Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Fire Temple [Walkthrough]

Explore the Fire Temple in 'Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.' Solve puzzles, conquer the boss, and save Goron City by following simple steps.

Dive into Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom and explore the Fire Temple, a giant puzzle hidden deep underground. Players need to solve tricky puzzles, beat the tough boss, and save the people of Goron City. Players should also be able to use minecarts and fans to move around effectively. Remember, the Fire Temple is hot, so you’ll need lots of fire protection. Here is how to conquer this challenging adventure easily.

Key Takeaways
  • Fire Temple is an underground puzzle in Tears of the Kingdom where players solve puzzles and beat a boss to save the people of Goron City.
  • Consists of 5 unique floors with minecart travel.
  • Essential Flamebreaker Set from Goron City for heat protection.
  • Metal weapons are recommended due to scorching temperatures.
  • Five locks with specific unlocking steps.
  • Combines combat skills and problem-solving using Yunobo’s rolling attack.
  • Contains metal weapons and arrow-filled chests in rooms.
  • You must complete the Boss fight against Gohma after unlocking all the locks.
  • Completing the Temple transforms Yunobo into Sage of Fire and grants rewards, including Heart Containers.

What Is Fire Temple In Tears of the Kingdom?

  • The temple is in a place called Gorondia.
  • Fire temple spans five extensive floors, each offering unique challenges.
  • Broken minecart tracks act as your mode of transport, enabling you to cross from one floor to another.
  • The Flamebreaker Set from Goron City, which provides protection against the intense heat, is a must-have.

We recommend metal weapons due to the scorching heat; wooden ones won’t last. The Fire Temple combines combat and puzzles, requiring Yunobo’s rolling attack to hit gongs and unlock doors.

Things Present In The Temple

The temple has five gongs, and you must find and hit them all.

  1. When you start, go north and touch the Zonai Pedestal to open a fast travel point.
  2. On entering the temple, two small rooms greet you.
  3. On the left, an arsenal of metal weapons awaits; on the right, a chest laden with arrows.
  4. Once you touch the altar, positioned at the heart of the temple, a teleportation point reveals itself.
  5. The primary task is to ride the minecarts, leveraging Yunobo’s abilities to strike the gongs, thus unlocking the doors.

Locks In Fire Temple

There are five locks in the Fire Temple. These locks can be released by targeting gongs using Yunobo’s Rolling Fireball ability. Here is how we found and unlocked each lock in the game.

First Lock

In Fire Temple Tears of the Kingdom, to unlock the first lock:

1. Examine the Zonai terminal in the central chamber.
2. Head south and turn left to reach two lava rivers.
3. Cross the first river using stone slates.
4. Activate Hydrant Zonai devices by the second river to create solid platforms.
5. Pick up the hydrant and use the platforms to cross the second river.


6. Proceed to a minecart on tracks.
7. Hit the minecart to activate a fan.
8. Use Yunobo’s ability to trigger the switch and change the track direction.
9. This will lead you to the south room.

South Room

In this room, we’ll find a Fire-like creature players must defeat. Behind a pillar in the same room, there are more Hydrants. Take a hydrant and take it downwards to the lava. Using it will create more slates, which we will need for the next part.

Here’s what players need to do next:

  1. Hop in the minecart and hit it to start the fan.
  2. Use Yunobo’s ability to trigger a switch and swap the minecart track’s route.
  3. Defeat the Fire Like in the south room.
  4. Grab a Hydrant and create more slate by taking it down the slope to the lava.

Using these slates, players can use the Ultrahand ability to stick these slates together to form a path across to a marbled rock. This rock can then be broken with Yunobo’s roll ability. This allows us to access an area with a gong, which Yunobo can hit to unlock the first lock.

1F Gong Fire Temple
1F Gong Fire Temple

Second Lock

In the Fire Temple, players will find that unlocking the second lock involves much exploration and puzzle-solving. First, players must return to the previously used minecart, where we will strike a switch to open the adjacent gate.

