University Professor Uses Tears Of The Kingdom To Teach Students Engineering Course

The creations in the game can become engineering marvels real fast with some real-life knowledge.

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  • University professor Ryan D. Sochol is using Tears of the Kingdom to teach students an engineering course.
  • It uses the game in place of the usual CAD and engineering software to hone the skills of students.
  • The students can gain experience designing, prototyping, and testing new types of vehicles, robots, and more.

A University professor from the University of Maryland is apparently using Tears of the Kingdom to teach students a Machine Design and Engineering course. The course named “The Legend of Zelda: A Link to Machine Design” is built around using the game and its immersive physics mechanics instead of the usual CAD and engineering software. The course is centered around teaching students the different aspects of engineering.

This tactic by Professor Ryan D. Sochol can allow undergraduate students to hone their skills and whip up unique engineering projects to use in real life. He is utilizing Tears of the Kingdom to help them gain experience designing, prototyping, and testing new types of vehicles, robots, and more within Hyrule.

As I played through ‘Tears of the Kingdom,’ I couldn’t believe how much I was relying on my engineering training. The more experience I had with the game’s CAD assembly interface, numerous machine elements, and sophisticated physics, the more I felt it offered unique means to help students hone their skills in machine design,” said professor.

As per the report, the students have already crafted a vehicle that can traverse land and water in Tears of the Kingdom. The students even pitted each creation against a race to see which was the fastest. The professor was seemingly inspired by the game’s r/HyruleEngineering subreddit. It is filled with dubious yet impressive fan builds that can do a variety of things to help players. He even held an AMA session on the subreddit a few days ago.

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The title has sold as hotcakes globally; it shifted over one million retail copies of the entry in France this year so far. Tears of the Kingdom has also sold over 1.847.948 retail copies in Japan to become the top-selling title in the region as of September. It also stands as the fastest-selling Nintendo game ever.

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom came out earlier this year on May 12, 2023, to redefine standards in the game industry. It is officially only playable on the Nintendo Switch but can be emulated on PC to have a vanilla or a modded experience. eXputer’s Moiz Banoori reviewed the game with a high 4.5/5 score, calling it an “almost perfect game.” It was praised for new content, abilities, great physics, better enemy varieties, and more.

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