preparation for the Battle

Before facing the Silver Lynel, you need to ensure that your character is well-equipped and prepared. You should possess the strongest weapons and armor in your arsenal. Elixirs that can enhance your strength or speed are also highly recommended. Don’t forget to stock up on healing items, as this fight can drain your health rapidly.

Understanding The Silver Lynel’s Attack Patterns

Silver Lynel Attack Patterns

One crucial aspect of surviving this fight is understanding the Silver Lynel’s attack patterns. This beast has a wide range of attacks that can catch you off guard if you’re not careful.

  • Spear Charge: The Silver Lynel charges at you with its spear, delivering a powerful blow.
  • Triple Fireball: The Lynel spews a trio of fireballs that explode on impact.
  • Swipe Attack: The boss uses its massive paws to swipe at you if you’re close.
  • Shockwave Stomp: If you’re too close for too long, it will stomp the ground, creating a damaging shockwave.

Combat Strategy

Silver Lynel how to defeat

Now that you understand Silver Lynel’s attacks let’s discuss an effective combat strategy.

  • Keeping your distance: Stay away from the Lynel when it’s not attacking. This will give you a chance to avoid its devastating close-range attacks.
  • Exploit Attack Openings: Each of Lynel’s attacks leaves it briefly vulnerable. After it charges, fireballs, or stomps, you have a few seconds to strike. Use these windows of opportunity to inflict damage.
  • Use your Elixirs: Use your speed or strength-enhancing elixirs to either dodge attacks more efficiently or inflict more damage.
  • Aim for the head: Hitting the Silver Lynel in the head can stun it for a few moments, allowing you to land a few extra hits. This is particularly effective when using ranged weapons.
  • Heal Frequently: Don’t wait until your health is critically low to use your healing items. Try to keep your health high throughout the battle to prevent sudden defeat.

The Silver Lynel is undoubtedly one of the toughest enemies in Tears of the Kingdom. But with a solid understanding of its attack patterns and a strategy tailored to exploit its vulnerabilities, you can triumph.

Wrapping Up

This brings me to the end of Silver Lynel Tears of the Kingdom guide. I highly recommend you wear high-stats armor such as Ancient Heroes Aspect armor & equipping the best bows & best weapons in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom before you approach a Silver Lynel boss. Otherwise, you will be destroyed. Also, you will need to have the best shields so do not underestimate the power of blocking.  


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