Boarding the minecart, we will ride up to the second floor (2F), smashing a boulder en route with Yunobo’s help and uncovering a chest filled with 10 arrows. Once we reach the track’s end, players trigger a bell-shaped device to turn the minecart around and climb back in.

Here are the key steps we will take:

Activating The Fan

In the next phase, we will activate the fan before using Yunobo to hit the arrow switch ahead, diverting our course from left to right.

  1. Activate the fan, and use Yunobo to hit the arrow switch.
  2. Halfway through, you’ll reach a gate and strike the bell to open it.
  3. Move the minecart north for a chest with 10 arrows.
  4. Return to the central platform.
  5. Disembark and cross the bridge to reach the gong.
  6. Ring the bell to lower tracks.
  7. Use Ultrahand to place the minecart back on tracks.
  8. Ride north to a lava-filled chamber.
  9. Break the marbled boulder in the lava to allow water from the Hydrant to flow.

We hop onto a piece of slate, using recall to send it back from where it came, granting access to the other side. The second lock is successfully unlocked after defeating the Flux Construct in the next room and hitting the gong with Yunobo.

Second lock Fire Temple
2F Gong Fire Temple

Third Lock

In the mystical Fire Temple, unlocking the third lock involves another series of exploration and puzzle-solving. Players must return to the previously utilized minecart and use the Ultrahand to shift its course to the left track.

After boarding the minecart, they must strike a bell with an arrow, leading the minecart to ascend to the third floor (3F). The 3F presents an intricate labyrinth with various alternate paths to discover. Among these, players will find a shorter minecart route in the northwest that leads to a chest holding a Strong Zonai Shield, one of the best shields in Tears of the Kingdom.

The key steps here are:

  1. Revisit the minecart and use Ultrahand to divert it to the left track.
  2. Ride the minecart up to the third floor (3F), triggering a bell with an arrow.
  3. Explore the various routes on 3F, including a path toward the chest.

Accessing The Central Room

Players will first reach the central room, the temple’s core, filled with Constructs and Zonai device capsules. After dealing with the Constructs, they’ll gather the capsules. In this central room, they can activate a shortcut leading to the first floor (1F) for quicker travel. This room will be revisited multiple times.

Key steps in this phase:

  1. Reach the central room, defeat Constructs, and collect Zonai device capsules.
  2. Activate a shortcut to 1F from this room.
  3. Players can choose another route in the central room to proceed to the fourth lock.third lock Fire Temple

5F Gong Fire Temple

Fourth Lock

To unlock the fourth lock in the Fire Temple Tears of the Kingdom, follow these steps:

  1. Go back to the 3rd floor’s central room.
  2. Launch the minecart with a rocket to reach the 4th-floor southwest area.
  3. Fix the broken bridge with Ultrahand.
  4. Ascend the bridge and get a Ruby from the chest.
  5. Smash the marbled boulder above with Yunobo, causing a large block to drop.
  6. Climb the block and use Recall to reach the 5th floor.

In the workshop area:

  1. Lower the rail by hitting the nearby device.
  2. Smack the right device to raise the associated rail.
  3. Ride along the raised rail while dealing with an enemy in a rival cart.
  4. Deactivate the Fan as the cart reaches the end of the rail to slow down and jump out.

To construct the bridge and reach the fourth gong:

  1. Use the stone slates formed by the hydrant and use them as a long bridge in front of the gong.
  2. Fire Yunobo up the bridge to hit the gong.
  3. Smash the rock to your right side on the stone ramp using Yunobo to allow the hydrant to flow freely.
  4. Use the floor you created using hydrant to attach each piece to the concrete slope and construct a bridge toward the rock and the gong in the middle of the room.

Final Part

For the final part of the puzzle:

  1. Return to the 3F intersection and join the rails directly towards the front using the switch to your right.
  2. Reach the other area of the 4F section with a gong on the top with a formation of a raised rock.
  3. Use the Zonai Hydrant to create igneous rock ledges and align them to form a slightly raised ramp.
  4. Use Yunobo’s Rolling Fireball ability to target the gong.

To access the gong chamber:

  1. Take the cart back to 3F and ride the moderately broken cart to the above area.
  2. Climb the chamber with the gong using the destructible rock over the damaged bridge.
  3. Ring the gong to complete the fourth lock.
Fourth lock Fire Temple
4F Gong Fire Temple

Fifth Lock

To unlock the fifth lock in the Fire Temple, follow these steps:

  1. Return to the room with lock 3 and use the ramp to shoot Yunobo at a marbled boulder in the southwest.
  2. Descend through the central opening and find a chest with a Soldier II Reaper on 1F.
  3. Hit the gong in the enclosed room to unlock the final lock.
  4. Return to the chamber, and enter the large dome-shaped room.
  5. Use Yunobo’s rolling ability to strike the overhead rock.
  6. Use the ramp to shoot Yunobo at the massive marbled rock, revealing an entrance.
  7. Construct a long bridge with slabs to cross the gap.
  8. Paraglide down the vertical shaft, hit the final gong, and open the door to the inner sanctum with a Strong Zonaite Longsword in a chest.
  9. After all five gongs are triggered, the massive door will unlock.
  10. Interact with the Zonai Pedestal to gain access to the inner sanctum.
  11. Launch Yunobo up the curved wall to reveal the boss hiding beyond.
Fifth lock Fire temple
1F Gong Fire Temple

How To Defeat Marbled Gohma?

Congratulations on reaching the boss chamber of the Fire Temple. Now, it’s time to face the formidable Marbled Gohma and emerge victorious. You can overcome this challenging encounter with a strategic approach and effective utilization of Yunobo’s abilities.

Fire Temple Final Boss
Marbled Gohma Boss Fire Temple

Phase 1 (Weakening Marbled Gohma)

As you enter the battle arena, you’ll notice Marbled Gohma covered in the same marbled rocks encountered throughout the temple. Your primary target will be its legs.

  1. Utilize Yunobo’s roll ability to hit and destroy two of the boss’s legs.
  2. While attacking, be mindful of the explosive rocks thrown by Gohma.
  3. You can roll Yunobo into them or use Recall to redirect the projectiles back at the boss.
  4. Additionally, Gohma can generate a shockwave by stomping its legs, so it’s advisable to maintain distance during this phase.

After successfully defeating Marbled Gohma, ascend onto its body and concentrate your attacks on its exposed eye, exploiting its vulnerability. Continuously strike the eye until the boss begins to shake vigorously. When this happens, jumping off is essential to avoid taking damage.

Phase 2 (Pursuing Gohma on the Ceiling)

In the second phase, Marbled Gohma takes to the ceiling, making it necessary to adapt your strategy.

  1. Utilize the curved walls in the room to roll Yunobo up and above, targeting Gohma.
  2. Rolling Yunobo, is safer, as he will circle back and potentially get a second shot at Gohma.
  3. However, beware of the ring of marbled boulders that Gohma throws.
  4. Break free by using Yunobo to destroy the rocks or employing Recall.

When you successfully hit Marbled Gohma once while it’s on the ceiling, it will fall to the ground. Climb up its body and resume your assault on the eye. Repeat this process as Gohma recreates the rock cage and launches three exploding rocks. Remember to charge Yunobo’s ability while the boss is recovering to swiftly break free from the rock cage and continue the attack.

In Tears of the Kingdom, players face the challenging Fire Temple beneath Goron City. They must navigate lava pools, solve puzzles, and use minecarts to progress. Equipping the Flamebreaker Set from Goron City provides vital heat protection. Yunobo’s rolling attack is key to striking gongs that unlock doors. With perseverance and strategic thinking, players can triumph over the Fire Temple and emerge victorious in this thrilling adventure.

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